Football odds have become a central phenomenon in the British sports world, and interest in ‘Odds’ has exploded among football enthusiasts. This growing trend combines the excitement of soccer with the strategic art of predicting results, creating a unique and engaging experience for players across the country. Here on our platform, we will guide you through the world of football odds and show you where you can play with the best and highest odds available online.

Understanding Football Odds at Non GamStop Bookmakers

When betting on football at non GamStop betting sites, it is crucial to understand the dynamics of the odds. Many people misunderstand how odds work, which can lead to unnecessary losses. Odds vary between different non GamStop bookmakers, and it is important to choose a betting site that offers attractive odds on a wide range of sports and markets.

How Are Football Odds Set?

Odds are determined based on three main factors. First and foremost, the probability of a certain outcome in an event is assessed. Secondly, the non GamStop bookmaker must offer odds that are attractive enough to engage players – this is called driving. Finally, competition plays a role; the odds must be competitive compared to other bookmakers. Non GamStop bookmakers also ensure that they themselves come out on top, regardless of the outcome.

Reasons For Changes In Football Odds

Odds on a football match can change over time. This may be due to several factors. One reason is the drive; odds are adjusted to attract players, especially closer to the start of the match. During live betting, the odds also change in line with the probability of different outcomes in the match.

The competition between non GamStop bookmakers is another reason for changes in odds. If a non GamStop bookmaker observes that competitors are offering better odds, they can adjust their own to attract more customers.

Different Football Odds – Decimal Odds, Fractional Odds & American Odds

When you visit an online bookmaker, it is possible that you will see that the odds are written differently, such as as a decimal, fraction or as American odds. The best betting companies, such as Casumo, will give you the chance to change the settings so that you get what you prefer.


In Europe, and especially in the UK, it is most normal to use decimal odds. So what exactly is the difference between the different ones? We will explain this briefly here:

Decimal Odds

Such odds are written as decimals. If you win, your bet is multiplied by the number. Let’s say you bet € 100 on a football match with odds of 2.5. Your profit will then be a total of € 250, of which € 150 is the profit.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds is the variant most commonly used in the UK. It is written in three different ways, such as 4/3, 4:3, or 4 to 3. The meaning will be the same anyway. If you convert this odds into a decimal odds, you would get 4/3 = 1.33. If you then bet € 100 and your tip coupon goes in, you would have won € 133, with a profit of € 33.

American Odds

American odds are written in a completely different way. Here, you will find a number, such as 100, which has a plus or minus sign in front. If it says +200, you will win € 200 by betting € 100. If it says -200, you must bet € 200 to win € 100. You don’t often come across American odds unless you bet on, for example, Money Line on hockey.

Football Odds for Various Tournaments

Our recommended non GamStop betting sites offer a comprehensive range of football odds, covering everything from smaller matches and divisions to the world’s biggest and most coveted tournaments. This means that you as a player will almost always find odds to bet on, regardless of the season.

Here is an overview of odds games for some of the most popular football odds among British players.

Champions League Odds

The Champions League is Europe’s premier football tournament. Here, you can bet on a wide range of markets for each match. The options are almost unlimited. Some of the best non GamStop betting sites, such as 1xBet, also offer live streaming of the matches, so you can follow along while betting on Champions League odds.

Premier League Odds

The Premier League is another big and popular tournament in football and betting. The competition is not only intense between the English football teams, but also between non GamStop bookmakers who strive to offer the best odds on different markets from the start of the season to the end. Our recommended betting sites give you access to top Premier League odds.

How We Assess The Right Football Odds On Our Site?

When we consider the best non-GamStop football odds providers for British players, we focus on factors that directly affect your gaming experience and opportunities for winning. Here are our key criteria:

● Wide Selection of Football Markets: We prioritize non GamStop bookmakers that offer a comprehensive selection of football markets. This includes not only popular leagues such as the Champions League and Premier League but also other international leagues and tournaments. This gives you as a player more options and greater flexibility.


● Competitive Football Odds: We look for non GamStop bookmakers who offer attractive and competitive odds on football. This includes special offers and improved odds on important matches and tournaments, increasing your chances of winning.

These criteria ensure that our site provides you with the most relevant and valuable information about football odds, especially adapted to British players.


Interest in football betting continues to grow and has become an integral part of the sporting experience for many. With increasing popularity also comes increased competition among non GamStop bookmakers, which underlines the importance of choosing a betting site that offers competitive football odds and a wide range of markets.

A deeper understanding of how football odds work is essential to minimize risk and maximize potential profit. Developing a well-considered strategy for your bets is also the key to success in football odds betting.


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