Fractal Design has released the Define S2 Vision and Dynamic X2 PWM fan.

The fractal design define s2 vision rgb manual is a new case from Fractal Design. It has many different color options, and it’s compatible with most of the popular RGB fans on the market.

Press Release about Fractal Design

Sweden, 24 April 2019 — With the S2 Vision should be defined., a modification of the S2 chassis with a variety of improvements including black tempered glass panels on all sides, leading PC case designer and maker Fractal Design today unveiled a beautiful new take on one of their most popular new case designs. The RGB version of Define S2 Vision comes with a complete set of Prisma ARGB accessories, while the Blackout version comes with all-new Black Dynamic X2 PWM fans, which are also available separately today.

Define S2 Vision


The Define S2 Vision was created with the aim of combining beauty and function, and with its complete tempered glass exterior, you’ll be able to see your system’s brilliance from any aspect. Choose the Define S2 Vision RGB to be the center of attention, or the Blackout version with Dynamic X2 PWM Black fans for a subtler but equally eye-catching impact.

This case’s attractiveness does not come at the cost of its functionality. With nine different fan settings, comprehensive water cooling support, four 140 mm PWM fans, and an unique top panel system that allows the user change tempered glass for extra cooling at the touch of a button, cooling remains a major priority.

Adjustable pump and reservoir brackets, a Nexus 9P fan hub with nine PWM connections, optional Flex VRC-25 vertical GPU riser support, and, as course, bolt-free tempered glass side panels are all included in the Define S2 Vision. Those who choose the RGB version will get four Prisma PWM ARGB fans and a 400 mm ARGB LED strip, as well as the option to control everything using the accompanying Adjust R1 RGB controller.

The Define S2 Vision is a stunning sight from any aspect, whether the objective is a monster machine with a dominating presence or the delicate reflections of a piece of art.

Dynamic X2 PWM Black

Because of the innovative LLS (Long Life Sleeve) bearing, the Fractal Design Dynamic X2 series are genuine all-purpose fans, with superb airflow and a 100,000-hour life expectancy. The addition of PWM support allows for precise fan control over a broad speed range, enabling users to find their perfect balance of quiet operation and maximum airflow.

The Dynamic X2’s unique design creates a gorgeous fan that keeps your system cool while remaining silent. The Dynamic X2 includes aerodynamic aspects of aircraft wing designs for considerable noise reduction, and was designed in conjunction with Fractal Design’s high-end Venturi Series.

The Dynamic X2 fans are available in a variety of color combinations, including all-black models with PWM. They are the ideal option for those looking for a perfectly balanced fan with outstanding reliability.

S2 Vision’s distinguishing characteristics

Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB

  • Full tempered glass exterior with tinted TG panels that are bolt-free.
  • Four Prisma AL-14 PWM ARGB fans from Fractal Design provide better airflow and beautiful aesthetic effects (RGB Version)
  • AR-4020 ARGB LED strip is pre-installed and provides the ideal illumination balance throughout the casing (RGB Version)
  • The Adjust R1 RGB controller (included) allows for physical color and effect adjustment (RGB Version)
  • For improved airflow, four Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-14 PWM 140 mm fans are pre-installed (BKO Version)

Characteristics BK Dynamic X2 PWM

Dynamic X2 GP-14 PWM

  • Long-lasting reliability is provided by a high-grade LLS bearing with a 100,000-hour MTBF.
  • PWM support allows for a broad speed adjustment range of 500 to 2,000 RPM for quiet operation under light loads and maximum airflow during more demanding activities.
  • Black, white, or the trademark Fractal Design white-on-black combo are among the hues available in 120 mm and 140 mm sizes.






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Fractal Design has released the Define S2 Vision and Dynamic X2 PWM fan. This product not only looks good, but it also performs well. Reference: fractal design define s2 white.

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