Epic Games is an entertainment company that develops video games and publishes them through its Epic Games subsidiary. The company is best known for the Unreal Engine, which has been used to develop games including Gears of War, Unreal Tournament and Infinity Blade.

This Fortnite skin doesn’t have much of a backstory, but it’s fantastic. It’s a skin that puts you in the shoes of a trained agent sent to infiltrate a hideout of one of the game’s antagonists. As you can see from the image above, the skin is pretty light and looks pretty cool. It’s a skin that, when worn, makes you look like you’re on the job.

The Fortnite Stolen Skin’s response to this tweet originally came off as snarky and entitled, but Epic Games’ rep quickly set things straight. In the latest episode of Fortnite Insider, Epic designer Steve Evans posted a response to the situation that was well-received by many. Evans said, “Fortnite is an inclusive game that doesn’t allow for sexism or other forms of exclusion. If you are looking for a more serious experience, we recommend trying other games.”. Read more about epic games and let us know what you think.

Latest Fortnite skin thievery news:

Since the below allegation first went widespread among Fortnite players and the media, it has been revealed that the picture posted was really a fake. Three different sources have verified that the Fortnite stolen skin was not plagiarized: Pyro-Zombie, DeviantArt, and DingDongVG, who have all claimed on Twitter that Epic Games did not plagiarize the skin.

According to the sources, an original DeviantArt picture was discovered using Google cache, and the aforementioned Fortnite stolen skin was just recently uploaded online. To put it another way, Epic came up with the design first.

It’s a hoax. https://twitter.com/BfIq05gDRm

April 1, 2019 — Ding Dong (@DingDongVG)


The truth behind Fortnite skin theft

The following is what Pyro-Zombies had to say about the allegedly stolen Fortnite skin:

”Update 3: Please keep it polite and don’t harass this person; they’re most likely a child, and frightening them away from the internet won’t help anybody.

Update 2: Before they removed the article with the “original design,” I was able to archive it: web.archive.org/web/2019033121…

They seem to have erased the photos. 

—————————————————————————————– I tried posting it on Reddit, but my account is too new, and it’s too lengthy to put on Twitter, so I’ll publish it here.

I’m certain it’s a forgery.

You may have already heard about it; it’s all over twitter/reddit, and some people are talking about it on DeviantArt. Here’s the original tweet: twitter.com/DJShadow TV/status…

( If you want to share it, I made a twitter post: twitter.com/Z0MBIRB/status/111… ) I’m an artist myself, and I was offended by this, but the more I looked into it, the more strange it sounded to me, so here’s what I found out, and why I’m certain this deviantart user made it up. 

*Something to have in mind is that when you edit a picture on deviantart it still keeps the date of when it was submitted, so if you have an old deviation from let’s say 2005 and you edit it and change the picture for one of 2019, it would still show the 2005 date instead of the date it was edited This is the artists page where you can see the “original pic” on their gallery: i.imgur.com/Wb14e9u.jpg

and here’s a cached version of the same page: i.imgur.com/K4wlJMy.jpg

Here are some more screenshots of the altered image taken by a different person: twitter.com/DingDongVG/status/…

The title of the cached image was “U can’t touch this l Sketch,” while the fresh picture’s title is “no lo PUDES TOCAR JODER.”

They replied on the photo, claiming that they simply changed a watermark, however the cache reveals a completely different image.

Also, if you view the image from the cached version in a new tab, it takes you to the “original design” post, not the one displayed in the cache, as you can see: 


Here’s an earlier version of the design: www.deviantart.com/endercast/a… But it was also altered; unfortunately, this one isn’t visible in the cached version, but given the previous evidence, I’m certain this was a completely different photograph that was altered to add to the deception.

I believe it is very obvious that this artist is fabricating everything and that the public is falling for it. I understand that large businesses make mistakes and that we want to support little artists, but we should stop believing everything we read on the internet; just because an artist is tiny doesn’t mean they can’t make mistakes or that they are always the victim when dealing with major corporations.

Also, since I’m in a different timezone, I’m not sure whether this has an impact on the cache date, but you can check it out for yourself at the above link.”

Skin taken from Fortnite (original story)

Taro, a character skin that was introduced into the Epic Games shop back in November, will be familiar to most current Fortnite players (the 14th to be specific). However, a picture of this skin surfaced on Facebook recently, showing the official Taro skin next to a skin image from DeviantArt that had been posted on the social media site a few months before Epic’s version was revealed. The shoulder pads, hair, belt, and horned face mask are all almost similar, as is the design of the shoulder pads, hair, and belt.

When this was discovered, Epic Games contacted Forbes to address the problem of possible plagiarism, to which Epic responded, “We take these allegations seriously and are now examining them.”


Users have already started to voice their emotions in comments on Twitter; ”Ok, This… This is terrible, a business like Epic Games STEALING a tiny artist’s design for profit (since they sell the skin…) They STOLE the whole design without providing any credit or acknowledgment.”

People all over the world of all ages play Fortnite for fun, expressing their creativity with their own custom skins. Some get famous, and others become a meme that gets passed around on the internet. But, as we all know, that’s not enough for many people. So, what’s a few hundred dollars when the internet can make a person a household name overnight?. Read more about epic games metaverse and let us know what you think.

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