Meshify C is a case that has been designed with the modern gamer in mind. It features an all-steel frame with a mesh front panel and tempered glass side panels. The case is also equipped with Fractal Design’s signature ModuVent system, which allows for up to 30% more airflow than traditional cases.

The phanteks p400 vs nzxt h510 is a comparison between two mid-tower cases from the same company. Both cases have a tempered glass side panel and support RGB lighting, but they vary in size and price.

The Meshify C by Fractal Design and the NZXT H510 by NZXT are two popular mid-tower cases under $100, and their distinct looks may have left you undecided about which one to choose for your PC build. It may be tough to choose between the two businesses since they both make excellent PC cases.


This article will go over five key points that will help you understand the differences between the two and decide which one is best for you. These characteristics include things like build quality, cable management, component support, and aesthetics, which are all important factors to consider when selecting a case.

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Aesthetics and build quality

FD Meshify C FD Meshify C FD Meshify C- The Meshify C is made up of Steel and ABS plastic components and weighs 6.1KG. Its overall measurements, including feet, protrusions, and screws, are 409 x 217 x 453mm. The casing includes an angled vent in the front and a tempered glass side panel for a clear view inside.

NZXT H510- H510’s inside and exterior are made of SGCC Steel, making it extremely robust and dependable. It weighs 6.6KG, which is half a kilogram higher than Meshify C. It, like the Meshify C, has a tempered glass side panel for a clear view of the interior and a full-length PSU.

It has a very basic and straightforward appearance, unlike other mid-tower cases, and its dimensions are 210mm x 460mm x 428mm, making it somewhat larger than the Meshify C.


Compatibility FD Meshify C NZXT H510
Cooler for the CPU 170mm 165mm
GPU 315mm 381mm
Mounts for all fans 7 4
Radiator Up to 360mm in the front Up to 240mm in height 120mm at the back Up to 280mm in the front N/A at the top, 120mm at the back
Drives for data storage 3.0 “+ 2 2.5 points “+ 3 3.0 “+ 3 2.5 points “+ 3
Slots for expansion 7 7


Meshify C vs H510 vents

The cooling assistance provided by these two cases is vastly different. The Meshify C has an angular ventilated front panel with support for up to 360mm rads or 3x 120mm fans, whereas the H510 has a non-ventilated front panel with only small vents on the right side. This has an effect on its cooling performance, making it unsuitable for extreme overclockers.

There is also just one fan slot on top, while the Meshify C has two. As you can see from the compatibility table, the H510 lags below Meshify C in terms of enabling multiple fans or large radiators.

Management of the cables

Meshify C vs H510 Cable management

H510 has a well-liked design that is renowned for its cable management system. Instead of one or two routing holes, the front of the case has a cable cover that conceals the wires more efficiently. A pre-built cable routing kit is also included on the rear of the case, making it simple to organize all of the wires in one location.

The Meshify C doesn’t have this method, but it does offer a good back clearance of up to 35mm, which is sufficient in most situations, as well as some velcro straps to keep all the wires together. Meshify C does not have a cable cover on the front, however it does have 7 routing holes, two of which utilize rubber grommets for clean cable routing.

Conclusion and Price

The Meshify C will set you back about $80-$90, while the NZXT H510 will set you back around the same amount. As a result, they are direct rivals in terms of pricing. The H510 is a great pick for people who value aesthetics and a clean design, but for overclockers, the Meshify C is a far better alternative.



Plain and basic, but sophisticated System for advanced cable management Construction is sturdy. There are three colors to choose from: Red/Black, Black/White, and White/Black


Meshify C Fractal Design

Fractal Design Meshify C

Increased airflow with 3x angular front mesh Supports front-mounted rads up to 360mm and top-mounted rads up to 240mm Supports tall CPU coolers up to 170mm Back clearance is good, and there are a lot of routing holes.



The h510 vs h510i is a question that has been asked by many people. The Fractal Design Meshify C and NZXT H510 are both cases, but they have some differences.

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