If you want to be a better Overwatch player, then we understand how frustrating it is to see your team lose, or not have the best heroes on that map. However, you need to know the best heroes to have in every game, even the worst games. For this reason, we have updated our Overwatch tier list for the latest patch.

If you are looking for the best Overwatch characters, then you can’t go wrong with the tanks. They are generally the most durable, and therefore the best at surviving long matches. As such, they are the ones you want to have as your main tank in the team, and they are often used to take objectives.

We’re excited to announce the arrival of our latest Overwatch Tier List! Our Overwatch Tier List for Season 18 is live now, and we’ll be updating it every time a new round of balance updates lands.. Read more about 2020 overwatch tier list and let us know what you think.

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Season 18 of Overwatch is in full swing, and with it comes a flood of fresh and enthusiastic players. Sigma is the most recent hero to join the ranks. Over the years, there have been a lot of buffs and nerfs to various aspects of the game.

As the game’s hero characters get buffs or nerfs, and players develop new tactics, the meta of Overwatch changes, and old methods that previously worked may no longer do so. With that in mind, it’s critical to keep up to date on the meta when deciding which heroes to spend your time refining your talents with. If you devote your skills to a low-ranking hero, you may find yourself at a lower tier than you expected.

The GOATs team composition — three tanks and three supports – was formerly highly liked by the meta. When it comes to Overwatch, though, nothing is ever permanent. Since then, Blizzard has implemented a new queuing system that requires each team to have two attackers, two tanks, and two healers. To figure out which characters are appropriate for you, look at our tier list and the descriptions that go with it. But first, let’s have a look at our categories.

Descriptions of the Tier Lists

It’s worth noting that even the lowest-tier characters may win, and that our tier ranking is based on our own personal experience with the game as well as predictions about how the newest patch will change the battleground.

  • Tier S – These characters are the front-runners for first-round selection. These heroes are the cream of the crop, and they’ll offer you a significant advantage.
  • Tier A – These heroes are strong and are often chosen on a professional level. They may, however, be replaced by other heroes.
  • Tier B – In most circumstances, these heroes are dependable. These heroes may be utilized situationally depending on factors like the map or the opposing team composition, even if they aren’t ideal for every combination.
  • Tier C – Heroes in this tier often require a high degree of expertise to be successful. Expect a tough fight from the other side, and be prepared to switch roles.
  • Tier D – These characters are the least popular, and they are extremely situational. Victory is still attainable, but only with a well-balanced team and effective communication.

Check out our Junkrat, Reinhardt, and Baptiste guides if you want to truly step up your game with some of Overwatch’s top tier heroes.

This tier list was last updated on September 24, 2019 to reflect the patch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, as well as the addition of the new hero Sigma.


  • Lucio (Support) – How about some good group healing? Check. Is there a lot of potential for damage? Check. Is there such a thing as a life-saving ultimate ability? Yes, it is correct. Expect to see a lot more Lucio at higher levels of play, even with the nerfs in the recent patches.
  • Moira (Support) – Moira previously had a strong damage and healing output, and now her Biotic Grasp has given her a boost to her overall healing. She isn’t the most difficult character to master, but she is very effective.
  • If it ain’t broke, don’t repair it, says Reinhardt (Tank). Reinhardt is still the archetypal tank, despite the fact that he has yet to get any significant improvements. Long may the king reign.
  • Sigma (Tank) – As the newest addition to the Overwatch roster, Sigma is already getting a lot of action. While the new tank is already creating waves, only time will tell what buffs or nerfs the Blizzard creative team has in store for the mad scientist.


