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This is a guide to forager archaeology item locations and dungeons. I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you dig in forager sites, the items you find are called “items”, but when you dig dungeons, the items you find are called “dungeons”. When you find an item in the forager archaeology, you dig up the item and it gets added to your inventory. When you dig a dungeon, you clear out the room and the item that you found gets added to your inventory.

I’ve been playing a lot of the latest update to Dungeon Hunter: Alliance known as ‘Alliance Mode’, which is for the most part a lot of fun. While many people can enjoy it, there are still a lot of people out there who can’t play the game due to its battle system. Of course, this may include people who have a hard time with any sort of rhythm-based games, but I’m also talking about those that just aren’t interested in the game’s battle system.

On Steam, HopFrog, S.A.’s Forager has become a huge success. Forager, a Legend of Zelda-inspired take on titles like Stardew Valley and Terraria, has developed its own personality. It’s also a hit among the players.

With so many new players flocking to this popular Steam game, we’ve decided to put up a short reference to all of the archaeological item locations as well as some dungeon walkthroughs.

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Locations of Archaeology Artifacts

Within the grass biome is a museum that is devoid of any historical marvels. It is the player’s responsibility to replenish the museum with amazing artifacts discovered on their trip. Archaeology artifacts are the most sought-after of these treasures. These things are found in either digging holes or fishing traps.

All of the archaeological artifacts are listed here, along with where to locate them.

Item Value Location
Anchor 200 Within the grass biome, there is a fish trap.
Dino Egg 200 Within the fire biome, there is a dig place.
Fossil 200 Within the grass biome, a dig place
Relic Frozen 200 Within the winter biome, there is a dig place.
Squid that has been frozen 200 In the winter biome, there is a fish trap.
Kapala 200 Within the cemetery biome, there is a dig place.
Lava Eel 200 Within the fire biome, there is a fish trap.
Fish with a Skeleton 200 Within the cemetery biome, there is a fish trap.
Sphynx 200 Within the desert environment, there is a dig place.
Ankh that has sunk 200 In the desert biome, there is a fish trap.

Walkthroughs for Dungeons


There are four dungeons in all in Forager. There are monsters to combat, bosses to fight, and riches to collect in each dungeon. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the monsters, chests, and important treasures found in each dungeon.

Take a look at the video below.

Tomb of the Ancients

The desert biome is home to this dungeon. Bring the adjacent electric box to the switch on the top-right of the chamber after entering the dungeon. There will be two choices: going left or going right. Turn right to come face to face with several opponents protecting two chests.

You may now take the left-hand tunnel after doubling back. The electric box may be found at the top of the room and must be moved towards the ceiling. Then, to the right, press the box.

You should now be able to reach the room’s right side. To open the main entrance, move the two electric boxes to the left of the divide between the two passageways.

Moving beyond the door, you’ll come upon a big blue box containing the Thunder Rod. Return to the right of the divide between the two tunnels and bring all of the power boxes there. You should now be able to go to the right and find the skeleton key.

Return to the beginning of the dungeon and use the skeleton key to uncover the dungeon’s boss, the Thunder Elemental. You’ll get an Ancient Seal and a Heart Container if you defeat the boss.

Temple of Fire

The Fire Biome contains the Fire Temple dungeon. When you first enter the dungeon, turn right to find a chest. Continue uphill to find another chest. You’ll ultimately come upon a chamber filled with fireballs if you keep going. After there, you have the option of turning right or upward. To begin, climb uphill to get a Blue Skeleton Key. Return the way you came and enter the correct tunnel, using the new key to unlock the door.

You’ll be confronted with another divided pair of paragraphs shortly. Ascend until you reach another chamber filled with fireballs. From there, turn right to get the Red Skeleton Key. Return to the split and take the other path, unlocking the passage’s door with your new key.

The Green Skeleton Key may be obtained at this location. The Fire Rod may be found behind the corresponding green door in the dungeon’s main chamber.

You may use the Fire Rod to burn away the vines that are encroaching on several of the dungeon’s entrances.


Use the Fire Rod to burn away the vines in the left tunnel after you’ve found the chamber shown above. The proper sequence for the switch-based puzzle that sits to the right of the initial chamber packed with fireballs that you discovered may be found inside the room.

After solving the riddle and looting the three chests, return to the dungeon’s main chamber. Ascend through the left-hand tunnel until you come upon the White Skeleton Key. The dungeon’s boss will now be revealed via the main entrance in the dungeon’s main chamber. Defeat the Great Demon to get the Fire Seal and the Heart Container from the adjacent large blue chest.

Maze of Skulls

The Graveyard Biome contains the Skull Maze dungeon. In this dungeon, there is no boss. The maze does, however, include a Skull Seal and a Necro Rod. Jaska of neoseeker.com created a helpful labyrinth map, which you can see below.

662px-Forager_SkullMazeMapneoseeker.com is the source of this image.

Green Dot Dot of Orange Triangle in Purple Square in purple Blue Line Red Arrow
Chest Torch Alter of the Demon Objective Area of Secrets Point of departure

Cave of Crystals

Within the Winter Biome lies the Crystal Cave dungeon. You’ll find a collection of crystal balls and a strong beam as soon as you enter the dungeon. Manipulate the beam with the balls until it shines directly on the adjacent frozen door.

Take the new route ahead until you approach a ghost after opening the door by completing the riddle. Take out the enemies and harvest the crystals in the area.

After there, you’ll come to another fork in the road. Take the left fork of the trail and the mining cart down. Aim the adjacent crystals you’ll soon find towards the big ice block on your left. Make your way down the screen until you come upon a bunch of opponents to fight. You’ll come upon another crystal that must be pointed upwards.

More light beams may be found by moving to your right. Then you must arrange all of the available crystals such that the light beams are directed rearward towards a previously closed door near the mining cart.

Keep on until you reach the chamber shown below. To open the chamber with the Ice Rod, you must arrange the crystals in the manner shown. The Ice Rod may be used to freeze the torches that were previously obstructing the beams in the dungeon.

To unlock the last door and battle the Ice Wizard monster for the Frozen Seal, return to the frozen skeleton key.


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Forager Archaeology is a role-playing game based around the idea of hiking through the wilderness and finding the items and artifacts of an ancient civilization. I am working on an unofficial community website that will help players find these items and easily create a world from them.. Read more about forager archeology items and let us know what you think.

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