This is a list of all of the cars you can get from the GTA 5 Car Shop and then from the car impound system in GTA V. This page will be updated to include and provide links to the garage locations of all cars that are acquired in GTA V and GTA Online.

So you just stole a car, but you can’t take the insurance money, because the car is destroyed, lost or parked in a garage, and you have to pay for it, right? There’s a solution to this common GTA 5 problem, and it’s called the GTA 5 Garage. It’s a way to park all your cars in a garage, and leave them there until you decide to sell them. This is especially useful for those people with an expensive car collection, but who are afraid of crashing their cars, or just want to keep their cars safe.

Welcome to our GTA 5 Car Garage guide. If you’re not familiar with the concept, When you purchase a new car, it’s parked in your garage. But after a while, some players get a little crazy and park crazy, crazy cars in their garages. So, here we are to help you get yours back.. Read more about where is the impound on gta 5 and let us know what you think.

kepatugo has created a helpful GTA V garage / vehicle impound guide. It describes how vehicle impound lots and garages operate.


The number of cars available to each character varies. Michael has his vintage Obey Tailgater vehicle, but he also has his family members’ automobiles parked at the house, depending on who is home. Franklin always has his white Buffalo and, depending on where you are in the narrative, the other vehicle.

Those automobiles can be modified, and the modifications will be preserved. As a result, I believe that body modifications and armor for the major vehicles would be a good investment.

Since I’ve been testing with Michael and Franklin, both of them have garages in their homes, and to save a vehicle, you just park it there and go. If you park it, go out, close the garage door, and then retrieve your car, it will be removed from the garage but will go into “saving mode.”


There are four parking spaces available. Bicycles/bikes/cars. By pressing the right arrow on the “arrow-pad” on your controller while standing outside the garage door with your car, you will be loaded into the garage on foot and the vehicle will be parked inside.

You will receive a loading screen and be loaded out to the street if you take a car from the garage by entering (triangle or Y) it inside. The vehicle will be taken from the garage, but it will remain in “saving mode.”

Note: If you arrive on foot because your garage is full and you’re going to rescue a vehicle, the car outside MAY be removed when you exit. It happened to me about half of the time. Impounding Vehicles If you lose it, every vehicle that has been in the “save that” will be taken to the impound. If you park a vehicle in a garage while it is in “save state,” the automobile will be withdrawn from the “save state.” There are only two impound spaces available to you. Note that the vehicle impound may only accept one car of the same kind at a time. Consider the following scenario: — Let’s suppose you alter a Carbonizzare with complete body modifications in a lime green hue. Save it in the garage and then retrieve it. It’s now in the “save state.” While driving along the highway, you are killed by a nasty policeman or whatever. Because it was previously saved in your garage, the completely modified lime green vehicle will be kept in the car impound. After an hour or so, you come upon a beautiful new white Carbonizzare parked by a douche in the disabled parking at Del Perro Pier, which you take to make yourself feel a little better. Despite the fact that it is white, you should keep this vehicle in your garage in case you need it later. You put it in the garage, pick it up, and go cruising around Los Santos to start your daily show-off. The cruising went well, and a number of people snapped photos of your vehicle, completing your ego. You park your vehicle and go for a stroll around the city. The vehicle has now vanished. You’ll be able to retrieve it back from the vehicle impound since you made it into a save state. BUT!!! Your completely modified, lime green Carbonizzare is no longer available. Forever. Extra This WORKS SOMETIMES: If you change characters while they are driving a freshly acquired car, the vehicle will not be stored. The next time you switch to them, the car will be parked on the street outside their home. Please provide any garage or vehicle impound GTA V suggestions in the comments section below. Thank you for stopping by. Return to the section on Grand Theft Auto V.

This is a step by step guide to GTA 5 Garage / Car Impound, This will show you where the car is located and how to take the car. This is a guide and is not 100% accurate.. Read more about lspd auto impound map and let us know what you think.

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You will need to call the police and have them tow your car out of impound.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What happens when you put a car in a full garage GTA?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The car will be destroyed.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you arrange cars in your garage in GTA?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
I am not familiar with the game GTA.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my car out of impound GTA 5?

You will need to call the police and have them tow your car out of impound.

What happens when you put a car in a full garage GTA?

The car will be destroyed.

How do you arrange cars in your garage in GTA?

I am not familiar with the game GTA.

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