The Division 2’s skills are pretty different from those of its predecessor. The Skill Select menu has been completely redesigned, and it is a lot more complicated than the one from The Division. Here is a simple guide to help you choose your skills and make sure you’re not missing any of them.

The Division 2 is out now and is the sequel to the 2016 hit, The Division. It is developed by Ubisoft Massive and was released on March 15, 2018. The Division 2 is a new take on the role-playing shooter genre. The game takes place in a modern day American city, where a deadly virus has broken out. As the last survivor of the virus, you must explore the city and find the missing pieces of a cure.

The Division 2 is a few months old now, and the game has a lot of things to offer. Skills are one of them, and to cover all of them would require a massive guide. In this article, we’ll try to rank the skills from the best to the worst. We’ll start with the most important skills in the game, and then we’ll rank those that are most fun to use. After that, we’ll go over the remaining skills and rank them from best to worst.

Whatever your preferred method of play, The Division 2 has a talent for you. Some, on the other hand, may be more beneficial to your achievement than others. We’re going to rate The Division 2’s abilities from worst to greatest today. We’ll rank each skill category first, and then each variation of that skill. Let’s get started without further ado.

Ballistic Shield (number 8)

While playing Division 2, take a glance around at the area you’re in. Do you ever say to yourself, “I wish I had more cover,” after seeing about forty-thousand possibilities for cover? No, I don’t believe so. The ballistic shield is only helpful if you plan on playing the game aggressively, but even then, you’ll most likely be fleeing for shelter. The ballistic shield’s defense isn’t worth the space it takes up in one of your skill slots.

Variant of the Ballistic Shield Info Rank
Deflector shots ricochet back to an adversary of your choosing 1
Crusader Allows the use of any weapon, but does not provide leg protection. 2
Bulwark Although it provides full body protection, it can only utilize sidearms. 3

7. Pulse

The pulse skill may be used to either highlight or temporarily disable an enemy’s electronics. Neither of these abilities is especially helpful in comparison to the others on this list. Finding opponents is never tough, and jamming electronics is only effective against certain kinds of enemies, placing this ability slightly above the ballistic shield.

Variant of Pulse Info Rank
Jammer hostile electronics are overloaded and disabled 1
Remote Looks for opponents in a certain area. 2
Scanner Looks for adversaries in the area around you. 3

6. Hive

The Hive is mostly a defensive weapon, but the stinger, which shoots out micro drones to confuse and harm opponents, is an aggressive version. This is one of the weakest offensive skill variations, and the defensive choices are nothing to write home about. The hive skill is at the bottom of our ranking due of its limited range. Despite this, due to the reviver version, the hive isn’t the most worthless talent on our list.

Variant of the Hive Info Rank
Reviver resurrects nearby allies 1
Restorer Repairs the armor of nearby allies 2
Booster improves the fighting efficiency of nearby allies 3
Stinger Distracts and harms opponents in the immediate vicinity 4

Firefly is number five.

On theory, the firefly talent seems fantastic: an automated “paper-plane”-style gadget that can blind opponents, pinpoint their weak spots, and attach proximity bombs to them. However, the firefly’s health is extremely low, and the gadget will be killed most of the time before it even gets near to an opponent. Hopefully, in a future patch, the firefly’s health will be improved.

Variant of the Firefly Info Rank
Demolisher adversary weak spots and explosives in the environment 1
Burster connects two enemy to proximity bombs 2
Blinder opponents are blinded 3

Chem Launcher (#4)

The chem launcher is arguably the game’s most versatile ability. You’re likely to discover at least one variation that suits your play style among the many attacking and defensive choices available. You may also drop the reinforcer version at your feet for additional self-healing option.

Variant of the Chem Launcher Info Rank
Reinforcer Over time, your and surrounding allies’ armor is repaired. 1
Oxidizer over time, opposing armor is harmed 2
Riot Foam emenies are immobilized 3
Firestarter Bullets may ignite a gas that is explosive. 4

3. Turret

Consider equipping one of the turret versions if you’re searching for a strictly offensive talent. There are three options to select from, each of which complements a distinct kind of play. The turret may be hurled, put at your feet, or placed on top of cover for a superior perspective. There’s something here for everyone.

Variant of the Turret Info Rank
Sniper fires high-damage rounds against opponents that have been manually chosen 1
Assault targets and shoots at them, either automatically or manually 2
Incinerator fires a cone of flames at close range by hand 3

2. Drone Assault

The drone skill, like the chem launcher, has many offensive and defensive versions. You’ll operate your drone remotely once it’s been deployed, choosing your targets as you see fit. Everyone can find a variation here, and the attack drone skill just misses out on the top position on our list.

Variant Drone Info Rank
Striker discharges a continuous stream of bullets towards a manually chosen target 1
Fixer Allies’ armor may be repaired, and target selection can be done manually or automatically. 2
Bombardier between two manually-set locations detonates explosives 3
Defender incoming enemy fire is deflected 4

1. Mine of the Seeker

Is the seeker in “easy mode” with me? Probably not, but since it’s there, you might as well take use of it. The seeker mine is a return from the original Division that can be dropped or thrown for a better route to your target(s) and has a short cooldown period. This is a talent that you will see a lot of throughout your time in the game.

Variant of the Seeker Mine Info Rank
Cluster shatters into tiny explosive mines that seek out numerous foes 1
Explosive hunts for an adversary and explodes when it gets too close. 2
Airburst hunts out an opponent and knocks them down. 3

What were your thoughts on our list? Agree? Disagree? Please let us know in the comments section below, and stay tuned to Game Truth for more Division 2 news.

This is a guide for those who are very competitive or want to be better than someone else. I ranked the skill trees in this game from 1 to 10 and the guys over at /r/battlegrounds made a similar post. I have my own reasons for ranking them and you do not have to agree with me but hopefully you find it helpful. If you do not agree with the skill rankings, you are more than welcome to make your own and share it with the community!. Read more about division 2 best skills 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best skills to have in The Division 2?

The best skills to have in The Division 2 are the ones that allow you to deal a lot of damage. These include assault rifles, shotguns, and SMGs.

What skill should I unlock first in Division 2?

The best skill to unlock first is the one that matches your playstyle.

What are Division 2 skill tiers?

There are five skill tiers in Division 2. They are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

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