The story of Fable 3 tells of a hero going on an epic quest to save his kidnapped wife, with a side quest thrown in for good measure. This guide will walk you through the most important side quests in the game, and guide you through the game’s main story until you can go it alone.

The Fable series of games by Lionhead Studios is a series of interesting, light-hearted, and sometimes whimsical games. The core gameplay of the series is an isometric RPG set in a world where you play as a hero trying to save the world. You can play as one of several different classes, like “Warrior”, “Sorcerer”, or “Rogue”. The majority of the game is spent exploring and completing missions for the NPC characters. In this guide, you will learn about all of the side quests in the game, and how to complete them.

Side quests are a big part of the Fable 3 experience, and many players don’t get a chance to enjoy them. But there is a way to get all the quests, and it’s fairly easy to do. Here is how to do it.

Mr. 404 Error’s Fable III Side Quest Guide.

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  • Gnomes
  • Aurora Bouquets
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(Return to the top) Welcome! For those of you who dont know me, I’m 404 Error. This is my second guide I’ve written and put on gamefaqs. So let me know who well I did! Anyway this guide will cover all the little nick nacks you, and goodies in the game such as find that last Golden Key, or the question, “How the #&*! do I open This Demon Door. Well instead of scowering the internet looking for the answer. I went through the trouble to bring it all to one place for your gaming pleasure. Enjoy!

Doors of the Demons

(Return to the top) ++Note++ For the Demon Doors in Fable III, you may really set the Bread Crumb Trail to the demon door since it appears as a quest. With that stated, you should be able to access them; I’ll just describe how they open and what’s within!

**Mistpeak Valley** is a misnomer. is a misnomer.

—Requirements— 1. An extra controller or an Xbox Live account for a second player 2. A Lover Expression Pack or a Wedding Ring 3. Act as the game’s first participant or host.

—Instructions— Perform all of the expressions in the Lovers Expression Pack while in front of the door, or marry the second player. He’ll talk about his book for a while before eventually opening it.

Legendary Weapon as a reward


—Requirements— 1. One of your biological or adoptive children

–How To– This one is pretty easy. Just take your kid to the door and he’ll pop open after he weeps for a minuet or so saying how pure your kid is. To be frank no kid is and angel >:D

3 Summon Creature Potions, Guild Seals —Reward

**Sunset House** is a house with a view of the sunset. is a house with a view of the sunset.

—Requirements— 1.Acquire the title of Albion’s ruler.

—Instructions— Return when you have become the King or Queen of Albion, and he will open up. This door can only be opened by a real ruler.

1,000,000 gold as a reward (as if you didn’t need it before you were king…)


—Requirements— 1. Obtaining either the Melee or Range chest at Level 5. 2. Legendary Weapon with Full Upgrades

—Instructions— Whether you go to the Demon Door, he’ll ask if you have a strong weapon that can put an end to war. He’ll unlock if you take out your fully upgraded level 5 weapon.

—Reward— A complete set of military uniforms


—Requirements— 1. Have a moral code that is either 100 percent good or 100 percent evil.

—Instructions— to raise your self-esteem Catch criminals in the Albion area. You may either donate to the Treasury or eat tofu from the town of Mourningwood. To take it out, either kill everything you see or eat the crunchy chicks located in the mercenary camp. Following a 100 percent gain, To open the door, go over to it.

Legendary Weapon as a reward


—Requirements— 1. The opposing sex’s whole pajama suit 2. Increase your fat level to the maximum.

—Instructions— You must reduce your beauty to a minimum, which you may accomplish by wearing a pajama suit, and you must grow as large as a house by eating and drinking fatty foods such as Mutton Chops and Beer. Both may be found in Albion in nearly every case. The door realizes that being the most ugly creature ever to walk the world was a terrible idea and opens simply to get away from you.

Guild Seals as a reward

Keys to the Kingdom

**Mistpeak Valley** (Return to Top)

—Instructions— When entering Mistpeak Valley from Brightwall, stay to your right until you see the Chillbreath Cave entrance. Enter and go along the route. Continue straight up the slope. When the route divides a second time, take the correct way once again. When you leave the cave, the chest will be yours.


—Instructions— Following the placement of driftwood (give the guy gold in Millfields.) Also, handing the letter on to the carpenter. When you enter driftwood, there will be a flit switch on the easternmost island. To go to the westren island with the culis gate on top, use the flit switch. The key is yours once you pass through the gate.

**Sands of Change**

—Instructions— When Aurora is unlocked. You’ll be given a mission to visit a businessman there. Purchase a 4,000 gold key. Follow the route to the Shifting Sands, then turn left to the ruins. Once there, take the patch to the left and down several steps to the key’s location. Enter, and the key will be waiting for you.

**The Veild Path** is a path that is shrouded in mystery.

—Instructions— Go to the Veiled Path once you’ve unlocked Aurora. Take the route most of the way up to The Enigma, which is a cave on the right hand side. The first task is simple: ignite all of the candles. The second is a game similar to Simon Says. Starting from left to right, torches will light up different colors. Step on the color panels on the floor that correspond to the torches, and the door will open to reveal the key.

