The world of video games is notoriously fast-paced. The industry prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology, and so every year brings better graphics, improved gameplay, and stunning new variations on tried-and-tested themes. It’s this continual advance that keeps us constantly buying new games and moving on to the next premium title sometimes before we’ve even got to the end of last month’s favorite.

Timeless Classics

Sometimes, however, it’s worth revisiting the classics of yesterday. Just because a game is a few years old, it doesn’t mean that it’s obsolete. A newbie could play some of the best games from the last decade today and still enjoy them. Some examples, such as casino games, are timeless, and a casino bonus search will find you the best offers available today. 

Although the following titles are up to 12 years old, they still hold up today. They aren’t old enough yet to feel retro or have a nostalgic appeal. These games can be enjoyed on the same level as today’s new releases, perhaps because they were ahead of their time and so still feel contemporary right now.

StarCraft 2

The original StarCraft, from 1998, is rightly regarded as an all-time classic, but playing it now definitely feels like a step back in time. That’s not the case with its much-anticipated sequel from 2010. Reactions were mixed at the time, but this space-age strategy game still holds up and still feels modern.

In StarCraft 2, you can choose from three different game modes and three intergalactic species, raise an army and conquer the galaxy. With hundreds of different combat units at your disposal, this is still one of the best strategy games out there and an ideal introduction to the genre.

Dragon Age: Origins

Also, from 2010, Dragon Age: Origins is the first and still the best entry in the ongoing Dragon Age franchise. This groundbreaking open-world fantasy RPG is considered one of the best video games ever made and provides over 80 hours of gameplay, with memorable characters and an impressive range of skills, weapons, and magical artifacts to acquire. Twelve years on, Dragon Age: Origins is yet to be bettered in its field.

Hotline Miami

Another classic game that kicked off a franchise, Hotline Miami, takes you back to the glamorous yet seedy 1980s as a murderous antihero on a killing spree through the Florida city’s underworld, determined to discover the cause of the mystery voices in his head.

The unique graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay were all hugely influential, but Hotline Miami still stands apart from its imitators and sequels.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Just as the South Park animated TV show is still relevant today, this 2014 game is still a whole lot of fun. Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman are all present and correct, alongside other characters from the program. Among the most enjoyable features are the parodies of popular gaming tropes, especially Dungeons & Dragons.

All of these games can still be played today and hold their own against 2022’s new releases. Sometimes, it’s worth looking back just a little to see the treasure that can still be found there.


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