Lately, I’ve been excited about the rise in popularity of video games. While the occasional game like ‘Black Ops 2’, ‘FIFA 2014’, or ‘Destiny’ can increase public awareness, not all games can capture the imagination of the masses. For example, the world of online multiplayer games can be difficult to understand, especially to non-gamers. To help out fellow gamers, I wrote this, which describes in-depth the most common gamer terms: GG, FTW, and more.

If you attend a lot of LAN parties or play online games with your friends, you’ve probably come across some of the terms listed below. If not, you can read them here. GG: Good Game, an acknowledgment of a player or team that played well. FTW: For the Win, used to show that a player or team won or performed well.

It’s not uncommon to hear people refer to GamerGaters as “GamerGate”, but what is it exactly? Here is a quick guide to some of the major gamer terms you will hear, and how they relate to Gamergate.

There is a language for everything in our world. In baseball, there are expressions like “this guy dumps tanks,” which means “he hits the ball like a tank.” There is legal jargon, such as the phrases “de jure” and “de facto,” which have particular meanings. Gaming is no exception. Gaming has its own jargon, and you’ll need to brush up on it if you want to be considered a real gamer.

Let’s start with the fundamentals. In the real world, “GG” may signify anything from “go girl!” to Charlie Brown’s catchphrase “good grief,” “GG” simply means “good game.” If you’ve just finished a long multiplayer fight, you may wish to send a message to your opponent congratulating them on a fantastic game. This demonstrates your admiration for their abilities and respect for their games.

Another common phrase is “FTW.” It literally means “for the victory.” It’s most often used as an exclamation immediately before winning an online match, and it conveys a lot of enthusiasm and vigor. For example, if you were playing an online multiplayer game and there was one more person on the other side, you could yell “FTW” before launching a barrage of bullets at them.

“Noob” and “scrub” are two of my favorite gaming words. You don’t want to be referred to as either of these terms. This phrase refers to a player that is fresh to the game and has no clue what they’re doing. A “noob/scrub” is inexperienced and easily defeated. Their playing style is terrible, and you hope and pray that they end up on the other side. Scrubs are easy prey for nasty talk. Don’t be a dummy.

A “camper” may be the only thing worse than a scrub. Campers irritate me to no end. In an online shooter, a camper is someone who spends the entire game chilling in the same spot. They sit in a corner or atop a flight of steps, waiting for people to come to them so they may murder them as they approach the area. Campers may be very aggravating, and getting rid of them is a fantastic experience. I’ve got some suggestions for you campers out there. Join the Boy Scouts; your camping abilities will be valued there more than in the internet gaming community.

The word “pwned” seems to be self-explanatory. Pwned is a term that originated in World of Warcraft and simply means “owned.” After you’ve pwned someone in online matching, you may taunt the other players by screaming “you just got pwned!” via your mic. It’s a term that’s taken over the gaming industry, and you’ll almost certainly hear it at some time.

“Lags” are one of the worst aspects of internet matching. When your actions are out of sync with the real game owing to internet problems, this is known as lag. You’ll attempt to fire or run, but the game will not react in real time. Lags are particularly aggravating when you’re on a roll or a kill streak in a match. To prevent delays spoiling your online experience, make sure your wi-fi connection is stable.

“Easter eggs” is another phrase used in gaming and other aspects of life such as movies and television programs. No, these aren’t the Easter eggs the Easter bunny puts out for you to find. Easter eggs are jokes, allusions, or hints to anything inside a game that are concealed. For example, in Batman: Arkham Asylum, you had to blow up certain walls to reveal a hidden map of Arkham City. Arkham City was the game’s sequel, and the layout was a foreshadowing of what was to come. It’s really awesome!

Go out into the virtual game world and exercise your language abilities now that your vocabulary has been expanded. Search for those Easter eggs by calling someone a scrub. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll need to practice if you want to master your gaming jargon. Find a matchmaking lobby and speak loudly through your microphone until your voice breaks. Please, whatever you do, don’t be a camper.

So, what do these gamer terms mean? Hopefully the explanation will be sufficient to help you make sense of it all, as well as provide a good starting point for how to better understand the gaming industry.. Read more about online gaming terms and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does FTW mean in gaming?

FTW stands for For the Win. It is a common acronym used in gaming communities to signify victory.

Why do gamers say GG?

GG is an acronym for Good Game and is a term that gamers use to signify they are finished playing.

What does GG mean in game?

GG is an acronym for Good Game. It is often used by players to show that they are done playing a game and have lost.

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