In popular MMO games, there are often gambling elements included. Whether it’s betting on matches or gambling for in-game items, these games can be quite addictive. Here, we take a look at some of the most popular MMO games and the gambling elements within them.

Weapon Upgrade in Lineage 2

Many massively multiplayer online (MMO) games offer a system in which players can upgrade their weapons with in-game currency or items. In the case of Lineage 2, players can use Adena, a type of currency, to buy items that they then use to upgrade their weapons. The system is controversial because it gives players who are willing to spend more money an advantage over those who don’t. Some people argue that this makes the game less fair and less fun for everyone involved.

Gambling Elements in World of Warcraft

While there are no explicit gambling elements in World of Warcraft, there are some player-run games that could be considered gambling. The most popular of these is the /roll command, which allows players to roll a virtual die to determine the outcome of a bet. As an example to compare with the gambling elements in online games you can use

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In addition, there are also a number of in-game auctions which could be considered gambling, as they involve betting on the outcome of events such as player-versus-player battles or monster hunts.

EVE Online

In EVE Online, there are two types of gambling that take place in the game: single-player games of chance and multiplayer games of chance. Single-player games of chance are mostly found in the form of slot machines, which can be found in many locations throughout the game world. Players can gamble on these machines by using in-game currency, and they have a chance to win prizes ranging from small amounts of money to rare and valuable items. There are also a few other single-player games of chance in the game, such as roulette and blackjack, but these are not as common as slots.

Multiplayer games of chance are mostly found in the form of card games, which can be played between two or more players using in-game currency. These card games typically involve betting on who will win a hand, and they can be quite complex, with players often using strategies to try and increase their chances of winning. There are also a few other multiplayer games of chance in EVE Online, such as dice games, but these are not as common as card games.


Hearthstone is a digital collectible card game released by Blizzard Entertainment. The game revolves around heroes of Warcraft battling each other using cards representing spells, weapons, and characters from the Warcraft universe. There are nine different hero classes in Hearthstone, each with its own unique cards and playstyles. The game is free-to-play, with players able to earn in-game currency and purchase booster packs and single cards to customize their decks.

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Hearthstone has been found to contain several gambling elements, such as chance-based mechanics and the ability to purchase booster packs for real money. These elements can have a significant impact on gameplay and can lead players to spend large amounts of money on the game in an effort to get ahead. While Hearthstone is not classified as a gambling product in most jurisdictions, it is important to be aware of these elements when playing the game.


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