Fallout Shelter is a mobile game that is available for Android & iOS.  It is a simulation game where you play as a dweller in a vault with your family.  Your goal is to keep your family alive and expand your vault.  The game has  a lot of cheats and hacks, which are useful for the game.

Fallout Shelter is a very popular mobile app that requires you to build a vault and protect yourself from the nuclear apocalypse. While the game is very simple, it is still a very popular option for iOS and Android users, since it allows you to explore a survival simulation while playing a game.

Fallout Shelter is an epic and challenging simulation game that is what Fallout fans have been asking for. It offers a deep and rewarding experience in a highly-engaging world. The game is very fun and it’s very addicting. It’s one of the most played games on PC and on mobile. In this guide, you will learn how to get more resources, how to get more slots for your vault and how to get more dwellers.

Get started with our Fallout Shelter Online guide, which includes a wealth of hacks, tips, and techniques to assist you in assembling the finest team of characters.

Tips and Tricks for Fallout Shelter Online

This Fallout Shelter Online tutorial will teach you the fundamentals of the game, such as how to put together the greatest team, concentrate on the best characters, and manage your vault. So, let’s not waste any time and go right to the point.

Guide to Resources and In-Game Currency

Water, energy, food, caps, Nuka-Cola, Rad-X, and Money from Before the War are the seven primary in-game currencies in the Fallout Shelter Online game.


The Wasteland’s common currency is the Cap of Nuka-Cola, which you may get via the recycling center chamber, conquering ruins, simulation mode, and rushing your Dwellers. You may obtain the caps from the recycling room early on in the game.

How to utilize caps – Caps may be used to shop for material goods at the map’s outpost. Navigate to the world map and search for the outpost. NPCs offering a variety of material goods in return for material items that you’ll need to upgrade weapons and equipment may be found at these places.

You’ll also need additional caps to improve the equipment.


Another frequent currency in the Wasteland is water, which you’ll need to improve resident bonuses. You may increase the benefits of residents by using a shooting range room. If you haven’t constructed it yet, go to the bottom-right corner and press the hammer button -gt; support -gt; there you’ll discover the shooting range room. To improve the room’s benefits, touch on it after it’s been created and then select a resident.


Electricity is one of the most often used currencies in the Wasteland, which you may get from the power generating rooms and use to construct and upgrade vault rooms.


To increase the level of inhabitants, food is required. You will be able to increase the level of inhabitants with the aid of a training room. Simply assign the residents to the training room, then select to level up – spend food, and voilà!


Nuka-Cola is the Wasteland’s magical money, and obtaining it is difficult. To obtain Nuka-Cola Quantum, keep completing the radio quests, chapter quests, and accomplishments. This mystical currency may be used at the store to purchase posters, pre-war money, and to expedite ongoing work, among other things.

Pre-War Money

Another mystical money in Fallout Shelter Online is Pre-War Money. You may acquire this money as a f2p player by performing daily quests, event objectives, and other activities. Doing the daily missions is the best method to acquire this money.


Fallout Shelter Online’s stamina currency, Rad-X, is required to complete the PvE stages. This money is replenished automatically after a certain period of time, or players may purchase it with Nuka-Cola.

In the Vault, combine rooms.

Fallout Shelter Online Guide Tips CheatsIt’s preferable to combine/merge them if you want to enhance the room’s production and capacity. All you have to do is place two rooms of the same level and kind adjacent to each other. Go to the editing interface screen (touch the overseer’s office room -gt; rearrange) to do so. You’ll be able to choose and rearrange the rooms now. To merge, place two rooms of the same level and kind adjacent to each other. For example, a medium water treatment plant is equal to a small water treatment level 1 room plus a small water treatment level 1 room.

Tips and Advice for Dwellers

Fallout Shelter Online Guide Tips CheatsThe Fallout Shelter Online game includes a dozen different inhabitants that players may utilize to create the greatest squad possible. The inhabitants are divided into four groups: SSR-grade, SR-grade, R-grade, and N-grade. Each character/dweller in the game has their own set of attributes and benefits. The first piece of advice is to familiarize yourself with their benefits; this will aid you in forming the finest team possible depending on your desired strength. Go to the “dweller” option and look at their profiles and information.

How Do You Attract Dwellers?

You can obtain dwellers in a variety of ways: go to the game’s shop menu -gt; spend pre-war money to get the dweller or dweller’s posters; or go to the game’s shop menu -gt; spend pre-war money to get the dweller or dweller’s posters. Alternatively, go to the store -gt; posters, where you may purchase specialized Nuka-Cola resident posters. Some of the inhabitants may be found in the PvE phases. Also, keep a look out for inhabitants outside the vault, since they may appear at any moment.

Lunchboxes with inhabitant posters and supplies are sometimes given out by the game.

In FSO, how many dwellers can you have?

