Discord is a popular chat application for gamers. Discord adds features like voice channels, built-in screen sharing, and even text formatting. Today, I’ll show you how to use Discord’s built-in text formatting feature so you can format text in Discord, even without using any external tools.

Discord is a free voice and text chat (and game streaming) client for OSX, Linux, Windows, and Android. However, it does not support formatting the text in user messages, nor does it support code blocks, which leads to some mundane text formatting. This is another example of what makes Discord special.

Have you ever wanted to format text in Discord and use code blocks easily? Have you ever wanted to format text in Discord and use code blocks easily in 2021? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you’re in luck! Discord is in the process of implementing code in their in-game text in the next few weeks, and I’m going to teach you how to be in the “first wave” of Discord users who use it in your games.

Have you ever seen individuals using underlined, bold, italics, and even strikethrough in their writing?

If you can’t wait, here’s what you should do:

If you’re wondering how they added various fonts and colors to their messages, wait a minute; good news is on the way.

This article will make you feel fortunate if you understand how to quickly format text in Discord and utilize Code Blocks.

So, read the article thoroughly to add some spice to your day-to-day discord conversations.

Format Text in Discord

Before you go any further, you need understand the mechanics of Discord’s text formatting.

A highly smooth, lightweight engine runs in the background whenever you start a Discord conversation.

Markdown is the name of the engine.

This engine is used by Discord to make your sentences stand out, and it also allows you to format text in Discord.

Because it’s a text-based engine, it makes use of strategically placed symbols to style your text in bold, italics, underlined, strike-through, and other ways.

To alter the format, just type a few letters before and after your chosen content.

Not only did Discord introduce Markdown, but it also included a new tool called Highlight.js, which is used to highlight code blocks. This will draw attention to the text you entered.

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Let’s put those nitty-gritty details aside and look at some of the ways to add colored text in Discord in the table below:

Color Text Codes in Disocrd

Discord Colored Text Formatting

So, after scouring the internet for some interesting color texting forms in Discord, I became frustrated and ended up playing PUBG.

I gathered knowledge regarding utilizing colored text in Discord in some strange way.

And now I’m going to tell you guys about it.

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Keep in mind the Highlight.js functionality. Discord lacks a built-in function for highlighting text. Rather, we’ll use code blocks and symbols to alter the words.

This is how it goes.

  1. To begin, we must first construct a multiline code block with backticks and choose a syntax highlighting language.
  2. For coloring the texts, we’ll use a syntax highlighting language.


NB: This technique has certain restrictions, such as the need that your content be linked in one word in a reference syntax highlighting language.

It implies that in certain instances, you won’t be able to type: This is a lovely planet.

This is a beautiful world or Thisisabeautifulworld must be used instead.

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So, let’s get started learning how to color text.

Basic Text Formatting that Contradicts Writing Styles

Now it’s time to have some fun.

In Discord for PS4, there are several beautiful writing styles that you can use.

When you add a few characters to your text, the Markdown engine will automatically create these styles.

I’ll demonstrate various text formats, how to utilize them, and some appropriate instances.

When you ‘escape’ text, you’ll see underscores and asterisks.

Assume you want to see underscores or asterisks in a message, just like you would in an emoji.

Simply use the backslash ‘’ key to bypass markdown engine formatting and view it.

NB: You have the option of using backslash ‘’ after the text or just avoiding them. However, the usage of backslash before the text is required.

It’s fairly simple to format text in Discord, however if you have any issues, you may remove it and reinstall it from the official Discord website.

In Discord, there are a few basic code blocks.

Do you want to know anything interesting?

Code blocks are supported in Discord, and you may modify them using backticks ().

Some individuals have trouble recognizing the Backtick () on their keyboard.

Because you don’t use this sign too frequently, it’s apparent.

This sign () is located underneath the Esc key. When you click it, you’ll be able to utilize backticks.

Isn’t it incredible?

It’s not quite over. The next thing I’ll demonstrate is how to utilize colored text in Discord.

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What exactly is Markdown in Discord?

Answer: Markdown in Discord is a seamless, lightweight engine for text formatting that runs in the background of Discord.

What is Highlight.js in the Code block?

Answer: Highlight.js is a Discord feature that highlights code blocks.

Where is the Backtick key on the keyboard?

Answer: The backtick mark beneath the Esc Button on most keyboards.

How can I read the underscores in text that has been escaped?

To view the underscores, type backslash () after each word in your text.

Why can’t I make my text yellow to represent apache syntax?

Check whether or not a space has been added between the words. Remove the spaces and replace them with underscores ( ).

Last Thoughts

Discord is a gaming-focused chat network.

Gamers have fun discord channels where you can talk to other gamers.

You may also amaze people with the basic techniques I’ve given. Your abilities will astound them.

The methods outlined here have been simplified to make formatting text in Discord a breeze.

So, what do you have to lose?

Open your Discord client and start to work.

Discord is a chatting service that is designed to replace voice calls and text messaging. It will let you chat with anyone you want, as long as they’re using it as well. Discord started as a text chat and quickly expanded to voice calls and text messaging. Today, Discord is a full-featured application for gaming and community.. Read more about discord code block languages and let us know what you think.

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Code blocks are formatted by placing the text inside of triple backticks (“`).”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you color text in Discord code blocks?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can use the following syntax to color your text in a code block.

![color]{text}”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I change text style in Discord?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can change text style in Discord by going into your settings and then selecting the Discord Text Style option.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you format code blocks in Discord?

Code blocks are formatted by placing the text inside of triple backticks (“`).

How do you color text in Discord code blocks?

You can use the following syntax to color your text in a code block.


How do I change text style in Discord?

You can change text style in Discord by going into your settings and then selecting the Discord Text Style option.


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