In this guide, we will show you how to build a Fallout: New Vegas sniper rifle by using the New Vegas Redesigned mod, which adds a lot of new guns and ammo to the game. We will go through the process of how to build this sniper rifle using a couple of the popular mods, including the New Vegas Redesigned mod and the Gun Runners Arsenal mod. We will go into the nitty gritty details of how to get the gun in-game, how to use the gun, tips on how to get high scores, and more.

The G15 is a bit of a strange gun, more of a niche product than a mainstream gun. And as such, the gun has gained a reputation for being extremely high maintenance, with a reputation for being very difficult to mod. This is unfortunate, because the G15 is a very underrated gun to begin with. It offers a very fun, fast-firing, reliable, and accurate gun for an excellent price. It can easily be turned into a serious sniper rifle with a high capacity magazine, night vision scope, and better sights.

The sniper is one of the most feared weapons in the game, and for a good reason. In fact, it’s basically the only weapon that can put you up against the toughest enemies in the game. If you choose to be a sniper, make sure you choose the Bolt Action sniper rifle. Why? The bolt action sniper rifle has a higher rate of fire, so it will be more effective at taking out enemies than the single shot sniper rifle.

Captain-Fallout Oshie’s New Vegas Sniper Build guide.

I simply made this sniper build off the top of my head, so please let me know if there’s anything wrong with it.


6 points of strength Observation: 5 5 points for endurance Intelligence: 6 Charisma: 1 8 Agility 9 for luck

Frame Size: Small (+1 AGL, limbs are more easily crippled) Trait of the Four Eyes

Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Li (for extra critical damage she gives, and stealth boy bonus) Boone is a town in North Carolina (back up fire if needed) You may include ED-E, although he isn’t really required and stands out to foes.

Red Beret Chinese Stealth Armor or Recon Armor (If you really want to, you may remove 2 from STR and put it into INT, then wear the T-51b power armor, which gives you more skill points to spend during the game, but makes it a little difficult to accomplish anything if you don’t have the power armor).

You should wear this unless you know you’ll be battling in close quarters (which you shouldn’t be), since you should be able to kill most opponents without their knowing.


2: Black Widow / Confirmed Bachelor 4: Well-educated Hardcore-Comprehension (No. 6) a bloody mess in the core 8: Comprehension of a Hardcore-Strong Back Core Finesse is number ten. 12: Rat in a Pack Hardcore-Entomologist (n.d.) (n.d.) (n.d.) Surgeon using a Core-Shotgun Approach (this is a back up for if they get close) 16: Improved Criticism Tag number eighteen! Adamantium Skeleton #20 Toughness is number 22. Toughness (number 24) (2) [link= La Femme] 26: Lady Killer Look for La Femme. [/link] Intense Training (ninety-eighth) (STR or END) I’m a big fan of STR. Intense Training (number 30) (STR or END)

Description of the construction:

This build is primarily meant for being far away, and picking off things before they know what hit them. At the beginning of the game it will be kind of rough but you start out with around 40 Gun and Sneak skill (after getting to level 2, you up them to 40). After that go after nothing but Lock Picking. If you want, you can bump back Bloody Mess to level 8 (or if you’re playing Hardcore, not bother getting it at all until 28/30) and get Comprehension instead.

Then get a Lock picking magazine, go to the sniper perch near Cottonwood Legion Camp. Up there is a very hard weapon case that holds a slightly above average sniper (can’t remember the name). It’s one of the more powerful snipers in the game, and is fairly accurate. If my adding is correct (and you’re using Comprehension), you should be able to get it by level 6. The reason I don’t have Jury Rig on there is because of the Weapon Repair kits you can build. You only need a magazine and skill 30(40) to start building them, or just 50 in general. Not to mention Boone or Lily can be replaced by Raul, who has a pretty nice revolver for close range. Also, I suggest going to Vault 3 and getting one of theirs suits since it gives +5 Repair & +5 Lock Picking. Early on in the game you can use ED-E until you get someone else. It’s not a great attacker, but it’s sensors are useful and it’s a nice pack mule.

