Take a look at the GTA 5 Taxi missions guide. There are over 100 missions to complete in GTA 5, but they are all worth it. Taxi missions are the only real fun you can have in GTA 5. They are the ideal way to get around the city of Los Santos.

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You have probably been playing Grand Theft Auto V for a while now. If you have then you are probably tired of the same old taxi missions and wanna try something new. Well that is what this guide is all about. This guide includes all the Taxi Missions in GTA 5. I go through them one by one. I have included all the vehicles you can use. For each mission, I have provided the time you have to complete it, along with any other tips I have. I have also put my strategy which I have found works well. Use it at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage.

There are objectives for the Taxi Lot property, as well as traditional Taxi missions with dynamically generated passengers, pickup locations, and destinations in Grand Theft Auto 5.

The traditional missions are covered in the first part. The second part walks you through all of Downtown Cab Co’s nine taxi missions.

The objective of a taxi mission is to deliver customers to their destination as fast as possible without driving too dangerously, and you will be rewarded with big tips.

To begin, locate a Taxi and then click the L button (or the left stick on consoles) or the E button on PC to begin (and end) the missions.

If you can’t find a taxi, you can call one by going to Contacts > Downtown Cab Co. in your phone.


  • 8.5/10 for top speed
  • 5/10 Acceleration

Some pointers for taxi missions:

  • On the radar, fares will show as blue dots, and destinations will appear as yellow markers.
  • Although you may do taxi missions with any character, it is suggested that you do it as Franklin because of his driving ability to weave through traffic and turn at high speeds.
  • To receive a fresh fare, click the L button after you’ve arrived at your location.
  • When you get at your location and a fare has not paid, run them over and collect your fare plus tips. (Note that you will very certainly get a wanted level for this.)

Private Fares for Taxi Missions


Franklin should get a phone call from the management asking for assistance getting a Private Fare to their destination once you buy the LS Taxi Cab Co. (see the GTA 5 properties area to find out where it is). This assignment does not need the use of a cab. Any car with two seats will suffice.


Note: For Downtown Cab Co., there are a total of 9 private fares. Taxi Mission 1: Fare Needs Excitement Dorset Drive in the Rockford Hills This isn’t your typical taxi assignment; pick up your fare at Mount Zonah Medical Center first. A flashing “P” indicates the target location, which will change to a blue blip as you approach closer. Your fare has a thing for wild driving, and he wants you to drive him to the Vinewood sign as quickly as possible. The crazier your driving, the more money you’ll make. Go extremely quickly, drift around curves, drive on the wrong side of the road, perform stunt leaps, near misses, and even doughnuts to keep the passenger amused. However, keep in mind that speed is the primary objective here, so keep moving quickly. When you get at your location, you should receive a $200 daredevil bonus, as well as the fare ($150 – $190) and tip. (It’ll cost you about $100.)

Take it easy in Taxi Mission 2 Vine Drive in Vinewood’s downtown area Outside of the Up-n-Atom Burger in Vinewood, follow the flashing “P” to the passenger. Because the man is on his way to an AA meeting and is “feeling dizzy,” this assignment needs you to drive cautiously. Avoid colliding with other vehicles or driving recklessly, or he may vomit and you will forfeit your gratuity. Take your time and drive slowly. To help him relax, turn on a radio station with calming music. When you get to Rob’s Liquor Store, you’ll be paid $129 for the journey, plus an additional $100 if you keep him from vomiting. There’s also a little tip.

3rd Taxi Mission: Time is Running Out Niland Avenue in Sandy Shores is the location. Sandy Shores is the location of this mission. Pick up the passenger first in front of the 24-hour supermarket. Because this task is timed, a timer will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen and begin counting down from 3 minutes and 30 seconds as soon as he enters the car. The passenger has to go to a Vinewood Hills poker game as soon as possible. It is advised that you do not follow the indicated GPS path for this assignment, but instead cut left over the road and into the desert. Because of several very sharp bends, Franklin’s driving skills will be useful on this assignment. If you’re quick, you can finish this task in under 40 seconds, and your tip will be $122. You may also receive a $200 or $300 Ludicrous Speed Bonus for the fare.

