You have just recently reached the final room of the Candle Puzzle. Your goal now is to reach the temple. You must make your way through the temple and battle some weak enemies along the way. When you reach the temple, your objective is to talk to the priest and show him the candle that you found earlier. (You can also read our Candle Puzzle solution guide on the official Greedfall wiki here:

Greedfall is a medieval themed dungeon crawling game. In the game, you are a servant of the demon god, Malum, and your task is to gather artifacts of power and destroy the human worshippers of Malum.

“Greedfall : Demoniacal Cult Quest (Candle Puzzle Solution) Guide” is the best of the best Greedfall walkthroughs. It was created through a trial and error process which took me about 4 days to complete.. Read more about greedfall drum puzzle and let us know what you think.

While exploring the huge open world and completing numerous missions, you should come across one named “Demoniacal Cult,” which will lead to a Candle / Monolith like puzzle that you must solve in order to continue.

Now, this one isn’t that tough to solve since the right answer is more or less hinted at, and there are only six different candles you may light.

However, if your having issues below is a simple guide on how to solve this easy little puzzle!


As you can see, there are six candles or six Wind Stones that must be activated in the proper sequence; if you do not, you will be forced to battle some random monsters.

So, let’s make sure we’re on the right track, shall we? The riddle is straightforward, however for those who are stumped, the right sequence is as follows:

1) Wind / Storm 2) Thunderstorms 3) Ablaze 4) Demise 6) Life 5) Water

Now, assuming you followed the instructions properly, you should be able to proceed. Best wishes on your journey!






The Candle Puzzle is a quest in Greedfall: Demoniacal Cult Quest, in which the player must find the candles in the Candle Puzzle Room and read the books to be able to access the next area of the game. However, there are no maps of the Candle Puzzle Room, which makes the Candle Puzzle Solution Guide necessary for the Candle Puzzle Puzzle Room.. Read more about greedfall puzzle trial of water and let us know what you think.

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