Path of Exile, the free-to-play action RPG from Grinding Gear Games, is a game that can be quite daunting for a first-time player. You might have heard about the game from your friends — you may have even heard it praised by the gaming community. But, it may not be clear to you what exactly it is, or how it works. If you want a better understanding of the game, keep reading.

Path of Exile is an online action RPG that has been updated and improved over time with new features, currency types, and content. In which you can choose to create your own character, level up and earn new skills, cards and items.

Farming loot in Path of Exile is not as hard as it sounds. This guide will show you how to farm loot, how to farm loot fast, and how to farm loot for profit. is the source of this image.

Path of Exile, a free-to-play RPG by Grinding Gear Games, has amassed a devoted following over the years. With the game’s latest PS4 release, the game has seen a fresh spike in popularity. With that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive tutorial for this Diablo 2-inspired looter’s end-game farming techniques.


Path of Exile resembles Blizzard Entertainment’s highly praised Diablo 2 in many ways. Grinding Gear Games’ game, on the other hand, is far from a clone of the well-known RPG. There is no simple money in Path of Exile, such as gold or valuable stones. Rather, as they progress through the game, players amass mountains upon mountains of stuff.

Path of Exile’s gameplay revolves primarily on treasure drops. New and upgraded armor, weaponry, and stat-boosting accessories are available to players. The game’s money, on the other hand, refers to other things.

Loot drops include useful goods in addition to the previously listed items. The scroll of knowledge is the lowest-tier artifact, allowing players to recognize magical weapons and other strong items. The scroll of knowledge is also a type of money that can be exchanged with NPC merchants and other players through the in-game marketplace.

Trading money is generally the quickest method to acquire strong gear in Path of Exile since treasure drops are randomized. The scroll of knowledge, on the other hand, is only one example. The Chaos Orb is, in reality, the common money among gamers. Any rare piece of equipment may re-roll random stat modifications using this item.

Chaos orbs are difficult to get by yet very valuable to a high-level player, making them an ideal currency for player characters.

You’ll discover how to harvest chaotic orbs, exalted orbs, maps, and strongboxes in this tutorial. You’ll be able to cultivate some high-level treasure using these tips and techniques, making other players envious. Finally, we’ll go through an efficient build for your character in terms of harvesting treasure in Path of Exile.

What is the best way to farm Chaos Orbs?

You will get specific cash items when you sell things to an NPC merchant. These things may be anything from wisdom scrolls to chaos orbs. You must follow one of these recipes in order to get chaos orbs from these merchants.

When dealing with a merchant, you’ll need to trade a full set of gear to get somewhere between one and two chaos orbs.

In the picture below, you can see an example of a complete set of gear.


You’ll need gloves, boots, two rings, a necklace, a helmet, belt, armor, and either a single two-handed weapon or a single one-handed weapon and a shield to complete the outfit. The catch is that each piece of gear must be rare (yellow) and nearly all of them must have an item level more than 60. At least one piece of equipment must be between levels 60 and 74.

You will get a single chaos orb if you trade all of these things as a single set. You will get two chaos orbs for the transaction if each of the individual goods has a +20 percent outstanding quality.

However, in order to get the most bang for your money, you should sell the above-mentioned set before identifying any of the objects. Two chaos orbs will buy a complete set of unnamed, rare, level 60+ gear. You will get three chaos orbs for the trade if each component of the set has a +20 percent outstanding quality.

Because so much of Path of Exile’s treasure is randomized, this is the only certain method to get chaos orbs. You may also get chaos orbs by raiding various regions of the game on a regular basis. Farming maps is another method for farming these orbs, which will be covered later in this post.

If you’re looking for 60+ level gear to exchange for chaos orbs, you can locate it in any location with a level of 60 or above. As a result, it’s only a matter of getting far enough into the game to unlock these higher-level locations and then looting for the stuff again.

Exalted Orbs: How to Grow Them


While the chaotic orb is widely accepted as normal money among Path of Exile players, the exalted orb is much more uncommon and therefore far more expensive on the market. You’ll have to put in some effort if you want to farm for this highly sought after cash item.

Raiding for exalted orbs is one of the best methods to get them. Exalted orbs may be found in abundance in Burial Chamber locations. Although the drop rate is still modest, some sites provide better chances than many other alternatives.

Farming maps, which is the next subject of discussion, is another method to acquire exalted orbs.

Mapping Techniques for Farming


Within Path of Exile, maps are not only playable locations, but also end-game goods. This is the main method for obtaining the majority of the game’s high-level treasure.

You must first obtain entry to the Templar Laboratory in order to utilize a map. You must finish Act 10 of the game’s story in order to get access to the place.

Once you’ve entered the laboratory, you’ll see a gadget where you may save your maps. The map item will be consumed after it is put, and a playable area will become accessible.

