GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist is a complex but rewarding task players face. If you’re stuck or just need a little help, this guide could help. You have several options to set up GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist, including breaking into the vault and casing the casino. Fortunately, you get one free run at the Heist. After that, however, you’ll need to pay to play. So, here is what you need to know about setting up GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist.

Step One: Buy an Arcade

The first step is to buy a retro arcade in the GTA game. So, you’ll need to find Lester (in Mirror Park) and choose from a list of arcades. You must purchase of the arcades and there are six options, including:

● Videogeddon in La Mesa

● Pixel Pete’s in Paleto Bay

● Eight Bit in Vinewood

● Warehouse in Davis

● Wonderama in Grapeseed

● Insert Coin in Rockford Hills

Step Two: Set Up the Heist

Once you’ve picked the location of your arcade, you’ll have access to Lester’s underground base. This is the area you’ll use to plan and set up the heist. You’ll find three boards, and this is where you manage the fine details of the heist.

Each board represents the various stages of the heist, such as:

1. The Set Up

2. The Prep

3. The Heist

Start with the first board and dedicate it to setting up the heist. There is a ‘to do’ list in the top corner and you can write down the various tasks you must carry out before the heist takes place. There is also an optional task list. There is, however, a fee to access the intelligence associated with it. For gambling guides and online casino games, check this website, NettiCasinoHEX provides the latest news on Finnish gambling market.

Scoping the Casino

Your first task is to scope out the casino. To do this successfully, you may need to purchase two crucial pieces of intelligence – the door security and casino model. Buying both will set you back over $500,000. It will make it easier for you to find out the strength of the security and the best entry points too. Of course, the intelligence is strictly optional. It’s up to you whether you purchase the additional information or otherwise.

Finding the Contents of the Vault

Once you’re at the casino, you’ll need to find and scope out the vault. It has different types of valuables, each with a price tag. Options include:

● Diamonds

● Gold

● Artwork

● Cash

One of the valuables are selected at random for you. Typically, diamonds offer the greatest value, worth around $3 million, then gold, and artwork. Cash tends to be least profitable. Whichever valuable you’re given, note it on the board.

Choose the Heist Approach

In the last phase of the height set up, you need to choose the type of approach you’ll take. There are three to choose from:

● The Big Con

● Aggressive

● Silent and Sneaky

Each approach will change the gameplay. For instance, the Big Con utilizes disguises and tricks to ensure a successful heist. With the Aggressive approach, the gameplay becomes a total, full-on blazing gun battle. While the Silent and Sneaky aims for you to take a stealthy approach. Regardless of the approach you choose, it all leads to the heist and the outcome will be the same. It’s important to choose an approach that works best for you and your style of gameplay.

Step Three: Prepping the Heist

In this next stage, players are expected to spend a lot of money and time prepping for the heist.

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You will hire a crew, choose your getaway vehicles, disguises, and buy other essential items. Prepping for the heist is a crucial element to ensuring a successful heist.

Choosing the Crew

Players must choose a crew for the heist. There are three types of crewmen to choose from:

● Driver

● Gunman

● Hacker

Every crewmember has different skills and talents; their prices will vary also. Before you choose a crewman, you’ll see their percentage cut of the heist. The ones with the expert skill level will typically want a bigger cut of the profits. It can be worth it, however, as you get better quality vehicles and weapons.

Completing the Main Prep Missions

Once the crew is in place, there are six main prep missions to complete. In each mission, you’ll choose the type of items you want to steal.

Prep missions include:

● The Rifle Loadout

● The Sultan Classic

● The Gruppe Sechs

● The Noose Gear

These missions are crucial in completing a successful heist.

Step Four: The Diamond Casino Heist

This is the chance to choose your buyer and if necessary, get additional help. It’s wise to ensure you have enough equipment and help to complete a successful heist, so go over all you have.

Choosing a Buyer

There are three buyer levels – low, middle, and high. While you can choose any, it’s smarter to choose a high-level buyer as they’ll offer more money. Of course, there are no guarantees the heist will run to plan. If you’ve done sufficient prep, however, things should run smoothly.

Start the Heist

There are several ways for the heist to run with relative ease, including:

● Choose to enter the casino from the underground garage and take the nearest elevator to the vault floor.

● Don’t kill any guards, just run past them, and get a casino worker to open the vault with the key card.

● Take the loot and exit via the staircase. Get into the locker room and change into a disguise, before exiting through the staff door.

● Deliver the loot to the buyer and you’re done.

Evading Pursuers

Once you’re out of the casino, you could attract the attention of cops and even a helicopter. Fortunately, you can steal any car you like to evade capture and safely deliver the loot to the buyer. If you do have a pursuer, use the sewers to get rid of them. After you get to the buyer, there is a cutscene and you are given your money.


GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist is a tough challenge for any player but is incredibly lucrative. With a little planning and know-how, you can easily have a successful heist.


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