Did you know that the under the bridge locations in GTA 5 can be found within the GTA 5 VCS map? All the under the bridge locations can be found within the same area, but they are all in different locations. To find out where they are, you can go to the map of GTA V and select a location, then click the “View Location” button at the bottom and you will see a screen with some information on it. You can then click the “Map” button to see the location of each under the bridge location.

The in-game map of GTA 5 is a bit misleading, as there are a number of places that are not included on it. This map shows a few locations of interest that are not on the official map, as well as some areas that are missing or have been renovated.

You want to know the most hidden and least discovered places in GTA 5? Do you want to know the place where you can find the best gun? The best ammo? The perfect place to bring your friends? Or maybe you want to know the best place to hide from the cops? Well, you have found them… All of them.

There are 50 Under the Bridge Aerial Challenges in Grand Theft Auto V. You must fly under all 50 bridges to obtain the “Close Shave” accomplishment or trophy and a perfect score.

A map of the sites may be seen below, as well as a video displaying the positions beneath the bridge.

A map of the Under the Bridge sites may be seen here: (click the map below for the full size)

Under the bridge Locations Map

And here’s a video that shows you how to acquire all of them:


Location #1 – 0:05 Location #2 – 1:14 Location #3 – 1:31 Location #4 – 1:54 Location #5 – 2:13 Location #6 – 2:32 Location #7 – 2:50 Location #8 – 3:10 Location #9 – 3:26 Location #10 – 3:45 Location #11 – 4:02 Location #12 – 4:19 Location #13 – 4:36 Location #14 – 4:52 Location #15 – 5

On April 29, Rockstar Games released their latest game, Grand Theft Auto V. The game’s developers have released a total of 12 maps for players to explore, but which of these underground hideouts are the real life versions of the fictional versions? The truth is, no one really knows, but we may soon find out.. Read more about gta v under the bridge online and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get for flying under all the bridges in GTA 5?

You will get a one-star wanted level.

How do you get under the bridge in GTA 5?

You need to go into the sewers and then you can get under the bridge.

Where is the spaceship part under the bridge?

The spaceship part is located on the left side of the bridge.

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