Golden Gates

**Hero’s Tomb** (Return to Top)

—Instructions— You pass this door on your way out of the castle at the start of the game. When you have your gold keys and are able to enter the tomb for the second time, take the route to the left and the entrance will be on your left.

Guild Seals as a reward

**Brightwall Academy** is a private school located in the city of Brightwall, is a private school located in the city of Brightwall,

—Instructions— You must have first entered the first chamber. You’ll be taken to the Reliquary by Saul. Follow the flit switch next to the silver door, right above a book shelf, and it will lead you to the dungeon’s heart. After you’ve defeated all of the hollowmen, one of the platforms with the glowing arrows will emerge. Take it all the way down to the golden door.

Highway Men and Women’s Suit Set-Multiple Chests —Reward


—Instructions— You must have completed the “Gone but Not Forgotten” quest. Go up the steps till you reach the top when you first enter the Ossuary. The golden door will be on the left hand side as you continue down the road.

Legendary Weapon as a reward

**Sunset House**

—Instructions— This door does not need completion of the side mission. After going through the fence near the home, stay to the right side of the map. You’ll arrive at the entrance through the walkway.

Legendary Weapon as a reward

Silver Keys

**Bowerstone Castle** is a castle in Bowerstone, England. (Return to Top) (2) 1. Take a stroll around the gardens. It’s on the left side, close to the statue, beyond the Hero’s Tomb. 2. Enter the Catacombs and follow the route until it leads to a cavern. It will be in the middle of an outcropping if you stay to the left.

**Old Quarter of Bowerstone** (2) 1.Fast travel to the Old Quarter and exit via the gates to the sea. Look right when the road begins to descend and you’ll see a large tree close to the wall. Next to it is the key. 2.Use your map to locate the Nightshade home. On the second floor, you’ll find the key. Keep in mind that I rebuilt the town, so if the home is still standing or the town is still in ruins, please let me know.

**Bowerstone Market** is a market in Bowerstone, England.(3) 1. Fast travel and head across and under the bridge. The key is on the right side next to some crates near the water. 2. Find the Hauteville Heights house near the Bowerstone Castle Entrance. You will find the key in the back yard. 3. Head down into the Hideout under the bridge. When you enter take your first left till you get to the cells. Now make a right and there will be a door on your right. Head down the stairs, make a left and the key is in one of the cells.

**Bowerstone Industrial** is a company based in Bowerstone, England. is a company based in Bowerstone, England (4) 1. Walk over to the orphanage’s final bridge. Turn around and enter the alley on the rear side. (This is where the Catch a Criminal quest is obtained.) The factory doors will be open after you get past the barrier. Follow the stairwell to the right, around the boxes, and up the stairwell. The key may be found in the elevator. 2. Turn around and return the way you came, crossing the bridge into the factory in front of you. As you climb the stairs, you’ll need to pull the levers to turn off the steam and get the key. 3.Enter the sewers near the Reavers facility from under the crane. Take a right as soon as you enter. Next to the grate will be the key. 4. Enter the cesspool from there. Take a left and follow the route to the right after diving into the water. A hole in the wall will be covered with wooden bords. Smash your way through them to get the key.

**Mourningwood**(4) 1. From the fort, take the right route up the hill. On the left, you’ll see a large boulder. There should be explosive barrels there (unless you blew them up when mortaring), and a tiny outhouse-like structure to the left of the boulder. For the key, slash through the wooden boards. 2. Head left and around the wall in the town (facing the Demon Door). In the sewer arch, you’ll find the key. 3.Then go to the Ossuary. The right side of the building will be lined with graves as you enter. One of them has the key. 4. Continue up the stairwell, but stay to the left. There will be a vault location with a key waiting for you.

**Sunset House** is a house with a view of the sunset. (2) 1. Get to the demon entrance quickly. TURN LEFT WHILE FACING THE DOOR, and the key will be at the end of this route. 2. Make a right and go toward the wall as soon as you pass the wall. Follow the rock face to the north (toward the house). The key, meanwhile, is hidden behind a tree right above the golden door.

