Welcome to the GTA 5 Sea Racing Guide! We’re going to be talking about all the cool stuff you can do in GTA 5’s sea races.

GTA V: Sea Racing has always been a beloved game mode by fans of the popular open-world action game. In it, players can explore the open ocean and make their way to various points and locations in order to cross the finish line first. But, as fun as it is, it can be a pain to get into. That’s why we have put together this guide for those who are interested in getting good at the game mode.

Although GTA 5 has been out for a while, there are still some things that have been unanswered. One of the most time consuming things is finding safe ways to reach the sea without getting killed. With that in mind, I ‘ve put together a guide for GTA 5 Sea Racing, which I hope will aid you in your adventure.

A GTA 5 sea racing guide may be found here. You must be riding a speedophile seashark jet ski to compete in the Sea Races. Once you have one, drive to the checked flag symbols on the map and start the game by pressing right on the d-pad.

Tips for Sea Racing:

  • If you’re looking for a seashark jet ski, search for them along the beaches near one of the races.
  • There are four different marine races to choose from. 
  • The water races, unlike the street races (which may only be completed by Franklin), can be completed by any character.
  • To turn abruptly in the water, press R1 / RB, A / X (consoles), and SPACEBAR (PC). (Hold the button and turn quickly with the left stick or A and D.)
  • While jumping, you may also use the left control stick or the right keypad to adjust the pitch of your jet ski.
  • For first place, you receive a Gold medal, second place gets a Silver medal, and third place gets a Bronze medal.
  • Sea races, unlike other events, do not have a monetary prize. They are, nevertheless, needed for 100% completion.
  • If you can’t locate a Seashark jet ski, look for one on the map’s beaches. One is located west of the original race site (on the east coast)

The first race is on the East Coast.

Location: Pacific Ocean, East Coast


In sea races, waves may be very beneficial. You may gain some air by slamming into a wave head-on. During this race, use the waves to your advantage by striking them to clear the rocks.


North East Coast is the second race.

El Gordo Lighthouse is located in Blaine County.

2 minutes and 30 seconds is the length of the race.


The race starts at the El Gordo Lighthouse and has 30 checkpoints. To beat your competitors, try cutting inside the corners and hitting the waves at the correct moments. You may also use your RB / R1 / SPACEBAR button or sharp turns.



Raton Canyon is the third race.

The Zancudo River is located in Blaine County.

2 minute race length


This is a race across Blaine County’s Zancudo River. There are tiny passageways, rapids, tight turning, and rock barriers to contend with. Keep an eye out for tight curves and utilize the sharp turn controls to go around them. Because the race takes place on a river, there are no waves to worry about, but the rapids may be very severe.


Los Santos is the fourth race.

Cypress Flats is located in South Los Santos.

1 minute and 50 seconds is the length of the race.


This event takes place at Cypress Flats, South Los Santos, in the flood control channel. You can go ahead of the AI if you remain to the left in the initial stretch and utilize your sharp turn controls to cut at the first turn. On your way back, keep an eye out for the support beams.

Please add any GTA 5 sea racing suggestions, tips, or techniques in the comments section below. Thank you for stopping by.


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You will have to complete a series of tasks in order to win the sea race.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you do the boat race in GTA?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can do the boat race in GTA by driving a boat and then jumping out of it.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you start a sea race?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
To start a race, you must first choose the course. The game will then give you a list of all the courses available for that particular race.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you win the sea race in GTA 5?

You will have to complete a series of tasks in order to win the sea race.

How do you do the boat race in GTA?

You can do the boat race in GTA by driving a boat and then jumping out of it.

How do you start a sea race?

To start a race, you must first choose the course. The game will then give you a list of all the courses available for that particular race.

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