Discord is a free voice and text chat service that allows you to communicate with friends and gamers around the globe. What makes Discord so great is its ability to set up a chat room and stream video and audio right to your computer or mobile device. Since Discord is a voice and text chat service, you can not only talk with your friends and other gamers, but you can also see what they’re up to, such as what browser they’re using, what game they’re playing, and even who they’re talking to.

So you want to join and view and share and talk and play and … share and play and … and you’re not sure how to get past the grey screen with the giant red X? Well, thanks to this guide, you’ll be able to do pretty much anything, and it’ll be way easier than if you were trying to do it blind.

Discord, a popular cross-platform voice and text chat application for gamers, has been updated to version 2.9.0, and the new update has some serious bugs in it. Discord has a background process that is responsible for screen sharing, and in some cases it doesn’t work correctly. If you wish to share a screen in a Discord server in a way that Discord won’t allow you, you can follow this guide to learn how to do it.

So, you’ve seen people share screens on Discord, but when you attempt it, the screen doesn’t share.

This is not only inconvenient, but also irritating and humiliating. What evidence do I have? Believe me when I say that I have personally dealt with this issue.

Why isn’t Discord sharing my screen with me?

Screen sharing is a new feature in Discord. If the individuals you’re sharing your screen with are using a different version of Discord, it won’t function. To record your screen settings, go to Settings and turn on the newest technologies.

If you require a step-by-step instruction, don’t worry. Because I investigated and discovered the best methods, you can repair your screen sharing not functioning in about 2 minutes.

Continue reading to learn how to resolve this problem.

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How to Share Your Screen on Discord

Let’s have a look at how to utilize Screen share on Discord in various OSs before we get into how to solve Screen sharing problems.

I’ve created a detailed guide on how to enable screen sharing on Discord. You may use our tutorial to gain a thorough understanding of how to use the new screen sharing function. Also, if you want to spice up your discord chat messages, check out our discord text formatting tutorial.

Here’s how to share your screen on Discord:

  1. Download and install the most recent version of Discord.
  2. Go to a voice server using Discord.
  3. Join the server and choose the Share Screen option.
  4. Select the level of quality you wish to share.
  5. Once you’ve pressed enter, you’re ready to go. Screen sharing is the same across all operating systems, so don’t worry. Just follow the steps above to share displays.

How to Fix Discord Screen Sharing That Doesn’t Work

Make sure your device is connected to the internet, your account settings are correct, all players are using the same version or the most recent version of Discord, and the game is not in Fullscreen mode before attempting the solutions. Check read our other article on how to solve Discord Screen Share Audio Issues.

You may try rebooting your device as a quick repair. This works a lot of the time, so there’s no harm in giving it a go.

Here are the methods to repair screen sharing in Discord that isn’t working:

1. Delete the Cache Folder in Discord.

Several users have attempted and succeeded in resolving the Screen sharing problem by just deleting the Cache folder.

Better Discord has finally listened to its users and introduced this fantastic feature to their program. If you’re having trouble hearing individuals on Discord, see our separate article.delete-discord-cache

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Select Run from the choices by right-clicking on the Windows Start menu.
  2. In the text box, type percent appdata percent and press enter.
  3. Delete the Discord subdirectory from your computer.
  4. Check whether the screen sharing is functioning by launching Discord.

2. Log in as an administrator to Discord and the application.

Administrator rights are often required for certain functionality in applications, and screen sharing is one of them.

Check out our guide on how to activate Discord’s push-to-talk feature.run-discord-as-administrator

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Locate the Discord shortcut as well as the application you wish to screen share.
  2. Shortcuts may be accessed by right-clicking on them.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose Run as administrator.
  4. After joining a voice channel, see whether screen sharing works.

3. Join the Discord server and add the game.

If Discord doesn’t have the application or game added to their list, it won’t recognize it when you start screen sharing, therefore you’ll need to add it to their list.

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Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Discord and the application you wish to share should both be launched.
  2. Click the gear icon under your user name in the lower left corner to get to the settings page.
  3. Under Game settings, choose a Game activity from the left side.
  4. Select the game or application you wish to add by clicking Add it.
  5. Toggle the Enable in-game overlay toggle on the Overlay tab.
  6. Join a voice channel in Discord to see whether screen sharing is working.