  • Ana (Support) – Ana is a great healer, but she falls just short of the top tier due to her general difficulty. Nano Boost, her ultimate, was also nerfed, with the heal reduced from 300 to 250. Ana, on the other hand, is a fantastic choice for a broad range of circumstances — just make sure you practice beforehand.
  • D.Va (Tank) — In our opinion, a dive team without a D.Va is not a dive squad. Her mobility, as well as the efficacy of her ultimate ability on both attack and defense, making her an all-around dependable hero.
  • Junkrat (Damage) — You’re not alone in finding the enemy Junkrat irritating. Having said that, we’re sad to inform that one of the latest updates has made him somewhat more obnoxious. His Frag Launcher’s impact damage has been increased from 40 to 50, and his RIP-Tire now costs 10% less. Please accept our sincere apologies.
  • McCree (Damage) — One of the latest patches has given McCree a significant increase to his ultimate ability Deadeye. After being latched on to targets for 1.5 seconds, it now delivers 550 damage per second for heroes above 250 damage, as well as obstacles like Reinhardt’s shield, up from 275. When high noon comes around again, the GOATs players will have to be ready.
  • Reaper (Damage) – Much to the dismay of many, Reaper just received a huge boost to his life-steal ability. Blizzard has now made up the discrepancy, reducing the amount of health taken from 50% (50%) to 40%. He’s still probably the strongest GOATs counter and a very flexible damage hero, even with the nerf.
  • Symmetra (Damage) — Symmetra has experienced a comeback in competitive play after her update. Her teleporter ability gives her a good dive comp choice, yet she’s still a strong defensive hero. Her Photon Projector’s damage grows by 20% quicker, providing players a significant advantage.
  • Zarya (Tank) — Despite a nerf to her alt fire’s maximum blast radius, Zarya is still one of the strongest tanks in the game. This season, expect to see a lot of her, as well as Reinhardt.


  • Ashe (Damage) — Ashe is still one of the most popular newcomers. Her ultimate B.O.B. may be very useful in both assaulting and defending an objective, effectively doubling as a 7th teammate.
  • Brigitte (Support) – With the ability to take up the slack from the tanks, the power to shock several opponents out of their ultimate, and a group healing ability that may appear ridiculous at times, Brigitte is a good option for a backup healer.
  • Doomfist (Damage) – Before his buffs, we were considering putting Doomfist in the lower tier. The cooldowns for his uppercut and slam abilities, on the other hand, have been reduced by a second apiece, providing players a significant advantage. He seems to be much more mobile as a result of these modifications, but he still has a steep learning curve.
  • Hanzo (Damage) — Once oppressed and reviled, Hanzo has settled into a comfortable role as a not-too-good, not-too-bad hero. His Sonic Arrow can now identify opponents up to 9 meters away, up from 7. He’s still a stronger sniper than Widowmaker, but you need go to the shooting range beforehand.
  • Orisa (Tank) – Depending on the map and the makeup of your squad, Orisa may be a tremendous asset. Furthermore, the reduction in her movement speed while shooting has been decreased from 50% to 30%, making her an even more attractive option. However, she is still outperformed by tanks like Reinhardt and Zarya, since her shield may be difficult to deploy and provide protection for on a consistent basis.
  • Pharah (Damage) — Pharah’s rocket launcher’s minimum explosion damage has been increased from 16.25 to 20. This is a big boost, and players who previously struggled to deliver damage to mobile opponents will appreciate the adjustment. She is, however, easily countered and has a limited toolkit when compared to the other damage heroes.
  • Soldier: 76 (Damage) – For every new player or player returning after a hiatus, Soldier: 76 remains the go-to hero. He got a few great buffs, including an increase in Pulse Rifle damage (although by one), a nearly half-second reduction in weapon ready time after sprinting, and the ability to target Junkrat’s RIP-Tire while wearing his Tactical Visor. These improvements should make him more attractive to gamers who are undecided about who to select.
  • Widowmaker (Damage) — Now that Widowmaker’s ultimate stops when she dies, she doesn’t have much in the way of synergy to give her squad. A good Widow will pave the way for her squad while remaining safe on her own, while a poor Widow would drag her team to its knees. Widowmaker’s success is mainly determined on the player’s ability and the current terrain.
  • Winston (Tank) – Winston isn’t a terrible tank, but unless you’re running a dive composition, there’s no need to choose him unless you’re looking for a Genji counter. D.Va is the superior choice even in a dive comp, although Winston may still perform well with a solid team behind him.
  • Zenyatta (Support) – Zenyatta’s range and ability to heal many teammates in a short amount of time makes him a difficult but rewarding choice, and we’ve all been rescued by a Transcendence. His damage has been increased, but his Orb of Discord’s efficacy has been reduced somewhat. Zenyatta is fantastic, but as you progress through the ranks, you can expect to see less of him.