**Millfields**(7) 1. Walk into Millfeilds from Bowerstone Market. You’ll be on the correct track after that. Now make your way down to the monorail station. Hang a right off the main route to get to all the logging gear. Pepperpot Cave may be found there. Simply enter the cave and follow the route inside. The answer is at the bottom of the page. 2. From Pepperpot Cave, return to the main road. Making your way to Millfields is a good idea. A little wooden fence will be on your left as the route begins to bend around. Jump over the fence and keep your head straight. Take the first route you come across up to the factory. The key will be in an elevator box if you go around the factory. 3.Return to the top of the hill and carry on to Millsfield. Make a right when you see the street sign leading to Bowerstone Market. There will be a trail leading down to the left-hand pond. Take a left and then a right. Make your way over to the statue, and the key will be on the bank. 4.From there, return to the main route and look to the left for a little road. On the ledge, you’ll find the key. 5.Enter Reavers Mansion now. Ascend the stairs and enter the right-hand bedroom. Placing the bookshelf close to the fireplace is a good idea. Reavers’ second “Bedroom” is reached through the stairwell. The key may be found on the bed. 6. Enter Dankwater Cave now. You must have finished the mission “Hobnobbing for Hobbes.” Make a right as you descend into the sea. To get to the key, take the right-hand route through the river. 7.From there, return the same way you came. Swim to the cave’s left side while remaining in the water. A trail leading up a small hill will be visible to your right. Make a left as you ascend the slope. The key is located at the top of the page.

**Silver Pines** is a place in the United States (2) 1. Cross the wooden bridge with a little pond to the right on your way to the settlement. Cross the bridge, and a little distance down the route, a hole in the fence on the left side of the walkway will allow you to get through. Stick on this route until you find the key. 2.Make your way inside the village from the key. To the extreme right of the settlement, there will be a mine. The key is hidden at the rear of the mine.

**Driftwood**(2) 1.Climb to the center of the island and enter the cave there. It is not one of the mines, but rather a cave. There will be a ship floating in the sea in front of it if it is established. The key is hidden somewhere in the mine. 2. Exit the cave and go to the island on your right. Make your way up to the caravans. Old Creaky will be performing. A massive tree will be planted next to it. A vault action to the left of the tree leads to the ledge and the second key.

**Brightwall**(5) 1. In Brightwall, you must first find the home on the outskirts of the settlement. Make your way to the home. You’ll walk over a little bridge. The key is hidden under the bridge. 2.Next, go to the home where the chicken races are held (or has all the coops pending on how far in the game you are.) It will be hidden behind the chimeny’s tree. 3.Climb the stairs to the Academy. The Two-Knock Home is the house to the left of it. To the right of the home, there will be a walkway. It will lead you to the key. 4.Enter the Reliquary with key 3. Simply continue on the main route until you approach the skeleton on the ground. A locked door will be on your right. The door will open reviling to the key if the torches adjacent to it are lit. 5. Get to the opposite side of the shattered bridge where you jumped into the river for this one. Simply continue the main route until you reach the section where it leads to several higher platforms. There should be a mound of debris to your right. You’re currently on the opposite side after going around it. To the right, take the little path. Once you’ve reached the top, kill all of the Hollowmen. A lever will appear; pull it, and a set of stairs will rise to the chest on the far side, where the floating platfroms reside. Climb the stairs and collect your key after vaulting down to the platforms.

**Mistpeak Valley** is a misnomer (6) 1.You should be facing the Mercenary Camp from the quick travel point. Make a left right away. You should now be in a cleared area of forest with stumps all around you. In front of you will be a pile of logs. The key is hidden beneath the stack. 2.Walk straight up the hill from the monorail station. At the top, where the “look out” position is, the key will be. 3.The Chillbreath Cavern has this one. Once inside, use the door above the Demon Door and continue the route to the key. 4. The following three are in the Hole. To begin, double-check that you have the Technicians Key. From Mistpeak, descend into the Hole. After that, go along the main route to the Technicians’ Door. It seems to be a golden gate. The key is hidden beneath the barrel rack. 5.The next key is obtained by entering the Technicians’ door. To get to the key, open the door and go down the road. 6. Take the Millfields entrance for the next one. The key may be found on the opposite side of the Monorail on the walkway.

**Mercenary Camp** is a camp for mercenaries. (1) 1.Get to the camp quickly and just take the main road up to the cages. To the right, there is a watchtower, and the key is hidden underneath it.

**Dweller Camp** is a name given to a group of people who live is a name given to a group of people who live (1) 1.Make your way to Sabines’ wagon. After you’ve gone through the gate. It’s on the right, behind the caravan.

**Aurora**(2) 1. From the Demon’s Entrance Make your way north. I’m going up the road. There is an outcropping just beyond the two flags. There’s a key in there somewhere. 2.Follow the second key down to the village. Make the first possible left. Depending on what you did, continue along the wall until you reach the large shirne on the right or the mine. There will be a tiny walkway that runs parallel to the wall or fence on the inside. From there, you’ll leap from roof to roof until you get your hands on the key.

**Sands of Change** (5) 1. Go to the Fort from the Aurora Entrance (or large arch). Just before you reach the arch or fort, there will be a short trail going up a hill to the right. At the top of the hill, you’ll find the key. 2. Now leave beneath the arch and turn left to follow the huge rock wall. The key may be found at the distant corner. 3. From key 2, make your way to the dunes’ center. A huge “T” shaped rock formation will be present. It’s in the process of being formed. 4. Enter the Sandfall Palace next. Once inside, go to the left until you find a closed door. To open it, shoot the flit switch. The key is hidden behind the closed door. 5. Enter the room where the gem was found. (Includes a tiny square pool in the room’s middle.) In the far left corner, you’ll find the key.

