Hello everybody! I’m a full-time streamer and I have a gaming channel on Twitch that’s now four years old. I’m currently focused on “Goddess of Genesis” a game I have been passionate about for the past 5 years. I’ve been streaming this game for over a year with a lot of fun and at times a lot of frustration. I’ve never been good at it, but I want to show you how to achieve the best results in a fast paced game.

It is hard to love a video game on the go. Most consoles are too big, the controls are too squirmy, and the load times are too long. Fortunately, there is a better way. Goddess of Genesis is a mobile game that allows players to engage in a simple, yet fun, strategy game. This guide will allow you to understand the gameplay, the purpose of the tools, and the best strategies to use in this game.

If you are new to Goddess of Genesis like I am, I have some suggestions for you. And if you are like me, you are probably new to Genesis in general. So here they are:

Goddess of Genesis is a turn-based strategy game with a gacha component. Get started with our Goddess of Genesis guide, which includes all of the essential information.

Tips and Tricks for Goddess of Genesis

This GoG guide covers the game’s basic ideas, such as heroes, their development, game advancement, currency, and so on.

The First Rerolls

You must reroll in the Goddess of Genesis game to obtain the top-tier SSR grade hero at the start, just as in all other gacha RPGs. Due to the drop rate, SSR grade heroes are the rarest and most difficult to get. Getting an SSR grade hero early on offers you an advantage in the game as a newcomer. Here’s a short reroll tutorial if you don’t know how to do it: –

Rerolling Instructions

This is an Android app. In the Goddess of Genesis game, there are two methods to reroll: the first is to use several accounts. The second option is to reset the game data. You must log in to the GoG using a social network or Google account in the first way. In the second way, you must use a guest account to play the game. Once you’ve logged in, finish the Act 1; 1-1 level by following the instruction. The lesson comes to an end at this point. You’ll find the 10 golden tickets in your inbox. Go to the summon center menu and choose it. The list of banners selling gears and heroes may be seen on the right side of the summon menu. You must choose the “summon heroes” banner when rerolling in order to utilize the 10 golden tickets (destiny carrots).

Other banners are available, but they need genesis tarot tickets, which you lack. To get the 10 heroes, toss all of the tickets into the pool. At least one SSR and SR grade hero must be obtained from this draw. Dracula, Valkyrie, and Isabella are the three heroes we suggest rerolling in the Goddess of Genesis game. Dracula or Isabella are the SSR grades. Valkyrie, Valkyrie, Valkyrie, Valkyrie, Valkyrie, Val For additional information, see the GoG Tier List.

Continue playing the game if you find the heroes you’re searching for. If you don’t, you’ll have to reroll. If you used the first approach, you’ll need to sign out of your existing account and then sign in with a different one to start again. To reset the guest account and start again, those who used the second way must delete the game’s data from settings. In Goddess of Genesis, this is how you reroll.

Progression Chart for the Goddess of Genesis

After you’ve rerolled, the next step is to focus on increasing your team’s level so that additional game types may be unlocked. To increase your team’s level, you’ll need team EXP, which you may get by completing missions and blitzing levels in adventure mode. You may acquire stars (to unlock additional acts), money, hero awakening material, gears, and other material things in the adventure mode. Players may choose between regular and expert game modes, with each level awarding three stars. When you obtain three stars on a level, the game enables you to utilize the blitz mode, which allows you to finish the stage quickly and get the prizes.


You may harvest in-game currency and gears in the challenge modes.

  • Astral Shore is a mode where you can acquire gears.
  • Slime Trove is a place where you can harvest gold coins.
  • Level up things in the Grand Cook-Off.
  • Farm contract presents from the Phantom of the Opera
  • Mithril Coins – Arcane Trial
  • Farm unusual things in the Dream Chronicle.
  • Get badges in the Elemental Tower.
  • Perk materials and other prizes for completing a timed challenge
  • Completing events will earn you prizes.


