Hevo is a no-code data pipeline platform that helps data engineers, analysts and data scientists move, process, and stream data from various sources to various destinations or data warehouses.

It is built with the help of Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, which allow users to ingest and enable easy access to their data quickly, securely and at scale.

The platform has recently raised $30 million led by Sequoia Capital India, as a part of its Series A funding.

Overview of Hevo

Hevo is a cloud-based data integration platform that makes it possible to quickly and securely move data from any source, including databases, applications, or files, into any destination of choice quickly and securely.

The platform supports transforming the data to fit the target system’s requirements automatically and carries out validation checks to ensure that important fields like currency and dates are accurate. It also allows you to monitor your transactions as they happen to ensure data quality and accuracy at every step.

By leveraging the infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hevo enables powerful features like fault-tolerance, automated scaling, 24/7 availability, and cost efficiency. Furthermore, with its ability to handle vast volumes of streaming data from multiple sources in real-time with zero latency or loss of data accuracy, Hevo ensures the highest level of reliability when meeting your big data needs.

Hevo is also user-friendly – its intuitive UI makes it easy for users to get up and running quickly. In addition, its powerful APIs give those with a more technical background access to core features like development workflow customization. The platform also provides comprehensive insights into how different processes perform via detailed logs, metrics reports, visualisations, etc., enabling you to take advantage of these insights for informed decision making.

Overview of the funding round

In December 2019, Hevo successfully raised $2.6M in seed funding as part of its Series A funding round, led by Chiratae Ventures with participation from Accel India and Macrocstat Technologies. This was a crucial milestone in Hevo’s growth trajectory and has enabled the company to expand into the ML & AI market.

Hevo has been built with the help of Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, giving it access to cutting-edge technology for powering its platform’s performance and scalability. In addition, Hevo has leveraged this funding to invest further in its core product offering by investing in research and development, hiring new talent, building customer success teams, and expanding its services portfolio into new international markets.

No-code data pipeline platform Hevo raises $30 million led by Sequoia Capital India

Hevo, a no-code data pipeline platform, has recently raised $30 million led by Sequoia Capital India.

This no-code platform has been designed for companies to easily and quickly move their data to the cloud without writing any code. Hevo has been built on top of two of the most popular cloud services–Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, allowing companies to quickly and simply migrate their data to the cloud.

Overview of Hevo’s no-code platform

Hevo is a no-code platform allowing users to quickly and easily move data into their application or warehouse. The platform is designed to streamline moving large volumes of data from multiple sources into applications such as Salesforce, Snowflake, Cloud Databases, Redshift, BigQuery, and more. Hevo uses the powerful Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide a secure and reliable data integration solution.

Hevo’s no-code platform includes features such as auto-scaling scalability which allows it to manage huge volumes of data without any manual intervention; webhooks which enable enhanced alerting; regular health checks which detect any possible errors or security vulnerabilities; native connectors for various SaaS tools and databases; advanced features like encryption and tokenization for secure movements; an intuitive user interface allowing users to monitor their current status in real time; built-in workflow functionality allowing teams to automate processes like streaming tasks, audit logs, etc.; a unified source library with pre built models enabling easy connections to hundreds of out-of-the box sources; automated schedules for incremental & full updates that are properly managed by Hevo’s job scheduling & retry feature. Lastly, Hevo also supports custom SQL query building with its powerful SQL Query Builder tool.

Overall, Hevo has been designed from the ground up with the help of GCP & AWS services to offer superior performance, enterprise-grade security & scalability for its users. With all these great features backed by a proficient team of experts at Hevo’s disposal it makes the perfect choice for businesses seeking the best in terms of both speed and reliability when it comes to transforming small to large amounts of data across multiple sources.

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Benefits of Hevo’s no-code platform

Hevo is a no-code platform that allows users to build data pipelines without writing any code. By leveraging the power of both Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, Hevo has created an intuitive platform that facilitates faster and better data integration, automation, and management.

Hevo’s no-code platform makes it easy for all types of users to set up data pipelines from over 100+ sources with zero coding complexity. It provides complete control, scalability, and reliability for cloud-scale deployments and manual command executions for customised use cases. Additional benefits of Hevo include:

-Unmatched Security: Hevo offers best in class encryption algorithms and data access restriction policies to protect user data integrity on its secure servers.

-Automated Data Modeling: As data flows into your system, Hevo’s automated modelling allows you to define complex business requirements with a button while ensuring the highest possible accuracy.

-Real-Time Synchronisation: With real-time synchronisation, changes made in one system can be reflected in the other immediately – keeping your data repositories always up to date.

With features such as these, Hevo ensures that customers can make informed decisions backed by reliable and accurate customer insights. For businesses looking for an incredibly easy yet powerful way to manage their customer’s data without writing code, Hevo is undoubtedly the best option available today.

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Hevo’s Use of Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services

Hevo is a no-code data pipeline platform built with the help of Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. The platform has recently raised $30 million in funding led by Sequoia Capital India. Hevo aims to simplify the data processing process and make it easier for businesses to access, analyse and manage their data.

This article will look at the advantages of using Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services for Hevo.

