I’m sure there are many out there that have played through Final Fantasy XV’s story on their first run, but for those that are still trying to figure out how to get to the Crestholm Channels (Sealed Door – Menace Dungeon) they are in for some easy farm. Here is a guide for those who have been trying to figure out the Crestholm Channels (Sealed Door – Menace Dungeon), but want to get a little more experience with it.

With this guide you will be able to unlock the Crestholm Channels (Sealed Door – Menace Dungeon) located in Final Fantasy XV making it possible to access the locked door on the way to the End of the World.

There are three doors in the Crestholm Channels that you must activate in order to proceed in Final Fantasy XV. The first door leads you to the Seal of the War-Chiefs, the second leads you to a warp, and the third leads you to the Free Egress Chamber, known also as the Menace Dungeon. Each door requires a specific item to activate, and this item is obtained by defeating the enemies in the Menace Dungeon.

The Menace Dungeons are a set of optional end-game dungeons with lengthy hallways and paths packed with dangerous creatures and fiends.

This article will explain how to travel to the Crestholm Channels’ Sealed Door, which will let you to access the Menace Dungeon of the Crestholm Channels.

After witnessing a few individuals struggle to locate the real entrance to the Dungeon, I decided to write a tutorial on it, so here we are.

The Menace task requires you to go to the Crestholm Channels Sealed Door’Although it is simpler to locate than the Daurell door, I have witnessed a few people get lost xD If you have yet to activate the Machines needed to open the Green gate then refer to this video: Crestholm Channels / Ever Illustrious Regalia and read the video description!

Welcome to the Final Fantasy XV – How To Get To The Crestholm Channels (Sealed Door – Menace Dungeon) Guide! This guide will show you how to get to the Sealed Door in the Menace Dungeon and obtain the Crestholm Channels (Sealed Door).. Read more about a menace sleeps in crestholm map and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the sealed door on Crestholm?

You can find the Crestholm map in your inventory.

How do I open locked dungeon doors FFXV?

You can use a key to open locked doors.

How do I get to the sealed door in Costlemark?

You need to find the key that is hidden in the chest on the left side of the room.