Fallout New Vegas Melee Brute Build

After a long arduous journey into the post-apocalyptic wastelands of the Mojave, I have finally come out on the other side of this game. And, like the last post, this one has been a lot of work. I began this build, however, a long time ago in my mind and with a lot more experience behind it. I wanted to do a build that was versatile and could perform well in both melee and gunfights. This is why you see a lot of the similarities between the early Fallout New Vegas build and the New Vegas build in Fallout 4.

You are a true wasteland survivor. You survived the war, and lived on long enough to see the world change. You survived the apocalypse, and lived to see the new world rise. But have you ever seen the true face of the new world, the face that tells the real story of the world? Fallout New Vegas takes us on a journey to find out.

Fallout New Vegas Melee Brute Build & Guide by Xynth.

This is a quick and hopefully successful method to essentially creating a complete murderous maniac butcher, based on my first-time inspiration 8). Speech checks will never fix anything for this man. Just a full and total thrashing. I’m warning you if you’re going to play this on hard (like I usually do).

It may be a big annoyance at first. NPCs such as Nightstalkers, Deathclaws, and Cazadors are tough to deal with at first, and may easily 2-4 shoot you, so be prepared. Deathclaws should be avoided at all costs. They are not to be taken lightly till you have all you need. And it’s late in the game at that point.

Where do I begin? There’s a downside to pleasure and paradise. I’ve found wikia.com to be very useful. It displays all of the weapons and armor that this character need. It is a smart choice to read it. You can’t spend the whole game running about with a baseball bat, particularly on the hardest difficulty setting. On the toughest level, playing with this character may be challenging. However, as your character improves, it becomes more easy. Elite animals that give 50 xp each kill need a different strategy. Sneaking is one option, but it isn’t always the best. As a melee character, getting pure Sneak attacks is tough. Most importantly, I have no idea how much you’ll want Boone and Rex as your friends. Boone is a great damage dealer, while Rex is a great tank.

He constantly attracts hostiles, and you may freely punch, hack, or otherwise kill them. So, in my view, being alone as a melee character is not a good idea. Imagine traveling to Dead Wind Cavern (Deathclaw nest) by yourself on an extremely difficult mission. This isn’t good. Even with the greatest armor, weapons, and perks, it doesn’t work. Count on your friends. After a battle, their HP regenerates. Yours, however, will not. So take a step back and let them tank. If you’re up against a strong ranged enemy, be sure to shield yourself with anything you can find while rushing forward.


Melee Weapons, Unarmed, and Sneak are all tags. Unarmed should be at least 90, Sneak should be at least 80, and Melee Weapons should be at least 90. It’s up to you on medicine, but you’ll be suffering a lot of damage, so aim for about 40-50 if at all possible. I’d still recommend going straight to 100 in Unarmed and Melee Weapons. Get all four skill books if you don’t want to gimp. For the Hunter perk, I’d recommend increasing survival to 30. It seems to be very helpful.


Small Frame or nothing, built to destroy. It’s all up to you. Heavy Handed is also a no-no. Non-HC should use a small frame. That way, you won’t have to increase AG to more than 5 in the start. Don’t worry about losing the Slayer perk since you’ll gain 2 more AG from Implant and Small Frame. Plus, what if you receive an extra SPECIAL for, say, Luck? This isn’t something I did, but it might be the best option. I’m not sure how quickly your limbs will be paralyzed 8(.


The finest metrics to start with, in my view, are listed below. It’s not gimped, and Strength and Endurance will eventually be maxed up as required. S8 P6 E7 C1 I5 A7 L6 are the stats to have if you want all of the greatest benefits straight immediately. I GUESS it’s fine to decrease IN and raise LC if you want to create a more strong melee fighter. I’m not sure whether there are any significant ramifications, but I’m keeping it at 5. In any case, skill points are always helpful. If you don’t want to gimp and want to work on your character further, here’s what you need to do (DO it). ST No. 8 (10 after Implant and Power Armor) PE No. 5 (6 after Implant, needed for Better Criticals) EN 9th Edition (10 after Implant) 1st Chapter (2 after Implant, however completely unnecessary) IN NUMBER 5 (6 after Implant) AG No. 6 (7 after Implant, needed for Slayer). If you have a small frame, start with 5. LC 6 (Large Capacity) (7 after Implant). If you have a small frame, start with 7. Benefits (in no particular sequence; you decide what to take and when) Confirmed lvl 2 


Bachelor’s degree (For extra damage against males)

Lady Killer, level 4 (For extra damage against females) Toughness or a Bloody Mess, level 6 Super Slam Level 8 (45 Melee Weapons) Finesse or Toughness at level 10 Silent Running levels 12 (50 Sneak) Purifier/Light Step lvl 14 Better Criticals at Level 16 (PE 6 from Implant) Piercing Strike (lvl 18) (70 Unarmed) lvl 22 Unstoppable Force (80 Melee Weapons, 80 Sneak) lvl 20 Ninja (80 Melee Weapons, 80 Sneak) (90 Melee Weapons). If you don’t have anything else to do. Slayer (lvl 24) (90 Unarmed) Lifegiver level 26 lvl 28 Paralyzing Palm (possibly worthless) or whatever is left Hunter (30 Survival) level 30 or whatever is remaining

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Fallout New Vegas Melee Brute Build is a guide to help you clear out every room in the game, and for how to defeat every single enemy in the game, as well as a proper build to get you through the game. This guide is for the regular Xbox 360 version of the game, as the PS3 version has a completely different melee system.. Read more about fallout: new vegas melee tank build and let us know what you think.


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