Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is the latest game in the long-running Smash series and it looks like it will be packed with familiar characters from both series. One of the most requested characters in the series has been Jokers, the iconic villain of Injustice 2. However, based on the leaked game files, Joker is only present in the All-Star Mode. Now, while this doesn’t mean that Joker will never make it into the game, it is likely to be a late addition and will need some extra work. That said, if you want to play as the Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you can follow this guide.

In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Joker’s a popular character, but in a new video its being discovered that he’s not the easiest to pull off. The new character’s special ability is that he can change his appearance at will. However, his appearance changes can sometimes be random so you need to learn how he looks in order to be able to pull off his moves. He’s tricky to play, but he can help you get a few special prizes if you are able to pull off his moves correctly.

Nintendo’s beloved fighting series, Super Smash Bros., is about to get an update in the form of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” next year. The game will include Joker, a new character who is the final boss of the Kingdom Hearts series. So, how do you play as Joker? is the source of this image.

Joker, the protagonist of Persona 5, was added to the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster on April 17. Players are immediately taking up their Switch controllers and doing all they can to perfect the newest character to grace the Smash Bros. Ultimate screen, with this in mind.

Here’s a short rundown of how Joker works in Smash Bros. Ultimate, as well as some pointers on how to get the most out of him.


Joker, also known as Ren Amamiya, originally appeared in Persona 5 by P-Studio. The high schooler, armed with “persona,” created the notorious Phantom Thieves of Hearts in order to traverse the Metaverse and cleanse the hearts of evildoers. In the same way that Persona 5 is no laughing matter, Smash Bros. Ultimate Joker is no laughing matter.

Joker is mostly a close-range combatant, but he does carry a pistol with which he may hold mid-range opponents at away. The character moves about quite a bit, but not as freely as Kirby. Even yet, if used correctly, Joker may do some severe harm.

Because Joker was just recently introduced, elite players are currently honing the character’s skill set. As a result, Joker’s place in the Smash Bros. Ultimate meta is likely to shift over time.

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Joker has a distinct and strong moveset, which is likely why he quickly became a fan favorite among gamers. Joker’s pistol may be spammed for rapid mid-range damage. Meanwhile, the grappling hook of the character works similarly to Ivysaur’s “Vine Whip” ability. The complete moveset of Joker may be seen in the video below.


Arsene is the talent that really distinguishes Joker. The feature works in the same way as Little Mac’s “K.O.” ability.

When the Joker takes damage, the character’s “Rebellion Gauge” starts to fill up. The gauge fills up when team members receive damage. When the Rebellion Gauge is depleted, Joker may summon his Persona Arsene. All of Joker’s moves receive boosts and additional features when Arsene is summoned.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of Joker’s special moves, as well as his final smash and the Arsene enhanced special moves.

Input Control Move Name Description
Neutral Exceptional Gun Holding the fire button down shoots the gun in succession, but tapping it again fires it faster. While firing the gun, Joker may also dodge.
Specialty Side Eiha This shoots a low-velocity projectile that does some damage over time.
Special Offer Hook for grappling As a tether recovery, this may be utilized to grasp onto edges. The hook may also be used to entice opponents to approach Joker.
Special Offer Guard of the Rebellion This aids in the supercharging of Joker’s Rebellion gauge, which, once full, summons the Persona Arsene.
Neutral Exceptional (Arsene) Special Weapons Once Arsene has been called, Joker may use his pistol to fire three bullet bursts.
Specialty Side (Arsene) Eigaon Once Arsene has been called, Joker may hurl opponents into the air with a missile that delivers greater damage.
Special Offer (Arsene) Rebellion’s Wings After summoning Arsene, Joker may soar aloft while gaining temporary damage protection.
Special Offer (Arsene) Makarakarn and Tetrakarn Joker can counter/reflect melee and range attacks after Arsene has been called.
Final Strike All-out assault In an effort to hit an opponent, Joker rushes forward up to two times. Joker calls the Phantom Thieves when he successfully strikes his opponent.

Helpful Hints

Check out these short tips and techniques for making the most of Joker’s skills now that you’ve mastered the character’s movements.

  • Don’t be fooled by his weapon. Players are now relying heavily on Joker’s gun for a significant portion of their damage output. After all, peppering bullets down range may be an effective strategy to keep attackers at away.
  • The Joker’s standard Plus A strike is very effective at hitting opponents who are usually just beyond of melee range. When you need to maintain a safe distance from incoming opponents, be sure to use this sliding attack.
  • Arsene isn’t going to last forever. The Persona will remain after calling Arsene until the Rebellion Gauge is completely exhausted. With time, the gauge will gradually decrease.
  • When utilizing Joker’s pistol, always remember to dodge. It’s easy to be picked off if you stay in one spot for too long. Remember to overuse the character’s dodge feature while peppering enemies with Joker’s pistol to avoid taking damage.

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