The game GTA 5 is out now and this is the most amazing game ever made in the gaming history. GTA 5 is so popular that they have GTA Online versions too. The GTA 5 online has also been very popular. After the official release of the game, many people are still downloading the game from the internet rather than buying it. It’s cool that you can download the game for free to enjoy.

There are many GTA 5 players around the world who wants to find the cheapest real estate in GTA 5 that they can afford, but where to start? Well your search stops here! We have created a GTA 5 Properties Locations Map and List that will help you find the right property you need.

GTA V was released in September of this year and has been the most popular game this year so far. It’s one of the most popular games out there and the sales are still going strong. The game has been gaining new fans by the day and it’s estimated to become the most popular game this year.. Read more about gta 5 parking garage locations map and let us know what you think.

The following is a list of the 25 properties available for purchase in Grand Theft Auto V, as well as a map showing their locations. Following Trevor’s “Nervous Ron” quest, properties become available for purchase.

Notes & Tips

  • Personal storage facilities are available at 8 of the sites for cars that have been ordered over the internet.
  • You must approach the DYNASTY 8 realty signage placed near the property to buy it. Then, using your D-pad (E on a PC), push right to begin the purchase, and then right again to finalize it.
  • You may make money on a daily basis after purchasing a property (after some time in the main narrative).
  • Every character may have their own exotic car garage, marina slip, hangar, and helipad.
  • The icon’s color will change to the map icon color linked with each character after you buy a property. (The colors of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are blue, green, and orange, respectively.)
  • Check out rtchow0’s cost study of the purchaseable properties.

To view all of the locations, click the map below. To see a list of the properties, scroll down below the map. GTA 5 Properties Locations Map

Property Catalogue


Property Location Character Cost Income
1. Hooked people Chumash of the North Franklin or Michael $600,000 $4700 per week
2. Dock for Sonar Collections Paleto Cove is a beach in Paleto, Italy. Any $250,000 Nuclear waste was discovered at a rate of 23,000 per ton.
The Hen House is number three. Paleto Bay is a town in Paleto Bay, California Any $80,000 $920 per week
Mckenzie Field Hangar No. 4 Grand Senora Desert Grapeseed Trevor is a man of many talents (Fixed) $150,000 The cost of a land cargo is $5000, while the cost of an air shipment is $7000.
5. Santos Customs Goes Missing Grand Senora Desert, Route 68 Franklin $349,000 $1,600
Tivoli Cinema, No. 6 Morningwood Boulevard, Morningwood, Morningwood, Morningwood, Morningwood, Morningwood, Michael $30,000,000 $142,300
Los Santos Golf Club is number seven on the list. Richman is a member of the GWC and the Golfing Society. Any $150,000,000 $264,500 per week
8. Tequila, tequila, tequila, tequi Eclipse Blvd & Milton Rd, West Vinewood Any $2,000,000 $16,500 per week
Pitchers (nine) Vinewood’s Main Street Any $750,000 $7100 per week
Vinewood Garage is number ten. Las Lagunas Blvd & Spanish Ave, West Vinewood Michael $30,000 n/a
11. Doppler in Cinema Power Street in Vinewood’s downtown area Michael $10,000,000 $132,200 per week
12. Downtown Cab Company, Inc. East Vinewood’s Tangerine Street Franklin $200,000 $2000 per week
Ten Cent Theater (#13) City of Textiles Michael $20,000,000 $264,000 per week
14. Garage on Hill of Pillbox Pillbox Hill Trevor $30,000 n/a
15. Impound Towing Rancho Innocence Boulevard Franklin $150,000 $500 per towed vehicle
16. Scrap Metal Yard Murrieta Oil Field, El Burro Heights Any $275,000 $150 for each vehicle that is damaged
Grove Street Garage, No. 17 Davis, Grove Street Franklin $30,000 n/a
Los Santos International Hangars 18, 19 Los Santos International Airport, New Empire Way Michael (18), Franklin (18). (19) $1,378,000 n/a
Vespucci Helipads 20, 21 La Puerta Michael and Franklin are a couple. $419,850 n/a
Smoke on the Water (number 22) Melanoma Street, Vespucci Beach Franklin $204,000 $9,300
23, 24, 25, and 26 Marina Slips in Puerto Del Sol La Puerta Each character has the option of purchasing one. $75,000 n/a

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The locations of GTA 5 properties in Los Santos and Blaine County are available on this GTA 5 GTA5 Properties Locations Map and List. You can get the map for free by downloading it here for PC, laptop or mobile device.. Read more about gta 5 garage locations story mode and let us know what you think.


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