PvP arena is a game option in which you compete against other teams made by actual people. You will gain honor points and starstones in this mode. Honor points may be used to purchase equip packs, destiny tarots, and other items in the store.

Guide to In-Game Currencies

The Goddess of Genesis game includes a variety of currencies that may be used for a variety of purposes.

  • Use gold coins in the store or to improve your hero. You may get them through the narrative mode, events, and the store.
  • Use honor points to shop for goods in the honor store. Obtain by participating in PvP fights
  • Use fame to level up goods and cards in the fame store. Obtain as a gift from friends
  • Use crystals in the crystal store to purchase gear packs such as weapons, armor, and helmets. Dismantle SR-grade gears to get
  • Sage Stones — to acquire sage stones, disassemble SSR-grade gears.
  • Stardust may be obtained by dismantling low-grade gears. Use at the Stardust store to purchase gold, gear packs, and other items.
  • Amber is a hero that you may get from the handbook after you’ve gathered all of the heroes. Use at the memory store to purchase SSR grade gear packs and other items.

Heroes’ HandbookGoddess of Genesis

Goddess of Genesis includes over a dozen heroes at three levels of difficulty: SSR, SR, and R. The greatest heroes to invest on are those with an SSR rating. The summoning portal may be used to get heroes.

Classes for Heroes

  • Tank – Guardian
  • Melee DMS Warrior
  • CC, DMG – Mage
  • DMG Assassin
  • Ranger is a long-ranged character.
  • Priests – Healers and Supporters

Go to the hero display screen and look for the class symbol in the top-left corner. You may also verify the hero’s class and element by tapping the overview button -gt; profile -gt; on the hero profile page.

Elements of a Hero

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Light
  • Dark

Water element troops take greater damage from earth element heroes. The heroes of the water element do greater damage against fire element troops. In addition, heroes of the fire element do greater damage against earth element troops. The heroes of the light and dark elements do more harm to each other.

Increasing Your Power

  • Food items may be used to level up the heroes.
  • Activate the heroes – get stuff from the narrative mode.
  • You can acquire gears from the store (swap money) or harvest gears in the challenge game mode to upgrade/ascend your equipment.
  • Make use of artifacts.
  • Perks may be unlocked/activated.

All of these settings are available in GoG’s heroes menu.

Strategy and Battle GuidesGoddess of Genesis

We can form a team of up to five people using GoG. Before the battle, you may modify the team. Tap the prepare button in the bottom-left corner after choosing the stage. We recommend having a balanced squad consisting of DPS (to deal DMG to opponents), Tank (to protect teammates or absorb damage), and Supporters (healing, CC skills). Rangers, assassins, and DPS Guardians – Tank Mage, Priest; Supporters or CC. The hero profile may be found in the game’s hero display menu. Check their ability information since it reveals their primary strength. You won’t be able to utilize a hero effectively if you don’t understand his or her abilities. You may check out this tier list to see which heroes are the greatest.

Element Bonus – When constructing the formation, keep the element bonus in mind. If the enemy’s element is “Fire,” for example, water-element heroes will do greater damage. The hero element guide may be seen above. To check the element bonuses, tap the element ball in the top-right corner, underneath the gear symbol, on the combat preparation screen.

A Few More Pointers

  • To level up fast, do the daily tasks.
  • Carry out the event missions.
  • Join a guild and send out mercenary missions with your heroes.
  • To stay up with updates and codes, join the GoG community on Facebook, Reddit, and Discord (gift codes may be entered on the player data page — touch the hero avatar in the top-left corner).
  • Friends may be added and gifts can be sent on a daily basis.

So that concludes our Goddess of Genesis beginner’s tutorial. More hints and techniques are welcome in the comments section.


I’ve been playing the game Goddess of Genesis (GOG) for a few years and have collected a number of tips and tricks along the way. These can be used as a guide to help new players learn the basics and get to know the game better, as well as an aid to get familiar with the game’s features and mechanics from a gameplay perspective.. Read more about goddess of genesis demeter and let us know what you think.


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