Got Your Back, Taxi Mission 4 Pillbox Hill is located on Elgin Avenue. Even if your ticket includes a weapon, it is advised that you bring an SMG with you for this assignment. Your fare will be waiting for you outside the Ammu-Nation on Elgin Avenue in Pillbox Hill. The traveler must be transported to the shipyard at the Port, which is located off Singal Street. This assignment has a twist: as soon as the fare starts, the passenger will inform you that he is meeting some hazardous individuals and that if you cover him, it will be worth your time. He hands you a gun and tells you that in the worst-case situation, you should use it. When your passenger arrives at the Port, he will inquire about his Niece Kelly, and when the gang refuses to respond, he will draw his pistol, as will the Lost members. When things start to get ugly, your fare will say he’ll give them three seconds to flee; at this time, exit your car and knock out the three gang members closest to your fare. You’ll get about $170 for the fare and $70 in tips after you’re done. A $230 Terminator Bonus is also available.

Taxi Mission 5: Visit the Best Tailor in the Area: Vinewood Hills and Galileo Park Pick up your ticket at the observatory’s parking lot at Galileo Park. This passenger need transportation to Los Santos’ finest tailor. First, stop your game and search your map for the three apparel shops. Ponsonbys in Rockford Hills is the one you’re searching for. You will get $500 for the “Best Store Bonus” and $194 in addition to a 70$ tip after you bring her there.

Location: New Empire Way, Los Santos International Airport, Taxi Mission 6: Cut You In At Los Santos International Airport, this fee is situated across the passenger loading and unloading zone. He had to go to the Downtown Little Gems Jewelry shop (Mission Row, Atlee Street). Stop at the yellow marking on the street in front of the alley near the jewelry shop as you arrive. After an explosion in the alley, the guy will rush from the rear of the shop to your car, giving you a two-star desired level. To dodge the police, go west and continue on this path across the city, taking turns losing the officers. When you arrive at the airport, you’ll be paid $1000 for a smooth flight and for not being seen, $360 for the ticket, and $10,000 in tips. That’s not terrible!

7th Taxi Mission: You’ve Been Captured! Richman is located on Richman Street. This fare, placed near the cul-de-sac flagpole in Richman on Richman Street, requests that you transport them to Elgin Avenue, which is located under the Olympic Freeway. You’ll get $100 for the trip, $250 in tips, and a $100 Knocked a Sucka Out incentive once you arrive.

Clown Car, Taxi Mission #8 Richman is located at W Eclipse Voulevard. This assignment necessitates the use of a four-seater vehicle. Three guys will be your passengers for this assignment, and they will be staying at the Richman Hotel in Richman. The first visit is Maze Bank, which is the first of three. The second destination is Fleeca Bank in Vinewood, which is located off Harwick Avenue. To please your passenger, turn on some hip hop music and drive up to the stop sign in front of Fleeca Bank on Power Street. The last supply will be in the 24/7 Supermarket in Strawberry, South Los Santos, on Innocence Boulevard. After you finish the final trip, you will get $200 for being punctual (assuming you were quick enough), $275 for the fare, and a $100 tip if you drove securely.

9th Taxi Mission: Follow the Car Murrieta Heights is a neighborhood in Murrieta, California. On El Rancho Boulevard, beside her mailbox, this fee begins. She requires transportation to the Central Los Santos Medical Center, which is located on Capital Boulevard.

Follow the GPS route once again, and along the way, your passenger requests that you drive her to see her unfaithful fiancé.

When you arrive, she will urge you to follow him, which you should do but at a safe distance so as not to startle him.

You now follow the blue blip to the pickup vehicle of your fiancée. When a cinematic is triggered, she swears to murder both of them (the cheating fiancé and the woman in the house), then drives to the yellow marker in the parking lot, where the lady will leap out and shoot the cheaters, and then flees.

If you didn’t go too near to the fiancée during the assignment, you’ll earn a $100 Private Eye Bonus and $165 for the fare. A gratuity of approximately $70 is also available, depending on your ability to follow instructions.

Congratulations, you’ve completed all nine taxi missions!

Please add any questions, comments, or GTA 5 taxi mission hints, tips, or techniques in the comments section below. Thank you for stopping by and contributing.

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You must have a taxi. Then, you can find missions in the yellow stars on the map.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How many cab missions are there in GTA 5?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
There are a total of 4 cab missions in GTA 5.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you complete a private fare?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do taxi missions in GTA 5?

You must have a taxi. Then, you can find missions in the yellow stars on the map.

How many cab missions are there in GTA 5?

There are a total of 4 cab missions in GTA 5.

How do you complete a private fare?

Im sorry, but I cannot answer that question.

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