**Veiled Path** is a cloaked path (2) 1.The key is hidden behind the fallen pillar at the end of the Veiled walkway, to the right of the GIANT doors. 2. Make your way to the Enigma. The key sits on a tiny platform in the third room’s middle.

Chest of Silver

(Return to the top) ++NOTE++ If I’ve overlooked something, please let me know.

**Brightwall Academy**

1 —Keys—

—Instructions— Make your way to the Reliquary. Make a left in the first room with all the bookcases along the walls and it will be waiting for you against the wall.

Dog Training Combat 2 (Reward)

**Dweller Camp**

5 —Keys—

—Instructions— Take the route down to the first caravan on the left from Sabines’ tent. It was hidden behind a rock.

—Potion of Health as a Reward

**Mistpeak Valley**

5 —Keys—

–How To– Head to Mistpeak from the Dweller Camp and follow the path till it branches. Take the path that heads up the mountain. Follow it a ways and it will be on the path next to a bridge.

—Reward— Potion to Summon Creatures

**Bowerstone Industrial** is a company based in Bowerstone, England.

5 —Keys—

—Instructions— The chest is on the top level of Reaver’s factory.

5 Slow Time Potions —Reward

**Bowerstone Industrial**

-Keys— ten

—Instructions— Turn right while facing the Orphanage entrance and cross the bridge. The chest is located just in front of the bridge, behind a brick wall.

50,000 gold as a reward


-Keys— ten

–How To– Fast travel to Mourningwood and it will but you at The Hole exit. Follow the path to the bridge. Stand in the middle and take a look to your left. The path branches, one going up the other down. Take it up and follow along the rocks to the chest.

Legendary Weapon as a reward


-Keys— ten

—Instructions— Fast travel to the Academy and follow the route that leads there. Make a right when you get to the section with all the booths and go up the wooden stairs to the gift seller. The route goes all the way around to the treasure.

50,000 gold as a reward

**Sands of Change**

-Keys— ten

—Instructions— Take the route that goes to the dunes, or the fort, depending on what you’ve done, from the Aurora exit. One route leads up a hill, while the other leads to the dunes or a fort. Take the route to the chest that leads up the hill.

50,000 gold as a reward

**Chillbreath Cavern** is a cave where you may get chills. is a cave where you may get chills.

15 —Keys—

—Instructions— Near the Monorail, go to the Chillbreath cavern entrance. Follow the route to the right as far as you can. The chest is smack dab in the center of the highway.

75,000 gold as a reward

**Bowerstone Market**

15 —Keys—

—Instructions— Go to the bar and turn right down the alley. It’s there in front of you.

Guild Seals as a reward


20 —Keys—

—Instructions— It’s to the left of the entryway facing the Temple where you receive the flower quest.

Legendary Weapon as a reward


20 —Keys—

—Instructions— To get to the Demon Door, take the route between the homes and stay on the left side of the path. There will be another branch that leads to the chest.

Legendary Weapon as a reward

**Bowerstone Castle**

50 —Keys—

—How To— Quick Visit the castle and wander around the grounds. It’s beyond the Hero’s Tomb on the right side of the garden.

—Reward— 2,000,000 gold and a legendary weapon


++NOTE++ Before attempting to locate them all, complete the “Gnomes Are Good” and “Gnomes Are Evil” quests. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re nice or bad; the gnomes will always be in the same places. The only thing that will change is the scenery.

**Bowerstone Castle**(3) 1. The first one is pretty easy, its in the kitchen on top of the wooden thing above the gaint barrel in the corner, by the stairs. 2. Head out of the kitchen and into the garden. From there go to the Hero’s Tomb and look left. He’s sitting on the fountain. 3. Now head into the Catacombs. Follow the path till it opens into the cavern and there will be a pillar to your right. He is sitting behind the pillar.

**Old Quarter of Bowerstone** (2) 1. Walk past the shops from the Knight Riding the Pig monument and turn left when the route divides. Between the Cheese Cottage and the Duckworth House, there is a gnome on the wall. 2. From the gnome, just return to the pig statue. The House of Stains will be on the corner of the street on your right. On the other side of the house, he is.

**Bowerstone Market**(3) 1. Fast travel to the market. The gnome is in the backyard of The Doghouse to the left of the pub. Either brake in or my prefrence buy it, go to the back and hes hanging to the right of the door. 2.Next head back out to the street and head back over the bridge. Take the left path till you get to the stall vendor against the right side wall close to the Bowerstone Industrial entrance. To the right of the stall there will be a set of stairs that lead to the castle wall. It is in the corner next to them. 3.After gnabbing the gnome(humor <—-) head up the stairs and follow till you get to the first round tower thing. Head inside flip around and it is on the wall above where you entered.

