In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Quiet, the player’s child and support character, was immortalized in the game with her own Quiet Outfit. This new outfit features a pair of socks in the same color as her hair, a tight bodysuit that hugs her shapely body, and a tiny pair of shorts on the bottom. The outfit also comes complete with three different headpieces, one of which is made of a pair of pants that perfectly fits Quiet’s face.

Quiet had her own version of the Quiet Gear before, but this time we have two versions of Quiet, Quiet White and Black Out.  The Quiet White version of Quiet has a more feminine silhouette with bold mint and white colors on the uniform and gear.  The Black Out version of Quiet is more inconspicuous and is mostly black, with black boots and gloves.

Quiet’s Outfit is a DLC (downloadable content) for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and is available for a limited time. It is also the new character that will appear in Metal Gear Survive. So you may be asking, “What is Quiet’s Outfit?” The character and costume was designed by Quiet, herself, for the game. The costume is made up of many small pieces, and each piece has a meaning. The headpiece is her symbol, and it is shaped like a snake. The snake represents her and her ability to manipulate her mind. The jacket is a symbol of security. The snake wraps around the jacket to give the wearer a feeling of security. The gloves are a symbol of a mother. The

Snake may dress up in a number of fashions and outfits in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but Quiet’s barely clad clothing isn’t one of them.

Anne Pogoda, an artist, takes it upon herself to demonstrate how Snake can pull off almost any style. Quiet’s costume was designed to sell more action figures, according to Hideo Kojima, and a Quiet set of clothes for Snake might also increase Snake sales.

Pogoda’s artwork “Big Quiet Boss” is one of the most stunning pieces in her DarkTownArt collection. Pogoda’s art is also available on Deviant Art.

MGSV Snake Quiet

Quiet’s clothing was the subject of considerable debate before to the release of MGSV, and although it hasn’t completely refuted the allegations, Kojima did react.

“There seem to be some reservations about Quiet, but don’t be concerned. She was designed to be the polar opposite of the overly sexualized female characters of previous fighting games. In the same manner, others around her in the narrative would tease her like this without saying anything. But if you figure out the mystery of her exposure, you’ll feel embarrassed of what you said.”

It’s hardly the first Metal Gear Solid game to have strange sexual scenes. Some may recall Raiden performing nude cartwheels in Metal Gear Solid 2 or Snake identifying a female guard based on their butt.

So why shouldn’t we make an effort to get Snake into something a bit more comfortable (or not)?

What are your thoughts on Snake’s new appearance?

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Konami has recently released Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which is the first entry in the series not developed by Hideo Kojima. The game’s protagonist, Snake, looks a little different in this one: in addition to the normal white machine pistol, he’s sporting Quiet’s white outfit. So, what exactly is that outfit? Well, when Quiet joins the cast, she will join the game as a support character. Her outfit is a feminine white shirt with a pink cami.. Read more about mgsv sneaking suit vs camo and let us know what you think.

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