The Gran Turismo series has been around for a while, but only recently did an affordable Playstation 3 bundle make the series available to the general public. The Gran Turismo 5 video game is one of the most realistic driving simulators ever made, and this installment’s graphics are arguably the best you’ll ever see on a gaming console. While the game is easily capable of running at 60 frames-per-second, the issue most users have is that they don’t know how to tune their cars to hit the maximum frame rate.

Gran Turismo 5 is not a new game, but it’s still fairly fun to play, and if you’re committed to putting some time in you can start to get really good at it. But, the line between the good and the great often blurs, so when I say that I have the best setup for Gran Turismo 5 I want to be able to back it up. In this blog post I will go over the cars I use, the setups I use, and some tips I can give you.

When playing the Playstation 3 video game, Gran Turismo 5, it’s important to tweak the game settings to optimize the visuals and performance. However, knowing how to tweak the controls and settings without having access the game’s manual is a challenge. This guide will teach you how to use the variables in the game’s profiles to adjust the control and view settings.

Murcielago LP640 Chrome Line Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Chrome Line Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Chrome Line Lamborg (Collectors Edition) Racing Tires 7 front and 5 rear soft brakes Suspension that may be completely customized. Ride: 7 Ride Camber: -1.5 Toe Rear: 0.45 Brakes: 7 Front and Back Height: -27 14 Front and Back Adjustable Spring Rate Braking Sensitivity 40: Limited Slip Differential Completely remodeled. Stage 2 of weight loss ABS 1. Front: 45; back: 55 After the page break, there are more configurations.

Mazda rx7 gtx Laguna, 1990 1:28:703 411Bhp 290.tq race clutch racing components to purchase Front: 30 rear: 60 deceleration: 20 (don’t raise this the car or it will spin out in corners) flyweel fc Limited Slip Differential fc gear stage three turbo carbon driveshaft Limited slip diff. front: 30 rear: 60 deceleration: 20 (don’t raise this the car or it will spin out in corners)

Skyline GT-R V-spec II (car) Nurturing (R34) Except for the Limited Slip Differential, everything else on the vehicle should be maxed up. Suspension: Racing Racing Tires Stage 3 of soft weight loss increases rigidity. Front rate: 10.2; rear rate: 11.2 Front and rear ride heights: 120 Front and rear shock boud: 6 Front and rear shock rebound: 7 Front camber: 3.2, rear camber: 1.2 6 front and rear stabilizers Front brake balance: 6; rear brake balance: 3 Front differential: 30; rear differential: 33 Final gear: 2.750 auto set 1 driving aids on 0 2.806/2.050/1.732/1.454/1.191/0.962

V-spec II Skyline GT-R Nurturing (R34) Except for the Limited Slip Differential, every component on the vehicle has a maximum value. Leave the suspension alone and put racing tires on it, but reduce the weight in stage 3 and raise the rigidty spring rate to f:10.2r:11.2 riding height. 120 shock boud front and rear 6 shock rebound front and rear 7 camber front:3.2 rear:1.2 stabilizers front and rear 6 brake balance front and rear front:30 rear:33 gear final rear:3 df 2.750 automatic setting 1 driving aids on 0 2.806/2.050/1.732/1.454/1.191/0.962

Weight reduction for the Ferrari 430 SCUDERIA 07; stage 3 windwo weight reduction aero kits with carbon hoods and chassis reinforcement Upgrade the engine completely. transmission: complete drivertrain overhaul, as well as all suspension overhauls Ride Front -8, back -5, spring rate Toe angle front 0.05 rear 0.10 Brakes front 11.9 rear 12.9 Limited Slip 5 in the front and 7 in the back Initial torque differential 15 gear ratio 211mph tires racing soft 663hp 1119kg 25 acceleration 45 braking sens

(Oil Change Glitch) BitCypher GTR GT-R Spec V ’09 (should be the same for all others) 644 ft-lb 843 HP 1362 kg Body/Chassis Aero-kit is an acronym for “aero-kit.” a downward force… Transmission: Front = 2…Back = 15 440 km/h top speed The drivetrain. Adjustable Front/Rear Limited Slip Differential (I don’t believe he utilized this) Acceleration = 10/10 Initial Torque Braking Sensitivity 20/20 Sensitivity 40/40 Torque Differential Sensing Center Torque in the front and back Split Suspension 30/70 16/16 Ride Height Dampers 14.1/10.6 Spring Rate (Extension) Dampers 5/3 (Compression) Anti-Roll Bars, 6/8 6/3 Alignment of the Wheels Angle of the camper (-) Toe Angle: 2.7/1.2 Brakes: 0/-1 8/8 Brake Balance

[email protected] Murcielago LP640 Chrome Line 610ft/[email protected] 1.57kg/hp 1396kg The maximum speed on a custom trans is set at 261 mph with limited slip. Differential Torque at the start Acc sensitivity is 40/10. Braking sensitivity is 40/40. 50/50 Suspension 40/40 Center Diff -30/-30 ride height Rates in the Spring Extension 13.5/14 Compression: 5/5 Anti-roll: 5/5 Camber of 4/3 0.25/0.45 Brakes 2.5/2.0 Toe 8/7 Racing Medium Tires

S2 Height -4 -2 spring 2 3 damper Audi R8 @ Daytona Rd +16 80 percent S2 Height -4 -2 spring 2 3 damper Camber 1 2 toe -0.12 +0.03 Brakes 2.0 0.6 Angle 4 4 TCS off abs: 43 1st place 2.373 2nd place 2.709 3rd place 4th 1.411 5th 1.126 6th 0.928 final 1.898 4th 1.411 5th 1.126 6th 0.928 final 3.600

EVO IX Fuji 600pp +13 86 percent R2 / R1 -26 / -30 EVO IX Fuji 600pp +13 86 percent R2 / R1 -26 / -30 0.00 / +0.04 7 / 8 9 / 9 2.4 / 2.3 7 / 7 41 0 1 1st 2.731 2nd 1.740 3rd 1.322 4th 1.100 5th 0.905 6th 0.763 Final 4.334 1’49.7’s

Please leave a comment below if you’d want to contribute your own configurations.

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In this article, I will show you the best Gran Turismo 5 Tuning Setups for the Xbox 360 and PS3, you can find some combos in this article.. Read more about gran turismo sport rally car setup and let us know what you think.

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