This construct is designed to take down the opponent in a single shot from a distance where VATS would be ineffective. I don’t really like that kind of play since it necessitates spending time to set up the shot; yet, there’s nothing quite like wiping out a whole base from distance while they never come near to you.

Anyway, start of the game and get Guns & Sneak to 40, that will be enough to shoot from afar and not be noticed. Then get Lock Picking to 80(90) as fast as you can so you can get a pretty nice sniper rifle early on (I personally suggest run through a lot of stuff and going straight to Vault 3 early on (Kill a fiend and wear their outfit so you don’t have to go through a ton of them early on). After that, get repair up to 30 (40). Then get Bartering up to 70 (a bit rough to do). Then Survival up to 45. then you’re good to go into Guns and Sneak. However you’ll be about level 14 by the time you get to that point. Early game is a bit rough this way, but the end game is so much easier.

Tomorrow, I’ll construct an energy structure. It’s a lot less difficult.

As said before. With your own preferences, you may tweak this build a bit here and there. I’m just attempting to create an energy weapon-based character that breezes through the game.

4 points of strength Observation: 5 5 points for endurance Intelligence: 8 Charisma: 1 8 Agility 9 for luck

Small Frame

Discipline Trigger

Red Beret

Tesla Armor of the Gannon Family (but you’ll need to wear something like Ranger armor or power armor if you acquire it early)

2: Black Widow / Confirmed Bachelor 4: Well-educated 6: Understanding Commando (nine) Hardcore-Strong Back Core-Fitnesse (10 points) 12: Plasma Spaz Hardcore-Pack Rat Core Shotgun Surgeon (#14) 16: Improved Criticism Sniper (number 18) Tag number twenty-first! Laser Commander (#22) Toughness (number 24) Toughness (number 26) (2) Lady Killer / Cherchez La Femme (number 28) Adamantium Skeleton (number 30)

When you first start out, you’ll want to invest in a decent shotgun and other accessories, since this will be your primary weapon. Because it only has one shot, the Trigger Discipline attribute has no impact on a single barrel shotgun. Get your energy weapons to level 40 (you should be able to do this by level 3) and then move on to lock picking. Have a lock picking magazine and get it to level 55 (level 6). Then go to Novac to find Boone. Then proceed to Repcomm headquarters, where there is a door on the lowest level that is very difficult to open. Pick up the magazine and use it. Then enter and take the Q-35 Matter Modulator with you. For a long time, this will be your primary weapon.

After that, head to the nearby 188 trade station and speak with Veronica to recruit her into your party. Then you may go to Concealed Valley, join the Brotherhood of Steel, and then ransack their sleeping quarters (while remaining hidden). After then, it’s entirely up to you to decide where you want to proceed in the game. Close quarters will be ruled by the Single Shotgun, and close range will be ruled by the Modulator as well.

I put some emphasis on accuracy in VATS because when you enter a room with 4 people, it’s nice to be able to hit them all in the head without having to manually aim. This was the first class I made and played on Very Hard with, and I breezed through the game with it. It’s real weakness is the no extra damage to mutated insects (makes the flys and scopions a pain). You can toss that in over Shotgun Surgeon, but only do that if you’re planning to completely specialize in energy weapons.

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A few days ago I decided to create a Fallout: New Vegas Sniper build to show off my capabilities and ways to improve my own sniper build. While posting it I have come to the realization that I want it to get more attention than just a few people. I want it to show how amazing this build is and I want to show off to other snipers that want to learn.. Read more about fallout new vegas builds and let us know what you think.

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The best sniper in Fallout: New Vegas is the Marksman Carbine.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is charisma useless in Fallout: New Vegas?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Charisma is a skill in Fallout: New Vegas. It influences how much the player can convince others to do what they want them to do.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is sniper perk good New Vegas?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”

The sniper perk is not good in New Vegas.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sniper in Fallout: New Vegas?

The best sniper in Fallout: New Vegas is the Marksman Carbine.

Is charisma useless in Fallout: New Vegas?

Charisma is a skill in Fallout: New Vegas. It influences how much the player can convince others to do what they want them to do.

Is sniper perk good New Vegas?

The sniper perk is not good in New Vegas.


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