The Celestial Weapons are a series of powerful weapons wielded by Auron, Tidus, and Yuna, and their creation was a key part of the “Promised Land” storyline. All three weapons can be found in Mt. Gagazet, and they require the player to fight the Guardian Forces there. The Celestial Weapons are as follows:

The celestial weapons in Final Fantasy X are weapons that have appeared in other Final Fantasy games. And now they’re appearing in Final Fantasy X! One of the most powerful weapons in the game is the one that’s carried by the Bahamut summon monster, but in order to wield that weapon, you first have to go through the nine trials in the Final Fantasy X storyline. (There are no trials for the other weapons, but they each have their own unique powers and abilities.)

You can earn this achievement by getting a total of six Celestial Weapons. Each weapon has any combination of three different functions. For example, one of the three functions of the Yagyu Darkblade is that it uses the abilities of the character that wields it, while the other two are that it has an attack power of 1000 and reduces all enemy’s defense by 50%. The Yagyu Darkblade then has a total of three functions.

There are many trophies and achievements in the game (FF10) Final Fantasy X that you can unlock, and one of them is Weapon Master.

The weapon master requires the player to obtain all superior weapons (celestial weapon). These tasks can be quite complex and many of them can take up a lot of time. From dodging lightning, to 0:00 in a Chocobo race and more …..

Here are some guidelines on how to achieve this….



With participation : Tidus, Yuna and Wakka.

0.00 – 8.54 = How to get a
cloud mirror (needed for the sky mirror and of course to get weapons)

1) Go to the Silent Lands to get the Mirror of the Clouds
2) With the Mirror of the Clouds, go to the forest of Maccalania and talk to the woman and child 3 times
3) After you find the father, the child disappears
4) After you get the Mirror of the Heavens, you can concentrate on getting weapons.

8.54 – 16.50 = Tidus’ celestial weapon

1) We receive the sun sign (after the battle with Junaleska)
2) We receive the sun sign. Go to the Quiet Lands, talk to the Chocobo trainer and train the Chocobo until you can race
3) Race until your time reaches 0.00 (this may take a while)
4) Then we get the Kaladbolg Celestial Weapon
5) We fully charge the weapon with the weapon and seal (Macalania forest).

16.50 – 30.45 = Yuna’s heavenly weapon

1) When you first meet Wakka in Besaida (Moon Ridge)2) Catch all 9 demons of the Quiet Lands (Celestial Nirvana)3) Catch all 12 demons of Mount Gazet (Crown of Flowers)4) Obtain all Aeons (except the Wizard Sisters)5) After you have obtained all Aeons except the Wizard Sisters. 5) When you have all the aeons except the mage sisters, go to the temple of the silent land Remium and challenge Belgamin, fight her aeons until she uses Bahamut, defeat him (flower scepter)6) Grab the mage sisters with the flower crown and the flower scepter and continue fighting Belgamin until you have defeated all her aeons (moon seal)

30.45 – = Wakka’s heavenly weapon

1) Play approx. 9+ Blitzball games and then go find Luca (World Champion Celestial Weapons)
2) Attack rolls are required and appear in the tournament as a prize
3) Status rolls appear after you get the attack rolls
4) Auroch rolls appear, after you have both attack and status rolls
5) You need all 3 rolls to get the Jupiter seal (I had to reset the team data to have it appear as a prize)
6) Luca Auroch’s locker room (Jupiter’s Ridge).



With stars: Lulu, Rikku, Kimhari and Auron.

0.00 – 8.51 = How to get a
cloud mirror (needed for the sky mirror and of course to get weapons)

(Weapons are loaded in the forest of Makalania)

8.51 – 23.09 = Auron’s celestial weapon

1) Catch 10 different pariahs in 10 different areas (Cross of Mars)
2) The Mihien Road (the bottom area is in the Cross of Mars)
3) In the quiet lands (next to where Defender X is) find the rusty sword.

23.09 – 30.37 = Kimhari’s Celestial Weapon

1) On Mount Gagazet (after Seymour) you can find Saturn’s Crest
2) On Lake Macalania you can find a butterfly mini-game (you have to do it twice and it can take a while lol) Also sorry for the music xD (Saturn’s Mark)
3) On Thunder Plain you have to pray to 3 cactus stones (glowing) to get the spirit cactus

30.37 – 37.57 = Lulu’s Celestial Weapon

1) Chez Guado (revisit Farplane) (Venus sign)
2) Wuthering Heights – dodge 200 lightning bolts (Venus sign).

37.57 – = Rikku’s heavenly weapon

1) Bikanel Island (3rd screen – Mercury Ridge)
2) Bikanel Island (4th screen – Mercury Sign) (see my other video, part 40, for a side quest with cacti)
3) Mushroom Rock – Hand of God.



My time in this game has come to an end, and I’m sure that many of you are wondering how to obtain the Celestial Weapons and how to get the Weapon Master achievement. I’m here to help you with both. So, let’s get started.. Read more about ffx master sphere and let us know what you think.


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