So, you’ve got Genshin Impact, a free game that lets you create your own action RPG. You’ve got a high level of respect for this game, because you’ve put in a lot of time and effort to make it happen. However, now that it’s done, what should you do? Should you sell it on Steam or make it available to your friends? Maybe you should give it to a certain person. This guide will help you decide.

“Genshin Impact – And This Treasure Goes To.. (Side Quest) Guide” is a side quest guide for the recently released 2D Japanese Role Playing Game Genshin Impact . This post will provide several hints and tips on how to succeed in the game.

“Genshin Impact – And This Treasure Goes To.. (Side Quest) Guide”, a side quest in the game “Genshin Impact – And This Treasure Goes To…”, a Japanese Role Playing Game (RPG) by Genshin and published by Genshin. The game takes place in Japan during the time of the Genroku era (1688-1703) and tells the story of Nagumo, a young samurai who has been hired by a mysterious organization to go on an adventure to recover a powerful magic item that was stolen away from them.






When I was very young I was a big fan of the game Genshin Impact. In the game you took the role of a powerful, brave warrior who’s goal is to fight against the evil sorcerer who’s trying to take over the world. It was a really good game and well worth playing. And then one day, everything changed.. Read more about look for the missing scholar genshin and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the treasure in the and this treasure goes to Quest?

The treasure is in the and this treasure goes to Quest.

How do you do the and this treasure goes to Quest?

This treasure goes to Quest.

How do you get the treasure in Genshin Impact?

You need to find the treasure in the bottom left corner of the map.


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