When you start GTA Online, you are placed in the lowest possible rank for the multiplayer mode. The game’s creator has revealed that there are unlockables that are attainable at this rank. There are 6 ranks in GTA Online, and each rank has 3 ranks above them. For example, the highest rank in GTA Online is Rank 40, which is Rank 30 in GTA Online. The Rank 40 unlockables include the ability to use Legendary Motorsport vehicles, attachments for weapons, a special player icon, and more.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, there are multiple ways to unlock ranks, which will upgrade your character’s stats. This guide will show you the best places to unlock ranks, and give you tips and tricks for unlocking ranks quickly.

Yeah, probably you have heard this billion times already, but in GTA Online, the ranks unlock the different cars and weapons, but also a different amount of money. So, it would be great if you could share your experience about how much money you have gotten with each rank.. Read more about gta online rank 8000 and let us know what you think.

The following is a list of all the unlockables in GTA Online. Instead of needing to win races, a GTA Online update introduced the option to modify your car’s engine, turbo, and other components at specific levels (30, 60, and 90+). For precise rankings, go to the mod store with the vehicle type of your choosing.

    • Rank 1: Pistol, Sawed-Off Shotgun
    • Stunt Jumps, Pistol Clips, Rank 2
    • Rank 3: Car Mod Shop, Pegasus, Shops, Hold-Ups, One-on-One Deathmatch, and Shooting Range
    • Pistol Flashlight, Rank 4
    • Garages, personal vehicle delivery, movies, pistol suppressor, and Micro SMG are all ranked fifth.
    • Tennis, golf, darts, arm wrestling, strip club, and bumpers are all in the sixth place (Custom Chin Spoiler)
    • Import/Export, Bumpers (Painted Rear Bumper), and Windows (Rank 8) (Light Smoke)
    • Exhaust (Chrome Tip), Combat Pistol, and Combat Pistol Extended Clip are ranked 9th.
    • Bounties, 20% Auto Armor at Rank 10
    • Parachuting, Combat Pistol Suppressor, SMG, and Parachutes are all part of Rank 11. (Blue)
    • Merryweather Crate Drop, Rank 12
    • Ammo Drop (Rank 13)
    • Survival, Grenade, SMG Supressor, Parachutes (Black Smoke Trails), Grill are all Rank 15 skills (Painted Light Surroundings)
    • Parachutes are ranked 16th (Red)
    • Bull Shark Testosterone, Pump Shotgun, Suspension, Rank 17 (Lowered)
    • Rank 18: Parachutes and Gang Attacks (Yellow Smoke Trails)
    • Armored Truck, Sticky Bomb, Rank 19
    • Back-up Helicopter, Gas Can, and Wheels (Rank 20) (Bulletproof)


  • Remove the Wanted Level, Sniper Rifle, Lights (Xenon Lights), and Bumpers from Rank 21. (Painted And Chin Spoiler)
  • Parachutes (Seaside Stripes), Hood, Rank 23 (Ram Air)
  • Assault Rifle, Parachutes, Rank 24 (Orange Smoke Trailers)
  • Rank 25: Explosives, Boat Pick-Up (Ignition Bomb)
  • Roll Cage is ranked 26th (Stunt Cage)
  • Parachutes are ranked 27th (Red Smoke Trail)
  • Parachutes are ranked 28th (Hornet)
  • Assault SMG (Rank 29)
  • Rank 30: Helicopter Pick-Up, 40 percent Auto Armor, and Exhaust (Big Bore)
  • Rank 31: Computers (Dark Smoke)
  • Parachutes are ranked 32nd (Patriot)
  • Rank 33: Hooded Automatic Pistol (Carbon Hood)
  • Send Mercenaries (Rank 35)
  • Suspension, Rank 36 (Street)
  • Assault Shotgun (Rank 37)
  • Parachutes are ranked 38th (Widowmaker)
  • Off The Radar, Reveal Players, Rank 40
  • Hood – Triple Intake (Rank 41)
  • Carbine Rifle, Buzzard, Rank 42
  • Parachutes are ranked 44th (Rainbow)
  • Bumpers, Rank 45 (Painted And Large Splitter)
  • Rank 49: Computers (Limo)
  • Rank 50: Mugger, Airstrike, 60 percent Auto Armor, MG, Explosives (Remote Bomb)
  • Exhaust is ranked 52nd (Side Exit)
  • Hood, Rank 53 (Single Intake)
  • Rank 56: Black Parachutes, Suspension (Sport)
  • Grenade Launcher (Rank 60)
  • Bumpers are ranked 64th (Extended Chin Spoiler)
  • Advanced Rifle, Tank, Rank 70
  • Suspension, Rank 71 (Competition)
  • Rank 80: Auto Armor is at 80%, and Combat MG is at 80%.
  • Heavy Sniper Rifle (Rank 90)
  • RPG, RPG, RPG, RPG, RPG, RPG, RPG, RPG, RPG, RPG, RPG (Rocket Launcher)
  • Minigun, Rank 120

GTA 5 Rhino Tank


  • GTA Online Rank 37: Annihilator (Helicopter)
  • GTA Online Rank 42: Buzzard Attack Helicopter (Helicopter)
  • GTA Online Rank 70 for Rhino Tank (Tank).
  • The Helicopter Location page provides information about aircraft locations and unlocks.



  • Be in a Bad Sport lobby, Dunce Cap. This occurs when you repeatedly blow up other players’ vehicles and leave tasks before they are completed. When you become a Good Sport, it is gone.
  • Hammer: Get GTA V’s Collector’s Edition.
  • Bulipup Shotgun: Get GTA V’s Collector’s Edition.
  • Pistol.50: Purchase GTA V’s Collector’s Edition.
  • Picking up a baseball bat during a Deathmatch is a good way to get one. Can also be discovered in the Meth’d Up quest.
  • Crowbar: Picking it up during a Deathmatch is the only way to get it.
  • Golf Club: Go to the golf course and murder any citizens that are carrying a golf club. They need to toss in a golf club. Simply pick it up and flee from the cops.
  • When you reach the final round of a Survival game, you will get a Red Skull T-Shirt.
  • Los Santos Belle T-Shirt: Earned by being the first to pick up one of the unique crates.


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In the original Grand Theft Auto (GTA) there are 2 ways to rank up in GTA Online, you can earn money to rank up, or you can do side missions to rank up. Both are similar in the fact that they can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to rank up. There are several ways to rank up in GTA Online, but there are 2 main ways to rank up fairly quickly and easily. This blog article will teach you how to rank up quickly and easily in GTA Online.. Read more about gta online rank 200 unlock and let us know what you think.

{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What do you unlock at rank 70 GTA online?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Rank 70 unlocks the ability to use a jetpack.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What do you unlock at rank 135?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
At rank 135, you unlock the ability to play in a private match with other players that are at or below your rank.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the highest rank you can get in GTA 5 Online?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The highest rank you can get in GTA 5 Online is Legendary.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you unlock at rank 70 GTA online?

Rank 70 unlocks the ability to use a jetpack.

What do you unlock at rank 135?

At rank 135, you unlock the ability to play in a private match with other players that are at or below your rank.

What is the highest rank you can get in GTA 5 Online?

The highest rank you can get in GTA 5 Online is Legendary.

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