In Minecraft, RAM allocation is a crucial element of the game. Since RAM is a limited resource, the more RAM that is allocated, the less memory that is available for other uses, such as running a Minecraft client, a Minecraft Server, or other Minecraft-related software. The best way to allocate RAM is to open a text editor and set a specific amount of RAM for a given Minecraft session. However, a lot of people don’t know how to allocate RAM, and unfortunately, our current methods aren’t very efficient.

The new two-minute run is a challenge to set a goal with a time frame, and it’s a challenge to do so with a budget. In this challenge, you can pay with Minecraft which is a free game. There is a challenge to allocate more RAM to Minecraft, and the goal is to allocate more RAM to Minecraft so it can run smoothly.

One of the more common performance problems with Minecraft on modern devices is allocated RAM, also known as the amount of RAM dedicated to the game. The following tutorial will show you how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft under 2 minutes!

So you want to increase the amount of RAM on your Minecraft server to make the game run faster?

Minecraft is a game that has a lot of fun features. For a smooth and beautiful performance, you may increase a certain quantity of RAM.

In Minecraft, how much RAM can I set aside?

In order to play Minecraft quickly and smoothly, you’ll need at least 3-5GB of RAM. Make sure you’re not giving Minecraft too much RAM. The primary purpose for adding additional RAM to Minecraft is to improve the smoothness of the game. To play Minecraft with modifications, you’ll need around 5-6 GB of RAM.

Continue reading to learn how to determine how much RAM you should assign and how to give Minecraft additional RAM.

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How to Increase Minecraft’s RAM Allocator

Now that you know why you should expand Minecraft’s RAM memory, you shouldn’t be hesitant to do so.

Minecraft typically consumes 2 to 3 GB of RAM from your computer while it is active. As a consequence, even if your PC has plenty of RAM, your gaming is choppy.

If your PC already has a sufficient quantity of RAM, you may add more for improved performance. If you want to play Minecraft with modifications, you’ll need additional RAM. For MODED Minecraft, you’ll need at least 5-6GB.

There are four different methods for allocating RAM. The first is to use the Default Minecraft Launcher, and the second is to use the AT Launcher. However, make sure you have enough RAM.

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To allocate additional RAM in Minecraft, follow these steps:

1. Launch Minecraft using the default launcher.

So, here are the procedures to give MInecraft additional RAM:

  1. Launch the Minecraft Launcher program.
  2. On the Installations Tab, click the three-line button in the upper right corner.
  3. Enable advanced settings by clicking the switch type button beside it on the Launch options page.
  4. From the Installations Tab, choose Add New, give the configuration a name, and then select the JAVA version you wish to use.
  5. Select your monitor’s resolution and turn on resolution.
  6. Allow JVM parameters to be used.
  7. Change the value xmx2g (which means it’s utilizing 2GB RAM) to the size of your computer’s memory. Note: Don’t utilize all of your RAM’s memory (100 percent), since this will reduce speed rather than improve it.
  8. Save your changes and double-check that the JVM Arguments are enabled.

After you’ve completed these steps, go to the News tab and click the small green arrow button next to the play button to pick the configuration name you specified in the advanced settings, then click the play button to proceed.

Download and utilize the best VPN for Minecraft only if your default launcher produces any undesirable results.

2. Use the ATLauncher in Minecraft.

AT Launcher is a straightforward Minecraft launcher that comes with 131 modified packs. Using the AT Launcher, you may allocate additional RAM to Minecraft.

Here’s how to use ATLauncher to increase your Minecraft RAM:

  1. Select the JAVA Settings Tab in the newest version of AT Launcher.
  2. Select JAVA/Minecraft from the drop-down menu.
  3. Change the Maximum Memory/RAM setting on the JAVA Settings tab to the amount of memory you want. It’s important to remember that you’ll need at least 4096 MB of RAM.

NOTE: If you’re having trouble with the previous JAVA version, you should download the most recent version.

3. Use the Curse/Twitch Launcher

You may use Twitch or Curse Launcher to play Minecraft Mods. In this modified newest JAVA, standard memory allocation techniques will not function.

Open the Settings menu and go to Files > JAVA Settings > Allocated Memory. Adjust the amount of RAM you want in your Minecraft game and Click save. Launch Minecraft and check for increment of Memory in the game.

For Technic Launcher Open, Void Launcher, and Legacy FeedTheBeast (FTB) Launcher, the same restrictions apply. Although each of these launchers has a distinct window, the Minecraft Launcher has the option of assigning additional RAM in its settings. You can only use these launchers if you’re playing a modified version of the game.

