The player finds himself in a strange and mysterious world. After some initial exploration, the player notices a locked chest in the corner of the room. He immediately notices that the chest has a keyhole on the front side, but the keyhole has no lock. Try as he may, the player has no success in opening the chest, as the keyhole will not work. He immediately turns to his friend the camera, and asks his friend to record him trying to open the chest.

This game is a real challenge and quite unique. Now you can download the solution guide to solve the game. I have followed the instructions to the best of my ability, and as a result you will be able to beat the game.

When I first played the game Greedfall , I was in shock. The sheer scale and complexity of the game was mind-boggling. The game itself is a puzzle, but it’s a rather unique kind of puzzle since there’s no obvious answer to any puzzle. The game is so complex that there are many solutions, but the best ones, are elusive to the average player. The game itself is simple to learn, but the experience is truly mind blowing.

You should eventually come across a mission named “Face To Face With The Demon” if you continue your travels across the huge open world and accomplish the many objectives.

You will meet a weird old guy who talks in riddles throughout this journey, and you will soon find yourself confronted with a Drum problem that you must answer in order to proceed.

Considering there is only three Drums here, it should not be difficult to actually solve. However, if you are indeed struggling then we have the solution for you below!


So you’ve got three drums, two of which have pictures on them, one of which is a Snake, and the other a Fly, but which should you hit first? Hmm.. To be honest, the elderly guy has gave us the solution, yet he remains a perplexing figure. Let’s be honest here, the proper response to this question is:

1) Blanket 2) Fly 3) The Snake

Congratulation you can continue your adventures! Give Vasco a kiss for me please? Thanks! ha!






In this guide you will be taken through the game known as “Greedfall”. These are the rules to the game: “… three to four players are divided into three teams. The game starts out with each team’s team leader seated in a chair facing the other team leaders. In the center of the room are two chairs facing each other. One of the chairs is empty, the other is occupied by the demon.. Read more about greedfall potion of demonic ritual key and let us know what you think.

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