The job and class system in Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is a major part of the gameplay, and for most classes it is the defining factor of the class. Your class determines your job, which determines your character’s abilities and play style. Class can also have impacts on the development of your characters, as it affects the way your character grows in magical and non-magical ways.

Every job in Final Fantasy 14 has a set of requirements that, when met, will grant you access to the job. The catch is, not everyone has a set of requirements, and those that don’t need to acquire them through any particularly special means. If you’re not sure what job you want to use, or just want to know how to get one for when the time comes, here’s a guide.

As most Final Fantasy fans already know, there are lot of advanced job and class requirements in Final Fantasy 14, not to mention the different roles you can play. This guide will show you what jobs are required for each role and what classes are required to be promoted to each job.. Read more about final fantasy xiv jobs and let us know what you think.

Here are the Advanced Job & Class Requirements in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In order to unlock the advanced jobs, you must first reach level 30 in your main class, and level 15 in the sub class listed. 

You’ll be able to receive the advanced job quest for your primary class from your guild after you’ve completed these criteria. (How to get additional courses / professions in Final Fantasy XIV)

  • 30 Archer / 15 Pugilist = Bard
  • 30 Arcanist / 15 Thaumaturge = Summoner
  • 30 Arcanist / 15 Conjurer = Scholar
  • 30 Lancer / 15 Marauder = Dragoon
  • 30 Thaumaturge / 15 Archer = Black Mage
  • 30 Conjurer / 15 Arcanist = White Mage
  • 30 Pugilist / 15 Lancer = Monk
  • 30 Marauder / 15 Gladiator = Warrior
  • 30 Gladiator + 15 Conjurer = Paladin

Update on Heavensword

There are a few criteria you must meet before you may play as a Dark Knight, Machnist, Astrologian, or Ninja. Prior to the 3.0 release, you must have a level 50 fighting class and have finished “Before the Dawn,” which includes all narrative missions prior to the 3.0 update. The missions to unlock the advanced occupations will become accessible after you’ve completed these criteria. Each of the new occupations has a suggested path to take.

  • Start the game as a Pugilist if you want to be a Ninja.
  • Dark Knight – Begin as a Gladiator to become a Dark Knight.
  • Start the game as an archer if you want to play as the Machinist.
  • Start the game as a Conjurer to get access to the Astrologian job.

Update on Stormblood

You must have at least a level 60 fighting class to unlock and play as the Red Mage and Samurai (DoW or DoM).

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As you may know, FF14 has a job system. Most of the jobs are for the main characters, while the rest are for the NPCs. But, in this system, there are also other jobs that are only for the main characters, and they are called advanced jobs. What are advanced jobs? An advanced job is a job that you can gain by gaining a level. Like a normal job, the advanced job will give you a higher income, but it will also give you a special ability. For example, a blacksmith can make a better sword than a normal blacksmith, but the blacksmith can also make a special weapon, like a throwing weapon.. Read more about ffxiv unlock job quests and let us know what you think.

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