**Bowerstone Industrial**(5) 1. When open your map and locate the bridge closest to the docks. He is on the corner of the eastern building next to the bridge. 2. From the Bowerstone Market Entrance find the bridge closest to it. He is in one of the small openings under the bridge. 3. You have to unlock the Pie Factory to get this one. It unlocks during the quest Animal Liberation. The gnome is in a cage under the wooden balcony. 4. This guy is hiding in the sewers. Take the entrance under the crane by Reavers factory. Take your first left and you should see a hole in the wall. go through the wall and he is up in the grate on the ceiling. 5.This one is in the Cesspool. The entrance to the Cesspool is located in the Wooble-Fuddlebuck-Glimbord Mansion. Enter the pool and dive in. Follow the path till it forks. Make a right and follow it all the way to the dead end. He is in the top left corner of the dead end.

**Mourningwood**(3) 1. Travel to the Bowerstone Industrial gate from Mourningwood. The gnome will be on the right side of the entryway, on a rock. 2. Follow the route to the cemetery from Mourningwood Fort. Look to your right when you hear him screaming just before you arrive. He’s around the rear of the ruins. 3. Enter the Ossuary from there. Continue on until you reach the region in the center where the tree is growing. Make a right when you get to the tree. On the right, there will be a shattered pillar, and on the left, graves. Continue along the rows of tombstones. It will be somewhere between the third and fourth graves.

**Millfields**(5) 1. From the mansion of Reavers, To get to the water, take the stairs down to the bottom. He’ll be dangling from the corner railing to the right (when your facing the water). 2.From there, continue on the road toward the Driftwood Entrance, but turn left at the foot of the hill, close to the water’s edge, and there will be ruins on the left. The gnome is loitering around. 3. From Bowerstone Market, go to Millfields. Continue on the route beyond the monorail until it begins to slope. He’ll be on some rocks close to a large pile of logs, if you look to your right. 4. You’ll find them in Dankwater Cave. To reach there from the third gnome, simply keep walking until you see a sign directing to Bowerstone Market. Make a right at the sign, and a trail leading into the cave will emerge. Follow the route inside until you reach the two waterfalls. He’ll be perched on the first one on the right. 5. Continue up the route from the 4th and you’ll come to a chamber with a massive stalagmite in the ground. A minor path off the main one may be found if you turn right. On the left, the gnome is relaxing on some rocks.

(1) **Sunset House** 1. This gnome is very simple. Simply go to the right of the house. A tiny pond will be surrounded by a few rocks. He’s teetering on the edge of a cliff.

**Silver Pines** is a place in the United States (2) 1. When you arrive at Silver Pines and enter the town. He’ll be seated near the mine on some wooden beams. 2. From there, you’ll go to the cemeteries. Take a right at the fork and continue straight until you reach the crypt. You’ll find yourself on a different route if you go to the left. It will lead you to additional mining equipment and your next gnome.

**Driftwood**(2) 1. When you first enter Driftwood (after you’ve created it), walk around the first caravan on the left and you’ll find a gnome sitting in his own caravan. 2. This is a simple one. From the gnome, just dive into the sea and swim across the two large islands to the sandy island with the large boulders protruding. (There will be a shipwreck there when it is established.)

**Brightwall**(5) 1. The quest begins with the first one you receive here, which is at Brian’s home in the corner. 2. Behind the Bumbler’s Gruff’s home is the second. The gnome is perched on the rocks beside the stairwell. 3.Now go over to the home with all the hens. He’s almost halfway up the chimney. 4. Enter the Reliquary for the last two. Simply follow the route all the way to the floating platforms. Continue across until you reach a platform that allows you to valt down to the next section. He’s behind the pillar on the right side of the platform. 5.Now valt down and plunge into the river from the shattered bridge. Follow this route until it leads to the left, where the skeleton is resting. He’s hanging on the wall if you look over the railing.

**Mistpeak Valley** is a misnomer (7) 1. This is a simple one. Travel quickly to the Demon Door. The gnome is perched atop the iced waterfall. 2.Ascend the mountain to the right from the monorail station. You’ll reach a vantage point with a little fence that overlooks the mountains. On the right, the gnome is standing close to a tree. 3.Ascend the mountain from the dweller camp exit and cross the first bridge. Continue down the trail until it divides and the correct way leads back up the mountain. Follow it until you get to a tiny camping area. The gnome will be on some rocks in the rear, on the left side. 4.Now go down into the abyss. Go down to the ruins of the monorail. Before crossing the bridge, look for the gnome hanging on a post on the rear side. 5. Make your way to the arena’s middle. Turn around and he’ll be above the left-hand entryway. 6. The last two are located in Chillbreath Cavern. This one is near the monorail at the entrance. When you first arrive, stay on the main route until it branches off. Down to the ice, follow the left-most route. He’s dangling from a stalagmite. 7. Enter the cave via the opening above the Demon Door. Follow the route to the Demon Door in a hurry. Follow the route up and around until you reach a huge rock with three trees growing next to it. To get to the cave entrance, go through the woods and over the bridge. The gnome will be in front of you, dangling from the stalactite.

