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Yes, it’s true, fishing can be a lot of fun. But for the beginner, it can be quite frustrating. Whether you have never caught a fish before or you’re just not very good, the process can be quite daunting.

If you’re a beginner auto fisherman in Black Desert Online, you know that you can spend days in your logbook not catching a single fish. Here are some useful tips to get you started.

As an avid player of Black Desert Online, auto fishing is one of the most helpful skills to have in a beginner player. The most basic form of fishing is to attach a fishing pole to your character and throw water at the desired location. However, by repeatedly doing this over and over again, the chance of catching fish will become very miniscule. To solve this, you should use an auto fishing tool that will automate fishing for you (e.g. auto fishing fishing). If you want to learn more about this topic, I highly recommend reading my beginner tips here.

Black Desert Online, a large online multiplayer game developed by Korean company Pearl Abyss, has had a lot of success throughout the years. The game has a new audience now that it is available on Xbox One. With that in mind, more players are flocking to this fantastic game on a daily basis. We have some advise for all of you new gamers out there. You’ll need to fish in Black Desert Online if you want to be successful.

In Black Desert Online, fishing is one of the best methods to earn money. As a result, since the game’s debut, gamers have been refining the act to a science. Check out the advice given below if you wish to be a master of the seas.

Get your hands on a handcrafted fishing rod.

Fishing rods are divided into levels. The Old Fishing Rod will be the first one you’ll get. This item is only helpful for teaching you the fundamentals of fishing. You’ll need to improve your equipment if you want to take your fishing seriously.

The Artisan Fishing Rod is a high-quality fishing rod that you should get your hands on. These rods are available for purchase on the market, but they come with stringent level restrictions. As a result, you’ll have to work your way up the fishing rod levels before getting your hands on one of them.

Obtain a Pet


If you want to get the most out of your fishing benefits, you’ll want to choose one of three pets. Each of the pets, the marmot, polar bear, and penguin, provides a helpful fishing boost. They will decrease your auto fishing time by between 10% and 20% depending on their level. Polar bears and penguins are sometimes available as event prizes, while marmots are common pearl shop pets.

Obtain a Set of Fishing Clothes


Your fishing rank, fishing experience, and movement speed will all improve if you wear the silver embroidered fisherman’s clothing. As a result, you’ll want to get your hands on a pair as soon as possible. A costume mill can make one for you.

There are other fishing outfits that provide minor advantages. Having a fishing gear isn’t absolutely necessary, but it may help you improve your swimming speed and endurance.

Locate a Fishing Spot


You’ll need to locate a good fishing location if you want to get the most out of your fishing. For a comprehensive map of the game’s marine areas and fishing tables, go to The fishing table will show you which fish you’ll be able to catch in that particular marine area.

When fishing, it’s important to rotate sites since an area’s previously bountiful resources may be overfished by other fishermen.

Understand How to Market Your Fish


With time, the worth of the fish you capture will depreciate. The fish will be worthless in less than 24 hours. There is, however, a catch.

As long as the fish are at least 23 hours and 59 minutes fresh, you may sell blue and golden tier fish to imperial fishing merchants for 250 percent of their full price. Velia, Glish, Epheria Port, Splashing Point, and Valencia City are all places where you may locate these merchants.

You’ll be ready to start angling after you’ve gathered all of your essential equipment and arrived at a popular fishing location. Simply click the casting button (space bar on PC) to start auto fishing and watch the fish pile up. Fishing actively is quicker, but it is also more time consuming. As a result, many players decrease their auto fishing times by using their pet, rod, and outfit benefits, then letting the game do the job for them.

When you are interested in Auto Fishing in Black Desert Online, you will need to know how to fight the fish you catch. Some fish can be dangerous, but some of them are just too weak to fight back. So I have made this simple guide to help you get started in this new game. This guide will teach you how to fight the fish you catch, and how to catch fish that can be caught with ease.. Read more about bdo best way to afk fish and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you AFK fish in Black Desert online?

You can AFK fish by setting your fishing rod in the ground and pressing the button.

How do you AFK auto fish in BDO?

You can AFK auto fish by pressing the F key.

How do you start fishing in Black Desert online?

To start fishing, you need to find a fishing spot. You can see these spots on the map or by talking to NPCs in towns. Once you have found a spot, you will need to equip your fishing pole and bait and wait for an hour before you can fish.

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