  • Baptiste (Support) – With the new hero, some gamers are having a lot of fun. Baptiste’s main weapon has sufficient power to allow this support hero to go on the offensive. If you can gain the upper hand with Baptiste, you can use your healing and damage-dealing abilities to successfully dominate the fight.
  • Bastion (Damage) — Bastion has the ability to save your life. His extremely high damage output can rip the opposing team’s shields apart, and nothing is more aggravating than watching a Bastion successfully set up on the payload. However, since he is easily countered and has limited mobility, he is just a situational hero.
  • Genji (Damage) – A good Genji can divert the enemy’s focus away from the rest of the team and pick up a few picks in a matter of seconds, but he has a steep skill curve. Popular choices like Reinhardt and Brigitte, among others, oppose him. Before you choose Genji, make sure you spend some time in training.
  • Mercy (Support) — There was a time when a team without a Mercy was almost certain to lose, but we’ve come a long way since then. Mercy isn’t a terrible character, but she doesn’t have any group healing options other than her ultimate, which is surpassed by Zenyatta’s Transcendence and Lucio’s Sound Barrier. She has a great movement range but a limited healing range, thus practice is essential if you want to win. Also, don’t anticipate gold healing.
  • Torbjorn (Damage) – We may have put Torbjorn in the D tier if not for his revamp. However, with the modifications to his turret and ultimate, success on attack with a Torbjorn is more feasible than ever, and his potential damage output is substantially increased. Still, in order to win, he generally needs a very talented player and a squad that works well with him.
  • Overwatch’s mascot, Tracer (Damage), has been feeling under the weather recently. A skilled Tracer, like Genji, can confuse and destroy the opposing team, but she, too, has a high learning curve. She also has a lot of the same counters as the other damage choices, putting her towards the bottom of the list.
  • Wrecking Ball (Tank) — Another extremely situational hero, Wrecking Ball’s Adaptive Shield no longer pulls him out of roll mode, according to a recent patch. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to get him beyond the C tier, but dammit if rolling onto point and clearing it out isn’t gratifying. Be cautious.


  • Mei (Damage) o Sorry, Mei lovers – she’s still a situational character. Her damage per second has increased recently, but her Ice Wall’s health has decreased, making her an even less effective defensive choice. With Mei, having a good team composition – and a bad opponent team composition – is crucial to success.
  • Roadhog (Tank) – That term, situational, comes up again. His hook may be used with tremendous impact with a solid team composition, yet he could as well be a walking target for the opposing team. Even with his self-healing, it doesn’t take much to knock him down, and his range leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Sombra (Damage) – It seems like Sombra will never be able to rise out of the bottom ranks without a major overhaul. She’ll always be a situational hero who needs a committed player and a strong squad to back her up.

In the comments section below, let us know what you think of our list. Heroes, best of luck.

Sure, Overwatch League might be over, but that doesn’t mean Overwatch is done. Just because Overwatch League is over, doesn’t mean Overwatch is done. We can’t just take the current season off and wait for the next season to start, we have to find out how the game has changed and what needs to be fixed. There are a lot of changes already in the game, and we want to figure out which characters and roles are being played the most and why those characters and roles are being played the most. So in this article we are going to take a look at our updated Overwatch League Tier List for the latest patch and see what the game has changed, what new things we have learned about and what needs to be changed for the next. Read more about best dps overwatch season 26 and let us know what you think.

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