I am interested in finding Minecraft Spawn chunks, however I am checking if there are any unofficial websites that can help me. I found this website that has over 1,000 links to Minecraft Spawn Chunks, but I am unsure if they are legit or if their links are too old.

Do you want to find Minecraft Spawn Chunks ? Do you want to know where to find the Minecraft spawn chunks ? Do you want to know what blocks are in the Minecraft spawn chunks ? Do you want to find the Minecraft spawn chunks by coordinates ? Do you want to find the Minecraft spawn chunks by biome ?

Today I will show you a simple trick to find Minecraft Spawn Chunks you can use to get more redstone from mob drops. The idea is to find a mob spawner and get a decent number of spawners in a circle around it, so the redstone you get from the mobs is more significant. You can also use this to get more Ender Pearls (which are used in the Ender Dragon fight) and more diamonds (used for the diamond blocks you can craft in Survival Mode).

I wanted my inventory to be full, just like every other Minecraft player, so I looked for spawn blocks.

After hours of study, I discovered the most efficient method to locate these bricks.

In Minecraft, what are Spawn Chunks?

Minecraft’s spawn pieces are 1616 or 1212 if the lazy chunks surrounding the spawning world point are not taken into account. Because the chunks are constantly loaded, they stand out from the others. Spawn chunks may be found in the JAVA Edition, Bedrock Edition, PS4, and XBOX versions of the game.

Continue reading to learn how to quickly locate spawn blocks in Minecraft.

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1.16 How to find spawn pieces

The java version of Minecraft has received a new block called Spawn Chunk. Many Minecraft players are unfamiliar with the concept of spawn pieces. Spawn chunks are constantly loaded, making them perfect for items you need on a regular basis. Iron Farm, a redstone contraption, and so on.

It takes the place of things that come via the end portal or the underworld. As a result, you may need to create a storage system to gather such things, which is also quite simple.

Finding the pieces isn’t difficult, but there are a few different methods to do it, which I’ll go through one by one.

You may discover minecraft spawn pieces in a variety of ways:

1. Find Spawn Chunks using a Spawn Chunks Finder


Amidst is an external third-party application that you may utilize. When you input your seed, the home icon will display the co-ordinates of your base. However, this might be seen as a little bit of a hack, which is OK since there are two methods to discover it in the game.

You may also read a separate article on using the Minecraft Biome Finder to discover the rarest Minecraft Biomes.

2. Make your own compass

A compass may be made, and it will always point to the center of your pre-release spawn pieces. All you have to do is follow the compass needle until it abruptly changes direction.

You are either at or extremely near to the center point when this occurs, so wander about for a bit. Make a marker to remember where you are once you’ve found the center. Now it’s time to respawn.

It’s possible that when you resurrect, it won’t be precisely in the centre, so grab a compass and mark the center like you did previously. Press F3 to bring up the debug page if you’re not sure how far away from the pieces you are. Saddles may also be found in a spawn block in Minecraft.

Spawn pieces are typically found around X=0 and Z=0, so if you’re many thousand blocks distant, kill yourself right away. So, after you’ve gotten to the chunks, you’ll need to figure out where they are since they’re 192X192 blocks in size. You’ll need a lot of throwaway things for this.

Use a command block to immediately find oneself in the same location.

The objects will respawn after five minutes since the chunks are already loaded. Approach the point that the compass indicates is the center, then walk away from it for approximately 64 blocks in one direction. Cobblestones should be thrown on the ground.


Continue walking while throwing cobblestones on the ground for around another 64 blocks. If you’re playing in single-player mode, you’ll need to use a nether portal to go to the other side. If you’re in the nether, just the chunks and the nether will be loaded.

So, if you wait five minutes, all of your things will reappear. If you’re on a server, you may do the same thing or just log out since the server will continue to operate. However, if other gamers are online, make sure they are not in the same area as you.

The goods in the chunks will be pre-released after five minutes if you log back in. When you return to the overworld, you should be able to see where your item trail ends.

Because the objects in the unloaded chunks would not respawn, this occurs. If you’re on a chunk boundary, press F3 to verify, and if you are, you’ve successfully located one of your spawn chunks’ borders.

So that you don’t forget where the chunk is, label it with some bricks or cobblestones. You may go back across your spawn pieces precisely 192 blocks and extend those boundaries until you have a large square displaying the perimeter of your spawn chunks.


In Minecraft, how many diamonds spawn in each chunk?

In Minecraft, each chunk spawns an average of 3.7 diamond ore per chunk size area.

Is it true that spawn blocks in Minecraft are always loaded?

Yes, objects are always loaded into spawn blocks in Minecraft.

Last Thoughts

If you properly follow the instructions in this article, you will have no trouble finding spawn portions. As locate the pieces quickly, use any external program such to the new Minecraft spawn chunk finder.

It will be simpler for you to locate more if you get the hang of it.

People are the most important part of any game. Without people, there would be no Minecraft, no Mario Kart, no Fortnite, no Call of Duty. Any game developer who wants to make their game successful will need to know how to find their game’s spawn chunks. Finding Minecraft spawn chunks is essential to making your game successful.. Read more about how do spawn chunks work in minecraft and let us know what you think.

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The easiest way to find spawn chunks is to use the map.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What farms work in Spawn chunks?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The farms that work in the Spawn chunks are the ones with a green background.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How many chunks are in spawn chunks?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
There are currently 5 chunks in the spawn chunks.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to find spawn chunks?

The easiest way to find spawn chunks is to use the map.

What farms work in Spawn chunks?

The farms that work in the Spawn chunks are the ones with a green background.

How many chunks are in spawn chunks?

There are currently 5 chunks in the spawn chunks.


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