GTA IV 100% Checklist

In GTA San Andreas, if you play 100% of the game, then you can see pretty much all of the game. But in GTA IV, if you play 100% of the game, then you will see what you want to see.

To help all GTA IV players unlock 100% in the game, here’s a Checklist: 100% in story 100% in missions 100% in GTA Online 100% in Crook County 100% in The Triangle 100% in San Andreas 100% in Los Santos 100% in Las Venturas 100% in Los Santos County 100% in San Fierro 100% in San Fierro County 100% in Las Flores 100% in Doherty 100% in Doherty County 100% in Shady Creek 100% in the San Fierro Transfernent 100% in the Doherty Transfernent 100% in the Doherty County Transfernent 100% in the Los Santos Transfernent 100% in the San

There’s a lot of people out there who are experts in GTA IV. That’s right, we’re all experts in GTA IV. We have it all sorted and organized in a way that you don’t have to. This is a guide to help you get the most out of your game and gear up with some of the best gear in the game. I hope you enjoy!

Here is a complete Grand Theft Auto 4 checklist.

60 percent of the time is spent on storyline missions.

  • Complete the main storyline’s 90 missions in whatever order you choose.
  • Because four missions have two parts, the pause menu stat will say 94 missions.
  • Different options of murdering or sacrifice have no effect on your odds of being successful 100 percent of the time.

Assassination missions account about 2% of all missions.

  • Complete all nine assassination missions for the fixer, which are triggered through a pay phone.
  • In Alderney, the pay phone is located at the junction of Traeger Road and Odhner Avenue.
  • Between the piles of wood in the complex near the pay phone, you’ll find weapons and armor.

2 percent Brucie’s Races

  • Brucie has assigned you nine races to complete.
  • Take your time throughout each race’s turns; the AI is terrible, so there’s no need to hurry.
  • The opponents’ vehicles are determined by the car you bring to the race.

Brucie’s Exports grew by 2%.

  • Steal Brucie’s vehicles, a total of ten, and deliver them to his jail.
  • The vehicles you’re supposed to take, as well as their locations, are completely random.
  • The vehicles will constantly be guarded by armed individuals who will fire at you.
  • He sends you an email telling you which vehicle to take.

Stevie’s Car Robberies – 2%

  • Through text messaging, locate and bring all 30 vehicles to his garage as asked by Stevie.
  • The sequence in which the vehicles are requested will be determined at random, not the locations.
  • If you don’t leave your phone on after meeting Derrick, you won’t be able to complete these tasks.
  • The garage will be open once this is completed, and you may deliver any vehicle for cash.
  • Any vehicle he requests for may be kept, and it will respawn in its original position.

The Deliveries of Little Jacob – 2%

  • Complete Little Jacob’s ten deliveries.
  • You may just grab the cargo from the rusted vehicle and take a cab to your location.
  • The Rasta Huntley you got on your last run is fairly common.

Vigilante Missions Against Current Crimes – 2.5 percent

  • Perform 20 current crime vigilante missions, accessible via a police car’s police computer.
  • You don’t have to do them in order.
  • When you’ve completed 20 of them, you’ll get a message on the screen.

2.5 percent of the population is wanted.

  • On a police vehicle, kill 30 criminals in the most wanted menu of the police computer.
  • Each island has ten most sought criminals.

Random Encounters account for 5% of all encounters.

  • Complete all 16 missions given to you by random pedestrians.
  • You’ll have one encounter each with Badman, Gracie, Ilyena, Hossan, and Mel.
  • Eddie, Marnie, and Pathos Sara will all have two interactions with you.
  • Brian will appear three times throughout your journey.
  • People who appear at random as a sacrificial choice do not count, nor do people who appear at random as a sacrificial choice.

5% of the time spent on activities

  • At least once, do every possible activity with Little Jacob, Brucie, and Packie.
  • Darts, drinking, eating, pool, show, and strip club for Little Jacob.
  • Boating, bowling, drinking, eating, a heli ride, a show, and a strip club are all activities that Brucie enjoys.
  • Packie’s interests include bowling, darts, drinking, pool, shows, and strip clubs.
  • You can do more than one activity in a row.

5% of the population has special abilities.

  • Increase Little Jacob’s, Brucie’s, and Packie’s likeness to gain their special ability.
  • Little Jacob: 60% to unlock his special ability to sell you discounted guns from the trunk of his car.
  • Brucie: 70% to unlock his unique ability to take you up in a helicopter from a helipad.
  • Packie: 75% like, to activate his unique power of detonating a vehicle bomb nearby.
  • You may increase your friends’ likings by taking them out and not neglecting them for extended periods of time.

5% of the time is spent on competitions.

  • Defeat a buddy or an NPC in a game of pool, bowling, or darts.
  • In the QUB3D arcade game, beat the top score of 11000 points.

Flying Rats make up 2.5 percent of the population.

  • Around Liberty City, shoot all 200 specified pigeons.
  • The birds have a red light that is easily seen at night.
  • Every time you shoot one, you’ll almost certainly earn a desired level.
  • Alderney has 56, Algonquin has 71, and Dukes/Bohan/Broker has 73.
  • The prize is a mediocre annihilator chopper parked atop the MeTV building.

2.5 percent of all jumps are one-of-a-kind.

  • Find and land each of the 50 different leaps.
  • Obviously, you’ll need a fast vehicle or motorcycle.
  • In Alderney, there are 18, 15 in Algonquin, and 17 in Dukes/Broker/Bohan.

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Welcome to this GTA IV 100% Checklist. The GTA IV 100% Checklist is for people who want to clear 100% of the GTA IV Missions in GTA IV. The GTA IV 100% Checklist will help you to do that by showing you, where to find every last thing, that you might need for the 100% completion.. Read more about gta 4 interactive map and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get 100% completion in GTA 4?

For 100% completion in GTA 4, you need to do all the missions and collect all of the hidden packages.

How long does it take to 100% GTA 4?

It takes approximately 100 hours to 100% Grand Theft Auto 4.

How do you fix a stuck disclaimer in GTA 4?

You cant.

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