Overview of Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are today’s leading cloud computing platforms. Both offer a wide range of services for users to build and deploy applications, process data and host websites.

GCP offers Compute Engine, Cloud Storage and BigQuery, amongst other services. These are designed to help users with various computing-related tasks, such as running virtual machines or programming in languages like Java. Compute Engine is GCP’s core service for hosting virtual instances on their servers. Cloud Storage is designed to securely store users’ data, while BigQuery is an analytics platform businesses use to process large volumes of data at scale.

AWS offers similar services that many organisations use to build their projects. This includes Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), and multiple database offerings like MySQL and DynamoDB. EC2 simplifies web deployment by allowing developers to quickly and easily have virtual machines up and running without worrying about physical hardware availability or configuration. S3 stores static files, images and videos for delivery throughout the web which can be used for collaboration on videos or software development projects with multiple people participating from different locations. Additionally, AWS provides numerous database solutions that enable developers to store structured data in cloud-based databases that can be managed from any location with internet access.

At Hevo we use both GCP and AWS to build powerful analytics pipelines tailored specifically towards our clients’ needs while ensuring scalability as these pipelines continue growing with our client base. This use has enabled us to deliver smarter insights faster through our cutting edge platform architecture that runs partially on GCP & AWS interactions at all times.

Benefits of using Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services

Hevo’s use of Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide numerous benefits for their users. Both technologies provide secure, reliable cloud computing options for their products.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the most popular cloud providers today. With GCP, Hevo can host its development environment and provide added services like BigQuery and AutoML. Additionally, Hevo leverages GCP’s Serverless architecture for cost reduction and improved scalability. This allows them to support increased workflows without worrying about scalability issues created by a large user base.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) also provides reliable cloud computing that allows Hevo to grow its database capabilities while scaling up when needed with features such as elastic scaling and 18 geo-region hosting points worldwide. In addition, by leveraging AWS’s database technology, Hevo can process data with low latency at an incredibly low cost compared to other database solutions today.

Overall, Hevo’s use of GCP and AWS ensures maximum uptime with minimal costs – in addition to providing overall stability and scalability while powering their digital surge processes such as real-time data ingestion, transformation, storage, delivery analytics insights & visualisation etc., thereby allowing businesses to concentrate more on higher-ordered value-add work that ultimately leads to better customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Sequoia Capital India’s Investment

Hevo, a no-code data pipeline platform, has recently raised $30 million in Series B funding led by Sequoia Capital India.

Sequoia Capital India’s investment reflects the platform’s sustained growth and potential to help businesses manage hybrid data pipelines. Hevo has been built with the help of Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, which provides immense infrastructure support and scalability.

This article will discuss how Sequoia Capital India’s investment will benefit Hevo and its users.

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Overview of Sequoia Capital India

Sequoia Capital India is a leading venture capital firm, offering funding and strategic insights to businesses across the globe. Founded in 2006 with offices in Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai, Sequoia Capital India backs founders solving big problems, leveraging technology to tackle their markets and often changing industries’ operations. The firm works with founders to build market-leading tech companies across sectors such as Financial Services & Payments, Cloud Infrastructure/Data Centers, Internet & Digital Ecosystems, Enterprise Software & Services, AI/ML and Healthcare.

Since its inception in 2006 Sequoia Capital India has invested in more than 250 companies across various industries including Hevo Data’s data engineering platform built with the help of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Other portfolio companies include cab aggregator Ola Cabs which secured an investment from Softbank Group Corp., food delivery startup Swiggy which marked its entry into international waters by acquiring Bengaluru-based Indian Food Delivery Network (IFDN) customers in Singapore; online classified ads platform Quikr; online education platform Byju’s Learning; edutech platform Unacademy; payments platform Razorpay; analytics company InMobi.

Benefits of Sequoia Capital India’s investment

The Sequoia Capital India’s investment in Hevo has been a huge value-add to the company’s operations by providing significant advantages. Among other advantages, the most noteworthy benefits of this strategic alliance are:

1. Improved Infrastructure: With Sequoia Capital India’s investment, Hevo has built and maintained a powerful infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. This ensures that vital resources such as data storage, other automated processes run smoothly.

2. Increased Productivity and Efficiency: With improved infrastructure, fewer resources need to be spent on manual processes or data integration tasks, allowing more time for strategizing and producing superior products and services that will be competitive. As a result, almost every internal process at Hevo has become much faster and more cost-efficient with minimal manual effort required.

3. Access to Expertise: The experience of Sequoia Capital India helps enable the growth of technology-driven businesses like Hevo through the power of financial capital and knowledge sharing from its advisors about achieving technological scalability without compromising quality or limiting quality innovation. Such combination allows companies to maintain their competitive edge in their respective fields even as they expand rapidly across various markets globally.

4. Professional Networking Connections: By joining forces with Sequoia Capital India, Hevo automatically gains access to its vast network of other established tech startups undergoing similar expansion spurs which provides further opportunities for meaningful collaborations and partnerships across various industries globally which may contribute significantly towards product development or enter into new markets too quickly otherwise possible when done independently of outside help from venture capital firms like Sequoia Capital.


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