If you are one of the millions of fans eagerly anticipating the release of the latest game by the acclaimed; ‘SOULCALIBUR VI’ series, Days Gone, you will be thrilled to hear that the PlayStation 4 release of this title has finally been dated and is set to be released on May 26, 2018.

First of all, Days Gone is a Sony Playstation 4 exclusive, so if you’re a Playstation owner, this is something you should be excited about. Secondly, Days Gone is a beautiful looking game, and I think it also looks a lot more polished then most other games, not to mention that it’s set in a post apocalyptic world, which can be pretty cool. The game takes place in a zombie apocalypse, so you will be playing as Deacon St. John, a hobo who was bitten by a zombie and now has to find his way out of this world. I don’t have a lot of experience with zombie games, but I’ve played a lot of just about every other genre, so

As Days Gone was released, gamers have started to play the game. However, there are a few tips to collect before play the hardest game of this year.

Bend Studio’s Days Gone can be tough without preparation. It’s an open world game where you set out on your bike and use what you have and what you’ve picked up along the way to survive the harsh world. The game does a good job explaining the basic functions, but before you visit the now bleak Farewell Wilderness, Here are a few added Days Gone tips you’ll need to make your visit a tiny bit easier.

Ambush Camps as soon as you discover them.

As you travel across the Farewell Wilderness, you will come across Ambush Camps, which are home to a lot of hostile people. Clearing them will provide you access to their subterranean bunker (which, for some reason, each one possesses), which always includes a new Deacon crafting blueprint.

The more blueprints you have, the more choices you’ll have for quickly constructing valuable things. You may acquire handmade weapons, boosts, and even traps in this area.

Work on unlocking the ammunition bag on your bike.

An ammunition bag is one of the upgrades you may make to your bike, which simply maxes up your ammo for all of your weapons equipped for a number of times. You can only replenish Deacon with ammunition once once you have it, and it may be upgraded to a maximum of three times. Although refilling your ammunition bag may be costly, knowing you have ammo where you left it is preferable than scavenging for some, particularly during a battle.

Clear Infestation Nests to allow for faster movement.

Unlike previous open world games, there is no teleportation button. You can fast travel to a camp from anywhere in Days Gone as long as there are no Infestation Nests in your way. If you go to a new location for a task and find across a few nests, spend some time to wipe them out so that you can quickly return after the job is over.

When it comes to cleaning them out, Molotov cocktails are your best bet, although gas canisters also work!

Unlock your melee weapon’s ability to be repaired.

Bats and 2x4s will be available as weapons, and they will shatter the more you use them to smash zombie brains. Crafted weapons do greater damage, but they may also shatter, so learning Field Repairs, which is accessible right away in the first tier of melee abilities, is a good idea. It will take your scraps, but having the ability to fix your melee weapon on the fly is preferable than having it break and being left with your knife.

Before turning on speakers near Nero research locations, switch them off.

Days Gone is littered with Nero research stations, which served as mobile labs for studying the afflicted during the outbreak’s first year. They’ve been abandoned and are now locked. You must switch on the lab’s generator, which requires gasoline, in order to open it. However, remember to remove the lab’s speakers before turning it on, since they will blast noises and attract neighboring freaks.

That’s something you don’t want to happen, particularly if there’s a horde around.

Go to the top of the building and deactivate them. Alternatively, if you’re feeling lazy and have extra ammunition, you may just shoot them.

It’s hard to find a video game that is just right. The genre may be right for you, the content may be just the right amount of challenging, but it still just doesn’t have the spark to keep you interested. Disappointed, or desperate for a break from your console’s library, you may be wondering what you could possibly do to keep yourself from becoming addicted to the next game you play. Many things can keep you from becoming too much of a gamer, and staying away from the next game release may be one of them.. Read more about days gone tips and cheats and let us know what you think.

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You should start by finding a safe place to stay.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Are there any cheats for Days Gone?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
There are no cheats for Days Gone.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How many hours does it take to play Days Gone?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”

Days Gone is a very long game, and it can take up to 100 hours to complete.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do first in Days Gone?

You should start by finding a safe place to stay.

Are there any cheats for Days Gone?

There are no cheats for Days Gone.

How many hours does it take to play Days Gone?

Days Gone is a very long game, and it can take up to 100 hours to complete.

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