In Sea of Thieves, find the North Scarecrow in Ashen Reaches to unlock the Road to Victory, the completion of the main story questline.

The most recent update to the Sea of Thieves has added a new challenge mode called Ashen Reaches. The new game mode takes place on a map that was previously inaccessible to players, with the location of the North Scarecrow secreted away in a location only discovered if you’re in possession of a special map.

Ashen Reaches is a small, mysterious island that lies in the middle of the vast ocean. Unlike the other islands of the Sea of Thieves, Ashen Reaches has a dark past. It is said that the island has many hidden secrets, including a scarecrow that is said to be the key to entering a cave hidden deep within the island. Rumor has it that the cave is home to a treasure of immense value, but many have tried to find it over the years, and all have failed.

Sheriff Dann explains where to locate the North Scarecrow on the island of Ashen Reaches in this guide.

The Devil’s Roar’s Ashen Reaches is a large island. The island is shaped like an oblong with a volcano on the south-east side.

The Gold Hoarder conundrum is as follows:

With the sound of shanty, a route emerges, but first the overgrown gigantic backbone to the east must be discovered.

You’re nearly there, 10 steps south west dig treasure naked at the scarecrow gazing out to the South East Seas.


AShen Reaches Scarecrow

Scarecrow in the North…

Ashen Reaches ScarecrowScarecrow Reaches Ashen

Riddles from the Sea of Thieves

Pirates may form a crew to search for riches. Join our Non-Fiction Gaming team for more Gold Hoarder puzzle solutions.

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Just south of the rocky coast, you’ll find Ashen Reach; a lovely region of land that is home to many of the pirates around the Nine Seas. It’s a nice place to visit, but you’re unlikely to find the North Scarecrow in this place. Why? Because it’s located in a darker place, which in-game is called the “Sea of Karkasse.”. Read more about sea of thieves riddle solver and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the North Scarecrow ashen reaches?

The North Scarecrow is located in the northern part of the map.

Where is the North East campfire on ashen reaches?

The North East campfire is located on the top of the mountain.

Where is ashen reaches sea of thieves?

Ashen reaches is the name of a region in Sea of Thieves.

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