The new map is the largest in H1Z1 history and features a brand new game mode that will test players’ endurance.

Recently, the rising phenomenon battle royale game H1Z1 received an 8-new map dubbed “Outbreak,” which has all-new terrain, many new points of attraction and interests, as well as new graphics and textures. However, if you are a long-time player of the game, you will recognize some familiar locations, since the newly rebuilt map contains some of the previous map’s features, such as Pleasant Valley and Misty Peak Dam.

The new map is available as part of a new update that also includes modifications to the gaming mechanics, giving the player a traditional H1Z1 experience. It also includes new running and leaping animations in the game, with the goal of creating a quicker and more responsive system to make gaming more enjoyable.



Players may play as a single, a pair, or a five-person team on the Outbreak Map. The map was created with a particular goal in mind, namely Battle Royale, and it will be a lot of fun for H1Z1 players. The map has seen many modifications over the years, but it is ideally suited for this mode, which is now known as “Just Survive.”

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They’re also giving out free cosmetics to players, including a Scrubs Set for those who play a match between June 27th and July 4th, 2018, and a Z1 Zombie Mask for those who registered their account before September 20th, 2016, and who also play a match between June 27th and July 4th, 2018. Make sure to check out their website for additional information.


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