**Dweller Camp** is a name given to a group of people who live (1) 1.From Mistpeak, go to Dweller Camp. After crossing the bridge, take the first left up the hill. Continue walking until you hear him screaming at you. His hat will protrude from the railing. To find him, either walk to the caravan at the end of the trail or return down the hill and peek over the wooden fence at the bottom.

1. He’s at the highest point in the Mercenary Camp, so simply continue the route until you find a water tower adjacent to one of the homes with your little buddy sitting on top.

**Aurora**(2) 1. You will arrive at the ports if you go quickly. From your fast travel position, turn left and go to the end of the dock. He’s situated between the two buildings on the right, if you look up. 2. Walk along the walkway from the Shifting Sand entrance. Take the left route when it forks. Turn around and go under the arch; he’ll be in the right hand corner.

**Sands of Change** (4) 1.From Aurora City, go to the Shitfing Sands. On the left pillar, he’ll be. 2. Take the left route to the dunes and turn right toward Sandfall Palace (or fort if you finished the game pure good.) He’s high up on the wall on the left side of the walkway. 3. Now turn around and go back down the real route to Sandfall. You’ll go about 3 quarts and he’ll be low on the left side of the wall. This one may be found in Sandfall Palace. Across the bridge, take the route to the second chamber. Follow it up the stairwell and around. It is going to be hung on the wall.

**Veilded Path** is a path that is hidden from view (4) 1. Quick access to the Veiled Path. When you arrive, turn right. He’s perched high on the wall. 2. Is located near the Enigma entrance. He’ll be seated on some rocks to your right just before the route bends around to the Enigma. 3. After the second gnome, continue climbing until you reach the two gaurdian statues, where you may turn right or left to avoid them. To your right, there will be a shattered pillar, and he will be standing on top of it. 4. Is included inside the Enigma. Once inside, go beyond the chest to the next chamber. After that, go to the left-hand chamber. There will be a door in front of you from here. He’ll be on the left when you go through the entrance.

Aurora Bouquets

(Return to the top) ++NOTE++ The flowers are given in chronological sequence, from one to the next. That was the simplest method to do it, so just follow the instructions and you’ll be done in no time.

Aurora is a city in the state of Colorado (5) 1. Jump into the water from the docks and swim to the left. The flower will be waiting on a route that emerges from the water. 2. Once you’ve climbed out of the water, go straight along the trail. The next bloom is behind the pillar, close to the house on the right. 3. Return to the house and continue down the path to the market, keeping to the left. Follow the route until you reach the ark that sits above the path. Look to your right and you should see a path leading between some buildings. The flower is on the left side of the walkway that looks like a gateway. 4. Return to the street from the third flower and continue on the route to the right. There will be a rod iron fence for the mine, or a crumbling fence if you constructed the fort, depending on what you did. Make a right when you see an opening. It’s either behind the building (mine) or behind the shrine-like structure (fort.) 5. For the last one, go to the Shifting Sands entrance and look to the right for the flower.

**Shifting Sands**(7) 1. From Aurora enter the shifting sands and immediatly make a left for the first one in shifting sands. 2. Head back toward the stairs and follow them down to the pillar with flower sitting next to it. 3. Go towards the Sandfall Palace and take the left path. There will be a pillar next to the far wall with a flower next to it. 4. Continue to follow the path till you reach where it splits. Hang a left and go around the cliff edge for the 4th flower. 5. Head out into the dunes under the arc/fort. take and immediate right and the next flower is along the wall. 6. This one is kinda tricky. Face out toward the dunes again facing the ruins in the distance. Head toward the dunes and you should come to a rock sticking out of the ground crooked, with a square stump of a pillar with the flower. 7. Now head toward the the ruins with the hand coming out of the ground. It’s the Hindu Statue on your map. And when you reach the path opening, between the hand and the cliff. The cliff top holds the 7th flower.

**Sandfall Palace** is a castle made of sand. is a castle made of sand (5) 1. From the Shifting Sands, enter the Sandfall Palace. Once inside, follow the route to the level landing just before the landing with the tree in the center. As you descend the steps, it will be on your right. 2. From there, take the left-hand stairwell down to the water’s edge. The second flower can be found behind the tree. 3.Return to the top of the stairs and cross the bridge into the chamber just ahead. Cross the water by hanging a left. On the ground, there will be a massive statue head. Make a right just beyond the 3rd blossom, just past the head. 4. Return back to the room’s entrance and turn right at the pillars. The flower will be close to the wall’s alter if you go around the rear of the steps. 5.Climb the steps to the next chamber, which has a pool in the middle. To the right of the pool, near the rear of the chamber, there will be an archway. The fifth flower is immediately inside the left archway.