The overall number of inhabitants you may have in Fallout Shelter Online is determined on the room level of your dwelling quarters. The maximum limit may be seen in the top-right corner of the game screen. To increase the maximum limit, combine living quarter rooms, construct additional, or improve the current ones.

In FSO, How Do You Kick Out Dwellers?

Choose to freeze the resident you don’t want in the vault by tapping the CRYOGENIC CHAMBER chamber.

Characters with the Most Potential

The following is a list of the greatest characters in Fallout Shelter Online: –

  • Danse
  • Sarah
  • Father
  • Dr. Zimmer is a neurologist who specializes
  • Nick
  • Neriah
  • Desdemona
  • Maxson
  • Kellogg
  • Isolde, Mother
  • SR Piper, SR Piper, SR Piper, SR Piper
  • Madison – Senior Year
  • SR Cait Cait Cait Cait Cait Cait Cait Cait Ca

The Fallout Shelter Online Tier List may be found here.

Dweller Information

In Fallout Shelter Online, Dwellers/Characters have unique powers such as healing, dealing AoE damage, having shield stats to fight from the front, and so on. To determine a character’s strength, go to his or her profile and read the ability descriptions. If a character possesses a healing talent, for example, you may join him or her to the squad and utilize the ability to heal other inhabitants throughout the fight. Now, let’s look at how to make the characters in Fallout Shelter Online more powerful: –


Characters in Fallout Shelter Online are given tools. The dweller’s resource production numbers are determined on their tool level. Water treatment plants, power, food, and other amenities may be assigned to the residents/characters in the rooms. The output level is increased by assigning the characters to these rooms. Upgrade the tools of the character you allocated to the room if you wish to get more. 

Guide to Purchasing Equipment

Physical and energy equipment are used by characters in Fallout Shelter Online. Physical weapons launch a physical assault that bypasses enemy defenses. Energy weapons launch energy assaults that bypass the opponent’s physical defenses. The equipment type information may be found on the character profile page.

Upgrade the dweller’s equipment to boost their strength, defense, resistance, attack damage, critical hits, and other stats.

FSO Attachment Guide

Characters in Fallout Shelter Online may have up to four attachments. You may get attachments through playing the game or by crafting them in the “workshop” area. Green, blue, purple, and orange are the four categories of attachments. The finest attachments are of the Orange and Purple grades, but they are hard to come by.

Tip: Equip a set of attachments to trigger the set effect and get additional benefits. When you tap on an attachment, you’ll see its set effect name; equip two or four of the identical attachment types to trigger the set effect.

To go to the dweller screen, go to the dweller screen -gt; touch the character -gt; attachment -gt; equip/unequip/upgrade The map stages may be used to acquire upgrading materials.

Set-up for the Best Team Build

Here are some of our favorite team combinations: –

  1. 2 melee + 1 healer (mid-range) + 2 long-range DPS
  2. 2 long-range DPS + 2 front-line tanks + 1 healer
  3. x1 tank + x2 long-ranged DPS + x1 healer + x1 buffer + x1 tank + x2 long-ranged DPS + x1 healer + x1 buffer

Go to the Dwelling page and look at the information of the characters you have – DPS, healer, tank, and so on. Then construct appropriately. You may use this tier list to see which characters are the best.

How To Play – A Beginner’s Guide to the Game

We suggest the following for newcomers: –

  • Early in the game, complete the chapter missions as well as daily quests, faction quests, and radio quests.
  • Continue designing characters using Nuka-Cola or pre-war money until you’ve discovered the greatest tier characters.
  • Merge rooms, improve rooms, and assign inhabitants to the vault.
  • Raise the level of your characters, equip/upgrade attachments, improve tools, and so on.
  • Go to the map and finish levels on easy, medium, and high difficulty settings.

Fallout Shelter Online’s Guild

Join a guild – it’s a lot of fun to play with other people. You’ll also get a lot of benefits, such as help from other users, additional material, prizes, and so on.

That concludes our Fallout Shelter Online beginner’s tutorial and advice. If you’re reading this and have any more tips, tricks, or tactics, please share them in the comments section below.


Fallout Shelter is a game unlike any other on the market. It can be challenging at times, but it will be the best game that you have ever played. In this game, you start off in a bunker, and you’re able to build your own, customizable base. You can build it from scratch, or you can choose from a ton of pre-made options. You can choose to go it alone, or you can interact with your friends and family to build a team and work together as a group to build your base. You can hang out in the lounge, work in the laboratory, play in the theater, or explore the wasteland. You can choose what you want to do, and what you want to achieve.. Read more about fallout shelter online attachment farming and let us know what you think.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you level up quickly in Fallout Shelter online?

The fastest way to level up in Fallout Shelter is to build a lot of rooms.

How do I get more resources in Fallout Shelter online?

You can get more resources by completing quests, building rooms, and sending dwellers out to explore.

Can you make babies in Fallout Shelter online?

No, you cannot make babies in Fallout Shelter online.


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