(FOTNS) Fist Of The North Star : Lost Paradise – Dying Wish (Side Quest / Sub Stories) Guide

FOTNS is a series of games released on the PS2 by SNK Playmore. The games are a fighting RPG series with a series of sub stories following the main character, Kenshiro, as he fights his way to the top. The first game released in 2004, and was followed by 5 sequels and a spin off.

As a reminder, this guide is intended for the Hardcore fans of FOTNS who want to unlock all the FOTNS Side Quests and Sub Story. This guide is written for the hardcore fans of the game, please do not ask me to unlock any Quests/Story as I will not be able to unlock them for you.

If you leave Eden through the main entrance/exit rather than the Buggy. A guy lying on the sand should be found a bit to the right of the entrance.

He is going to die, but he wants to visit his beloved one more time before he passes away. Your next mission is to see Xsana in the Cathedral; sadly, she is unaware of the lover he mentions, but she recommends someone who may.

Outside of the Casino you should spot a guard, he thankfully does know of the woman ‘Alma’ in which he speaks of, unfortunately though she has apparently died, we now have to report back to the dying man.

After reporting back to him and fending off a thug , the substory comes to a close.

ACTIVATED AFTER: After speaking with Lyra in the Nightclub CHAPTER REQUIRED: 5