GTA has gone through a lot of evolutions to reach its current state. The evolution of the cheetah just got even more interesting, which is why I decided to write this blog post.

In this blog I will provide reasons to support my claims based on the similarities between the cheetah that appears in Grand Theft Auto V and the real life cheetah

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A Reddit user has shared a set of pictures depicting the Cheetah’s development from GTA 1. Take a look at how the visuals have progressed throughout time. (To view the full size of each picture on a mobile device, click the image and zoom in.)





The F-19 may be regarded the Cheetah’s forerunner. It’s based on the F40 Ferrari. It’s quick and efficient, but it’s also readily destructible. Its engine is located at the rear of the vehicle. Vice City is where you’ll find it.


The Itali GTB, which is based on the Ferrari 348 GTS, is another vehicle that may be a Cheetah ancestor. It is quick and has excellent handling, but it is prone to destruction, much as the F-19. It’s also available in Vice City. I didn’t believe any of the vehicles in GTAII were precursors of the Cheetah, but feel free to disagree!




The Cheetah originally appeared in Grand Theft Auto III. It has a similar form to the Ferrari Testarossa F512 M. The lights, sides, and backs of the two vehicles vary. It is one of the quickest vehicles in all III period games. It has excellent handling and brakes, but not the greatest acceleration. Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale are where it spawns.

Vice City in Grand Theft Auto



It resembles an 80s Ferrari Testarossa in VC, with some changes such as the headlights and taillights, as well as the sides. There are four distinct setups for the side view mirrors.


The VCPD Cheetah is a Cheetah with an interior police beacon light on the dashboard. It’s a spoof of the Testarossa and two investigators from the Miami Vice TV program. After three stars, it appears.

GTA San Andreas is a video game developed by Rockstar Games.



The Cheetah is based on the Ferrari Testarossa 512 TR in South Africa. The head and tail lights, as well as the sides, distinguish them. It occurs in urban areas. The color, two exhausts, nitrous, three spoilers, side skirts, ten wheels, and hydraulics are all modifications.




The Cheetah didn’t make an appearance in IV, but it will in V. In the front and sides, it looks like a Ferrari Enzo/FXX with a Pagani Huayra in the rear and a Koenigsegg Agera/CCX in the front.


It will most likely be quick and easy to control, but it will be vulnerable to harm and destruction. Hopefully, there will be a plethora of customizing possibilities.



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