4. Download and install the most recent version of Discord.

If none of the above works, you may try reinstalling Discord, which has proven to be a successful solution for many users.

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This is how you do it.

  1. On Windows, go for Programs and Features and choose it.
  2. Uninstall Discord Software by finding it and clicking on it.
  3. Select Run from the choices when right-clicking on the Windows start logo.
  4. In the Run dialog box, type percent appdata percent and press Enter.
  5. After choosing the Discord folder, delete it.
  6. To access the Local folder, type percent localappdata% in run and press enter.
  7. Remove the Discord folder from your computer.
  8. Go to the Discord website and download the newest version’s installer.
  9. Using the setup wizard, install Discord.
  10. Join a voice channel in Discord to see whether screen sharing is working.

5. Disable Hardware Acceleration.

Some users with older laptops or PCs with insufficient specs may have screen sharing problems and attempt turning off hardware acceleration to solve the problem.

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To disable Hardware acceleration, follow these steps:

  1. Start Discord and go to settings by selecting the gear icon beneath your user name in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  2. Under App settings, choose the Appearance option from the left side.
  3. If the Hardware Acceleration toggle is on, turn it off.
  4. Return to the server, join a channel, and test screen sharing.

6. Make use of cutting-edge technology

Don’t worry if your hardware isn’t compatible with the technologies Discord utilizes for Screen sharing. They also provide you the option of not using their most recent technology in order to accommodate older and less high-end PCs.

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This is how you do it.

  1. Start Discord and go to settings by selecting the gear icon beneath your user name in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  2. Select the Voice & Video tab under App settings.
  3. Turn off the light. If your screen is turned on, use our cutting-edge technology to capture it.
  4. Return to the server and join a channel to see whether screen sharing is working.

7. Make sure your graphics drivers are up to current.

The problem may be caused by outdated or missing graphics drivers, which prevent the screen sharing procedure from working.update-sound-driver

Update your drivers manually:

By visiting your manufacturer’s website and downloading the most current drivers, you may search for updated Graphic drivers. Install the one that is compatible with your Windows operating system.

Here are seven solutions to this problem that you may attempt. Close any third-party background programs to ensure that they aren’t interfering with Discord.

You can’t if your screen-sharing still doesn’t function. Contact Discord’s support staff through email or via the dedicated website. Explain your issue, and they will respond as soon as possible with a solution.


Is it possible to share a screen on a mobile device?

Answer: Yes, Discord supports screen sharing on mobile devices. Simply join a voice channel and click the screen share button, and you’re ready to go.

Is it possible to share your screen on Discord?

Yes, individuals on a channel may share their screens with other participants.

Question: On Discord, why is my screen sharing black?

Answer: If you share your screen and get a black screen, it may be an issue with your graphics card drivers. Download the most recent drivers and update Discord to the most recent version. Also, close any unneeded third-party applications that may be consuming memory and causing your screen sharing to fail.

Question: How many people on Discord can see my screen?

Answer: Discord now enables up to 50 people to see a user’s screen, which was implemented by just 10 individuals to alleviate the quarantined boredom.

Last Thoughts

Screen sharing in Discord is a useful tool for meetings and games, but it may be frustrating when it doesn’t function and a blank screen appears. Hopefully, the six remedies I gave above were helpful, and if they were, please share them with any friends or family members who may be experiencing similar problems.

Discord is a free app that allows you to chat with your friends fast and easily. It also provides an awesome tool to record your screen so you can share what you are doing without having to take screenshots. There are many things you can do to get better screen recording with Discord, but I’ll try to explain the most basic one.. Read more about discord ipad screen share cut off and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix discord screen share not working?

To fix this, you will need to go into the settings of your discord app and turn off screen sharing.

How do you reset screen sharing on discord?

To reset screen sharing on discord, you must first close the program. Then, open your settings and go to Discord then click Settings in the top right corner of the page. From here, you can change your screen sharing settings.

Why wont discord let me share my screen mobile?

Discord does not allow users to share their screens on mobile devices.