The Division 2 Dark Zone Keys and Where to Find Them | Ever returned to a Dark Zone to find the last few keys, only to find your Division 2 efforts have been fruitless? Then you might want to check out this guide to the Dark Zone keys and where to find them. You’ll be able to find out where the last 15 keys are located within the Dark Zone, and how to unlock the final Dark Zone key.

As with all games of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, the Dark Zone is a dangerous place but also one that is full of opportunities for players to obtain valuable loot. However, since the Dark Zone is also full of high-level players with strong gear, it is also easy to get lost in the crowd and end up without a clear path to making progress in the game. To help you on your way, we have put together a guide on the Dark Zone keys and where to find them.

Who doesn’t love treasure and the hunt? Dark Zone keys are a key part of the Division 2 Dark Zone, and they can be found all over the world. But how to find them? The guide below will help you find all the keys, from the easiest to the most difficult locations. After all, it’s more fun if you know what you’re looking for. is the source of this image.

On March 15, Ubisoft published The Division 2, the widely anticipated sequel to The Division. Since then, the game has continued to attract huge crowds of players. Check out our instructions below if you want to remain ahead of the pack in this huge online shooter.

What is the Best Way to Enter the Dark Zone?

The black zone is probably The Division’s most well-known feature. The black zone in The Division 2 refers to any location in the game where online players may engage in PvP and PvE combat.

To access the dark zone, you must first hire Senait Ezra, a dark zone operator. After completing three settlement tasks for the Theater, you may recruit Ezra.

Ezra will be accessible on the White House’s top level after being recruited. Simply ask Ezra for assistance in locating the first dark zone recon assignment. In all, there are three dark zone regions. You must accomplish three separate recon missions in order to access each dark zone.

You will be asked on the map to undertake the recon assignment for Dark Zone South after completing the first recon mission for Dark Zone East. Regardless, after the previous recon assignment is completed, the recon mission for Dark Zone West will be accessible on the map.

As you finish the previous assignment, each new mission will appear on your map. You must, however, meet the level requirements for each assignment before you may undertake it.

Where to Look for Dark Zone Keys

Dark zone chests are one of the greatest sources of high-end treasure in The Division 2. There are a few methods to get at the treasure in these chests, but dark zone keys are probably the best option.

Defeat Elite Enemies

The most common method to get dark zone keys is to enter the dark zone and take out some of the game’s most difficult NPCs. Look for NPCs with yellow health bars after you’ve entered the dark zone. Many of them will be in charge of one of the DC factions’ groups. Many of these will be located in close proximity to well-known sites and complexes. Some, though, may be spotted on patrols all throughout the black zone.

Defeat Other Players

While killing high-level NPCs is a simple method to get dark zone keys, you may also murder other players. This, on the other hand, is a little more difficult.

Other players may or may not have keys with them. However, inside the dark zone, you may kill other players for a chance to win keys, money, and additional gear. Of course, the drawback is that you’ll constantly have to keep an eye on your back. Attacking other players increases your chances of being attacked.

Look through each crate.

Scavenging is how you get dark zone keys, much like nearly everything else. There’s a slim chance you’ll discover a dark zone key in any searchable container. If you wish to improve your odds, you can get a specific dark zone perk.

When you achieve level 25, go to your base of operations’ Dark Zone Officer to unlock the “keymaster” perk. You will have a 25% chance of looting dark zone keys from crates after earning the perk.

How to Open Chests in the Dark Zone Without Keys

If you’re still having trouble getting your hands on any dark zone keys, you can use lock picks to unlock dark zone chests. There is, however, a catch.

You will be given rogue status for a limited period after picking the lock on a dark zone chest. As a result, other players will be able to see your position on the map. While this is a quicker method to get riches, it also comes with a higher danger.

Where to Look for Dark Zone Chests

Chests in the dark zone are usually easy to come by. These chests may be discovered in the vicinity of significant locations, complexes, or large groups of NPCs. Looking for noteworthy locations inside the dark zone is the greatest method to sniff out dark zone treasures. From there, search for enemy groups. It’s quite probable that there’s a dark zone treasure nearby if you observe high level NPCs defending a place.

The picture below shows an example of a dark zone chest.

The Division 2 Dark Zone Keys and Where to Find Them: The Dark Zone is the heart of the campaign in The Division 2. It is a dangerous place where the player can fight off random enemies and loot valuable gear. It is an open world area where you can freely travel between zed-infested areas, looting supplies, weapons, and other gear. The Dark Zone Keys are a special item that open up the Dark Zone, allowing you to loot valuable gear!. Read more about division 2 dark zone landmarks and let us know what you think.

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Dark Zone keys are used in the Dark Zone, which is a PvP area where players can fight for control of valuable loot.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you get DZ keys in Division 2?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can get DZ keys by playing the game.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you get the dark zone key?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The dark zone key is a reward for completing the game on hard difficulty.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you use dark zone keys in Division 2?

Dark Zone keys are used in the Dark Zone, which is a PvP area where players can fight for control of valuable loot.

How do you get DZ keys in Division 2?

You can get DZ keys by playing the game.

How do you get the dark zone key?

The dark zone key is a reward for completing the game on hard difficulty.

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