For those of you who have played Sea of Thieves, one of the most interesting locations on the Sea of Thieves is Cannon Cove . Although Cannon Cove is not exactly a forbidden tome location, it is definitely a location that you should not miss.   One of the most interesting things about Cannon Cove is the Forbidden Tomes , which contain some of the best treasures hidden on the Sea of Thieves.

You may have heard that the online community Sea of Thieves is about to launch a new pirate quest, The Forbidden Tomes, one that will test your knowledge of pirate lore and history. But where is it located?

As you may know, Sea of Thieves is an Xbox One exclusive and the latest game from the infamous Rare team. It is an open-world pirate game where you can meet a lot of people and play with them. You can get all the information about it, from the Multiplayer to the Gameplay and the Storyline of the game, in our dedicated Sea of Thieves blog.

Sheriff Dann explains where you may locate the Forbidden Tomes on the island of Cannon Cove in this guide.

This island is called for a massive central peak with a cave entrance on its south side, which resembles a cannon. A Skeleton Throne may be found atop a vertical opening that extends beyond the cave ceiling. A beacon stands atop the mountain, ready to be lighted during the Festival of the Damned.

The Gold Hoarder conundrum is as follows:

A treasure was once placed on Cannon Cove to keep it secure from robbery.

7 paces south by-south east spade its mark on the prohibited tomes where the stars are dim

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the cannon on Cannon Cove?

Cannon Cove is a game mode in the game Fortnite.

Are there cannons on Cannon Cove sea of thieves?

There are no cannons on the sea of thieves.

How do you get to the top of Cannon Cove?

You have to use the cannon.


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