Over the years, we have seen several new technologies, but none of them have the potential that augmented reality brings. It offers so many benefits for bettors in the UK, and combining them with betting signup offers would set you up for a good time when you play.

But many are still oblivious of the opportunity of Augmented Reality (AR) in the UK; if you are in that category, then you will get your enlightenment soon. Over the next few points, we will discuss several ways that AR will change betting in the UK soon. Read on and enjoy!

Bringing Back the Joy of Traditional Betting

Several players have abandoned the ways of traditional gambling for the online variant, and we don’t blame them. To be fair, online gambling presents many obvious benefits over the brick-and-mortar variant, so it is only natural that most players choose to favor it.

Most younger generations have never been to a betting shop because they were born into the online era. With AR, where bettors get to interact with physical entities like a physical structure, they will have a good idea of traditional betting and possibly fall in love with it.

Better and Noticeable Adverts

To be frank, most people don’t like commercials because of how they come to your face to interrupt your betting. It may seem a bit evasive when betting online, but not with AR. Augmented reality brings adverts more creatively and interactively and will make players love them.

And it is a good thing for businesses also! Now they can advertise with the confidence that it will convert as anticipated.

Augmented Reality Live Dealers

Right now, live dealers seem like a very good innovation, and the idea that you can enjoy the hands-on experience from the comfort of your home seems so next level.

With Augmented Reality, it becomes even better because AR breaches the physical interaction gap, and you no longer have to watch them on screens. Popular games that have a live dealer variant are:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Bingo
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Dice games, etc.

With AR, you can have better interactions with your live dealer, making it a better gambling experience. And for those who are usually skeptical about being cheated, they couldn’t have asked for better technology.

With your live dealer in front of you in 3D, you get to observe their actions closely and get the conviction that everything is fair. This is of great benefit to both players and their respective betting establishments.

Virtual Identities

When we sign up on any online betting platform, we gain a virtual betting identity, but you cannot compare it with the one AR gives you. Since you will be in a 3D environment, you don’t need to appear as yourself; with avatars, you can tailor your appearance and look as you deem fit.

Virtual identity in online betting communities promotes better interaction and fun as if players are present in a brick-and-mortar establishment.

New Ways to Play Games

All of us are used to the same way of betting by clicking a button on our phones or computers. Well, with AR, there is more to do beyond merely clicking buttons all day long. Since you are in a 3D environment, different brands will employ different fun ways that you can play games and place your stakes.

This is especially useful for live bettors. Most times, when you are watching your games live, it is tedious to keep up with the rapidly changing odds, and you could miss out on that perfect click. But with AR, bookies will have a way for you to watch your games over the AR and bet at the same time without them interrupting each other.

Wrap Up

By now, you would also agree with us that AR is going to be a major upgrade to betting in the UK. Most of them may seem impossible and unattainable right now, but lots of work is going on underway. With the innovation of technology like 5G, most of these changes are coming soon!


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