**The Veiled Path** is a cryptic path that leads to nothing (11) 1. Enter via the Shifting Sands or fast travel to The Veiled Path. Right away, turn right, and you’ll be up against the wall. 2. Make your way up the stairwell. On your right, towards the cliff edge, you’ll find the second flower. 3. Follow the cliff edge to the left until it inclines; the flower is near a locked door on the left. 4. Continue on the route after descending the hill. On the left, close to a statue and a collapsed pillar, is the next one. 5. At the fork in the walkway, turn left and climb the steps to the next flower. 6. Climb down the ledge and along the wall to the next one. 7. Continue up the trail until you see it on your right. 8. Continue up the trail and it will be in clear sight. 9. Continue up the path past the two sculptures on the left and the flowers. 10. Keep walking until you reach flower number ten, which is on the left, close to the cliff’s protruding rock. 11. It’s to the right of the large doors, beside the silver key, at the end of the walkway (FINALLY!!!).

**The Mysterious** (2) It’s about a half-way up the Veiled Path on the right side to reach here. 1.Past the chest in the center of the room. 2. Light all of the lamps with fireballs and place them in the door in the center of the room on the left side.

Exceptional Books

(Return to the top) ++NOTE++ This is a list of all the books found in Albion. I’m not going to include the quest books since, well, they’re quests. You’ll find them by following the crumb trail.

**Bowerstone Industrial** is a company based in Bowerstone, England (2)

Terrance Posture, Terrance Posture, Terrance Posture, Terrance Posture, Terrance Posture, Terrance Posture, Ter

—Instructions— Make your way to the Riveteer Rest Pub. It’s adjacent to the piano on a table.

Dangerous Things: Gunpowder —Name—

—Instructions— It’s time to enter the cesspool. It’ll be on a table to the left, next to one of the massive barrels.

**Bowerstone Castle** is a castle in Bowerstone, England (1)

—Name— Immortality and Alchemy

—Instructions— Quick access to the castle Ascend the stairs until you reach the door to the throne chamber. Turn left and enter the bedroom. In the room to the right, the book is on the bed.

**Old Quarter of Bowerstone** (1)

—Name— Industrial Machinery is a Dangerous Thing.

—Instructions— From the knight riding the pig statue, go down the walkway, through all of the vendors, and turn left at the end. It will lead you to a gated garden area with a statue of a guy holding a telescope. This statue has a book at its base.

**Bowerstone Market** is a market in Bowerstone, England (2)

—Name— Tyranny of Tyrants is a term used to describe the rule of tyrant

—Instructions— In the Crown Pub, find the Cock. The book is on the table next to the window, up the steps around the balcony.

—Name— Kings’ Grasping Avarice and Their Lackeys

—Instructions— From the bar, cross the bridge and exit via the city gates. On your right, you’ll see the Dollhouse. It is seated on the bed on the second floor.


—Name— The Mibbs-Spagno Gluttony Theory

—Instructions— The book is sitting on some creates near to the tattoo shop as you enter the town.

—Name— Historical Kings: Old King Oswald

—Instructions— This one may be found at the Ossuary. Just beyond the golden door, the book is resting on the ledge of the balcony.

**Sunset House** is a house with a view of the sunset (1)

—Name— Baron Von Orfen’s Extraordinary Homunculus

—Instructions— Go to the statue-filled gazibo. It’s on the right side of the bench.


—Description— Adventure Quest: A Choose Your Own Adventure Book

—Instructions— You must return to the cemetary where you completed the “Bored to Death” mission. It’s in the grave of the man who led the hollow men that assaulted you.

Dangerous Things: Lightning —Name—

—Instructions— You’ve arrived to Reavers Mansion. The book will be on the table to the left of the window in the room on the left.

—Name— Darkness’s Liver

—Instructions— After completing the “Hobnobbing with Hobbes” quest, go to Dankwater Cavern. The barrier will be removed, and you may follow the left route down to the river. Now jump into the water and turn left. You’ll go beyond the waterfall and into a little cove where you’ll find the book on a table.


—Name— Vol. 3 of The Very Unsafe Book for Boys: Boxing

—Instructions— The book is stacked adjacent to the Finkelhouse Farm atop several boxes.


—Name— Dangerous Things: Remote Area Stargazing

—Instructions— Before you may obtain this one, you must first finish the quest “Gift Wood for Driftwood.” Following that, go to the westernmost island and enter the mine. It’s on the left, on a box.


—Name— Vol. 2 of The Very Unsafe Book for Boys: Ovens

—Instructions— Go to the Two-Knock house, which is just adjacent to the academy. The book may be found on the second-floor railing.

Attack of the Killer Puffins is the name given to the attack of the Killer Puffins.

—Instructions— Make your way to the furniture store. Make your way around the building to the left side, where it sits on the window seal.

Markus Ivy is a famous historical king.

—Instructions— Go to the pub’s second level and enter the room on the right. The book may be found on the nightstand.

