Final Fantasy XV has some problem that will eat your FPS

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The game is not optimized for PC and has a number of performance issues that will make it difficult to play.

The final fantasy xv stuttering fix is a problem that has been present for a while. It’s an issue with the game’s performance and it will eat your FPS.

While Final Fantasy XV is set to launch on PC on March 6th, has benchmarked the game using Square Enix’s software with several graphics cards to see what it would need to run it correctly. According to Microsoft, the game will now be playable on Xbox One with Cross-Platform compatibility. However, there are certain issues with the game that are leading players to get irritated.

The game needs a GTX 1060/RX 480 as a recommended graphics card for 1080p 30fps, according to the Steam official website. On high settings, it’s become obvious and true. Yes, if you play the game with an RX 580, you will only obtain 30 frames per second (As predicted by the benchmark). And this isn’t good since the GTX 1060 and RX 580 are graphics cards that can provide 60+ frames per second on extreme settings in nearly every game, and seeing 30 frames per second in a game on high settings isn’t ideal. is the source of this information.

So, what is the cause behind this?

The reason for this is because of the default graphics settings. The game (benchmark) has three preset graphics settings: Low, Standard, and High, but you can’t change them, unlike other games where you can switch anything on or off. But, on high settings, what are the settings that are using the most of the fps? Because, as you can see from the graph above, the RX 580 delivers 32 frames per second in High Quality and 59 frames per second in Standard Quality, which is almost twice.

This is due to GameWorks’ many distinct graphic settings, which do not turn off on high settings. Remember the Witcher 3’s Hairworks and Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Hairworks? Yes, these are the ones that suck up the most fps, however in other games, you can simply turn them off while keeping all other settings on high or extreme, but this isn’t feasible in this one. Worse, they aren’t set to medium; instead, they are set to high on High graphics settings.

It should be mentioned that this is an early stage where you may test the game on your PC by running the benchmark, but Square Enix should examine this and correct it before the game is released.

EDIT: The article refers to benchmark software rather than the game itself. As a result, I’ll place the benchmark word where it belongs.



FFXV cutscenes low fps is a problem that has been present for a while. Final Fantasy XV has recently been released, and it seems to have some problems with the FPS. Reference: ffxv cutscenes low fps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to improve fps in final fantasy xv?

You can download a program called FRAPS and use it to record your gameplay. Then, you can edit the video and export it as a movie file so that you can watch it on your computer or upload it to YouTube.

How to fix fps drop in ffxv?

The fps drop in FFXV is due to the games graphics settings. You can change these settings in your display options in order to fix the issue.

Is Final Fantasy 15 optimized?

Final Fantasy 15 is not optimized, but it is playable.

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