4. Switch on the Minecraft Server.

To provide additional RAM, manually generate a text file in your server directory. To do so, you’ll need to update your Java program. Choose the appropriate bit version of your operating system. On a 32-bit machine, you can only allocate 1 GB of RAM.

Create a text document in your server folder by opening your Minecraft Server Directory. For Windows to allocate RAM, type java -Xmx####M -Xms####M -exe Minecraft Server.exe -o truePAUSE. Replace # with the number of Megabytes you’d want to add.

Run the text file as Administrator and save it as Minecraft server.bat.

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How can I tell whether my Minecraft RAM has increased or not?

You’ll need to launch Minecraft to see whether the RAM has been raised or not. You must also hit the F3 button at any time during gaming in any mode.


You can now see how much RAM Minecraft is consuming in the upper right corner. Minecraft will not normally consume more than 2GB or 2048MB, but in certain circumstances it may. Checking the allotted Memory on a regular basis is a good practice.

If you’re playing Minecraft with Mods, you’ll notice that it uses a lot more RAM than the standard version.

If you’re having trouble using https / in Minecraft, check out our dedicated article.

Is it possible to allocate additional RAM to a Minecraft server?

If you wish to assign additional RAM to Minecraft, you may do so. However, there are certain prerequisites, such as a 64-bit operating system and more than 3GB of RAM. You will experience latency spikes in-game if you do not have adequate RAM.

Select Properties from the right-click menu on This PC. Check the System Type, and if it’s an x64-based PC, you may certainly install more RAM. However, if it’s x84, that indicates your PC has a 32-bit version of Java, you won’t be able to assign any additional RAM to Minecraft.

Now search for Installed Physical Memory at the bottom of the list (RAM). This displays the amount of RAM available in your computer.

Make sure you don’t give your machine more RAM than it can handle. In the newest version of Java, you may need to add an additional 1GB. Because the game is always evolving.


Is it true that when you add more RAM to Minecraft, your FPS increases?

Answer: Minecraft, like many other games, offers higher FPS in exchange for more RAM.

Do I use -Xmx1G or -Xmx2G on my Minecraft game server if I have 2 GB of RAM?

If you have 2GB of RAM, you must use -Xmx1G. You should allocate 75% of your PC’s total RAM to this task.

Is it possible to provide Minecraft 3.5 GB of RAM?

Yes, you may assign 3.5GB, however it is recommended that you utilize 75% of your PC’s entire RAM. While increasing RAM, you may need to convert Gigabytes to Megabytes.

Last Thoughts

Now, as I explained in this article, you may simply adjust the RAM of Minecraft. You may even set an extremely high memory limit (if you have enough).

However, unless you’re playing with Mods, you’ll never need more than 8GB RAM to run Minecraft.

If you have 8GB of RAM, you won’t need to add more than 75% of it, or 6GB, which will enough. Some modded Minecraft games need more than 8GB of RAM to function properly.

Minecraft is an amazing game, but one thing you must understand is that it can be very resource intensive. If you are running a server on the internet, the file size of the game will increase by a few hundred MB to 2 GB. This can be a lot of RAM to dedicate to the game, which makes it tough to devote more RAM to the game within 2 minutes. If your PC runs out of RAM, you’ll get an error message.. Read more about how to allocate more ram to minecraft bedrock server and let us know what you think.

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I add more RAM to Minecraft 2021?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can increase your RAM by adding more memory sticks.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I give Minecraft more RAM to 1.16 2?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can do this by opening the Minecraft.exe file and changing the MaxRAM value to a higher number, such as 16384 in Windows 10.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I allocate 16gb RAM to Minecraft?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can allocate 16gb RAM to Minecraft by following these steps.

1) Open the settings menu in Minecraft and go to Options.
2) Select Advanced Settings from the drop-down menu.
3) In the Advanced Settings window, click on RAM Usage, then select 16GB from the drop-down menu.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add more RAM to Minecraft 2021?

You can increase your RAM by adding more memory sticks.

How do I give Minecraft more RAM to 1.16 2?

You can do this by opening the Minecraft.exe file and changing the MaxRAM value to a higher number, such as 16384 in Windows 10.

How do I allocate 16gb RAM to Minecraft?

You can allocate 16gb RAM to Minecraft by following these steps.

1) Open the settings menu in Minecraft and go to Options.
2) Select Advanced Settings from the drop-down menu.
3) In the Advanced Settings window, click on RAM Usage, then select 16GB from the drop-down menu.


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