—Name— How to Become an Expert Swordsman

—Instructions— For these two, you must enter the Reliquary. Take your first right as you enter, and the book will be on a pedestal to your right.

Carl Tendency is a well-known serial killer.

—Instructions— You must finish the quest “An Ancient Key.” Enter the library that Saul has requested that you accompany him to. The book is placed on a high pedestal.

**Mistpeak Valley** is a misnomer (2)

—Name— How to Shoot Like a Pro

—Instructions— Take the monorail to the monorail station. It’s close to the cash register in the building on the right.

Xavier Smedley, Xavier Smedley, Xavier Smedley, Xavier Smedley, Xavier S

—Instructions— Proceed to Chillbreath Cavern using the book as a guide. To the right, there is an iced over waterfall and a little frozen stream if you follow the trail all the way down. To get to the big crates and sleeping bag, cross the stream. The book has been placed on the boxes.

**Dweller Camp** is a name given to a group of people who live (1)

King Cedric is one of history’s most famous kings.

—Instructions— On your map, locate the Wimpet’s Sniffle caravan. Inside, the book may be found on the right hand side.


—Name— Baron Barnaby Beadle’s Amazing Adventures

—Instructions— This one is seated on the interior of the temple’s alter.

Hang Gliders is the first volume of The Very Unsafe Book for Boys.

—Instructions— From the temple, go down the street and take the first path on the right. Continue on until you reach the arch that spans the walkway. The shrine to the right on the wall has a door.

**Sands of Change** (1)

Dangerous Things: Ladders —Name—

—Instructions— Make your way to Sandfall Palace. Make a right after crossing the bridge in the first chamber. The book is leaning on the railing.

9.0 Locations of Dungeons

**Catacombs** (Return to Top)

—Where— Bowerstone Castle Gardens are located in Bowerstone, England.

—Instructions— Enter the Hero’s Tomb by entering the gardens.


Bowerstone Industrial Park is where you’ll find Bowerstone Industrial Park.

—Instructions— The Wooble-Fuddlebuck-Glimbord Mansion houses the entryway. It’s just across the street from the orphanage.

**Chillbreath Cavern**

Mistpeak Valley is where you’ll find me.

—Instructions— There are two ways to get in. One may be found right close to the Monorail Station. Above the Demon Door is another. The third is located at the summit of the mountain. There are no routes that go directly to them, therefore there is no need to look for them.

**Dankwater Cavern** is a cave that is full with water.

Millfields is where you’ll find me.

—Instructions— FROM BOWERSTONE MARKET, GO TO MILLFIELDS. Follow the route until you come to a sign pointing to Bowerstone Market, which is located next to a street lamp. Make a right at the sign, and a walkway will emerge, leading to the front door.

**The Mysterious**

The Veiled Path may be found —where—

–How To– The entrance is located on last staircase near the end of the path. You have to hit a flint switch to unlock the door once inside, equip your fire spell and light all the torches. Each torch opens the door its closest to. In the next room there will be colored platforms on the ground and you have to step on them in order: yellow,blue,yellow,red,blue,red,blue,red.

**The Hideout** is a place where people go to hide.

Bowerstone Market is the location.

—Instructions— Travel quickly over and under the bridge. It’s the right-hand door.

**The Pit**

—Where— Millsfield, Mistpeak Valley, Mourning Wood

—Instructions— The hole may be reached through the Monorail Stations or by fast traveling to Mourningwood, where you will find the entrance to The Hole.

**The Ossuary** is a place where people go to die.

Mourningwood is a town in Mourningwood, Ontario, Canada.

—Instructions— This becomes available after you complete the “Gone but Not Forgotten” quest for the ghost brothers. Head along the route from Mourningwood Fort until you reach the first cemetery. Make a left through the headstone and go straight ahead into the tomb. The tomb serves as the entryway.


Brightwall Academy is the location of the Brightwall Academy.

—Instructions— Make a beeline towards the rear of the Academy and down the stairwell. Make a right and the dungeon entrance will be directly in front of you.

**Sandfall Palace**

Shifting Sands is a place where the sands are shifting.

—Instructions— From Aurora City, go to the Shifting Sands. Make a quick right and stay on that route. When you see the red cloth hanging over you, you know it’s the correct one.


(Return to the top) **Technicians Are Crucial** From Mourningwood, enter the Hole. A route goes down to a chest holding the key, which is directly to the right.

**Special Key** is a term that refers to a key that is A key may be found high up in a window in the Sanctuary. To acquire the key, you’ll need $5 million. Then you must lose everything in order to get the chest. I put the money in the bank’s treasury. The chest contains a Lengendary weapon.

**Attachment** Obviously, you’ll need the green dye for this. Okay, here are the outfits you’ll need. Men’s Head Hat with Pajamas Suit for the Upper Body: A Practical Prince Suit Princess Suit for the Lower Body Millitary Suit Hands: Practical Prince Suit Feet: Millitary Suit Now all you have to do is color it the deepest green you can and you’ve got the Hero of Time!

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