Map goods, like other things, are available in a variety of rarities and levels. While maps come in a variety of levels and rarities (normal, magic, rare, and unique), most high-level players disregard maps with levels below 66 or rarity ratings below magic.

When utilizing a map, some recommend using an Orb of Alchemy whenever possible to significantly increase the efficacy of each map. There are, however, more effective methods to enhance each map. This is something that will be addressed further down. In addition, when you use an unnamed map, you receive a boost to item drops. As a result, you should not identify any of your maps before to utilizing them.

Look for the gear listed under Chaos Orb farming while looting in a map region, since this is one of the greatest methods to acquire the gear you’ll need to exchange for the cash goods. Aside from that, monetary objects will appear in map regions at random. However, the pace of decline is not alarmingly great. Nonetheless, keep a look out for chaotic orbs and exalted orbs.

You’ll want to perform a few things to enhance the drops given by each map. Depending on the rarity of the map, various quality-improving cash items should be used to guarantee optimum efficiency while farming each map region. Check out the table below to see what you should do based on the map’s data. It’s also worth noting that the things on the list must be used in the sequence indicated.

The graph below was created with the help of the website

Map Level Order of the Items
Levels 66-68 are the most difficult. Orbs of Transmutation, Alteration, and Augmentation
69-70 levels: Chaos Orb, Alchemy Orb
Levels 71-73 are the most difficult. Alchemy Orb, Chaos Orb, Cartographer’s Chisel
Level 74 and Upwards: Chisel of Cartographers, Alchemy Orb, Chaos Orb, and Exalted Orb

With practice, you’ll learn which modifiers provide the greatest results for you and which map modifications cause the most difficulties for your character. In any case, the item use given in the graph above is an excellent reference for determining whether each map is worth your time and effort.

Strongboxes are being looted.


Strongboxes may be found all throughout Path of Exile’s universe. As a result, you should have Transmutation Orbs, Alteration Orbs, Augmentation Orbs, and Vaal Orbs on hand in case you come across one.

When you find an Arcanist’s Strongbox, an Artisan’s Strongbox, or a Diviner’s Strongbox, you should re-roll it until you get either a “of Abundance” or “of Bounty” modifier.

Rinse and repeat the procedure when faced with a Cartographer’s Strongbox or a Jeweller’s Strongbox. However, in the end, use a Vaal Orb to corrupt the strongbox.

When you need additional chaos orbs, raiding strongboxes may be a fantastic method to harvest items for trade.

Farming Build of the Year

When it comes to creating a character in Path of Exile, there are a variety of approaches to choose. The focus of this build is on improving your item farming skills. contributed this build.

You can see the skill tree setup you should aim for here. The gear configuration is shown in the graph below, which was supplied by

Item Description
Primacy of Kaom This weapon increases your damage by a considerable amount while also providing the “Culling Strike” skill.
Brightbeak This weapon may be used with the “Leap Slam” skill to increase your mobility speed.
Greed’s Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge This item gives you a huge increase in item drops.
Torment of the Thief This item improves your item drops while also boosting your sustain.
Goldwyrm This item will assist to compensate for Greed’s Embrace’s reduced mobility while also boosting item drops.
3 Divine Life Flasks (bubbling/seething) 1x Iron Skin Granite Flask 1 x Flask (Quicksilver) These flasks will help you maintain your mobility while increasing your endurance.
Blazon Perandus This item will assist you in increasing your item drops.
Sadima’s Influence This item will assist you in increasing your item drops.

When it comes to abilities, you’ll want to use Cyclone, Ancestral Warchief, Vengeance, Leap Slam, Blood Rage, Hatred, Blasphemy, and Enfeeble. Boost your attack speed with the Leap Slam, since it’ll be a quick method to go about.

For the Cyclone and Ancestral Warchief abilities, you may increase item rarity while concentrating on melee physical damage whenever possible.


If you follow this method, you should be able to quickly and efficiently accumulate money and high-level treasure. After all of that is completed, you may use your money to purchase high-quality items on the Path of Exile player market. If any of the game’s unique items pique your interest, here is a list of them.

Every One-of-a-Kind Item in Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a popular PC game that has a strong following. The game offers a story-based experience of loot-collecting, leveling, and ultimately fighting against evil.. Read more about path of exile loot filter and let us know what you think.

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The best way to farm items in Path of Exile is by using the Map Device.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you get better weapons in Path of Exile?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
There are a few ways to get better weapons in Path of Exile. You can find them on the ground, you can buy them from vendors, or you can craft them yourself.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Does path of exile have an endgame?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”

Yes, Path of Exile has an endgame.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you farm items in Path of Exile?

The best way to farm items in Path of Exile is by using the Map Device.

How do you get better weapons in Path of Exile?

There are a few ways to get better weapons in Path of Exile. You can find them on the ground, you can buy them from vendors, or you can craft them yourself.

Does path of exile have an endgame?

Yes, Path of Exile has an endgame.

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