A lot of Minecraft LAN servers have PVP enabled by default. Here is a complete guide on how to disable PVP on your server.

What is PVP in Minecraft?

PVP, which stands for Player against Player, is a sort of interaction between players in a multiplayer game. PVP is a LAN server option in Minecraft that enables users to engage in battle with one another. This is accomplished by striking or shooting a different player using weapons such as swords, bows & arrows, tridents, or potions.

New players should be informed that when the PVP option is activated, their character might be killed by friendly fire or in general battle. As a result, while playing in a Minecraft environment with PVP enabled, adopting the necessary safeguards is critical.

  • Using hacks to get invincible while learning how to play the game better is one approach to remain safe when participating in PVP.
  • Furthermore, some individuals deactivate PVP on the LAN server if they don’t want other players killing them while they’re building or exploring.
  • In this post, we’ll go into further detail on how to deactivate the PVP feature.

Why do players want to disable this?

When playing on a Minecraft LAN Server, players may choose to deactivate the Player Versus Player (PVP) functionality for a number of reasons. PVP may be rather chaotic, and it can be difficult for people to collaborate or have fun when they are constantly competing with one another. Furthermore, some players prefer a more cooperative environment and like working together without PVP distractions.

Players deactivate PVP when they prefer a calm experience in which everyone works together to achieve a shared objective rather than fighting against one another. In Minecraft, enabling and removing the PVP functionality is as simple as changing the server’s settings from “Enable” to “Disable”.

How to disable PVP in Minecraft LAN

In order to deactivate or allow PvP on your Minecraft LAN server, you must first construct a singleplayer world in which to make the modifications. Open the chat window of your game and write “/gamerule pvp false” once your singleplayer world has been generated and loaded. This will turn off player-versus-player combat on your LAN server. If you ever want to re-enable PvP, just repeat the previous procedure but change “false” to true”.

PvP is enabled by default on Minecraft LAN servers. Disabling PVP is an excellent approach to keep the game pleasant and entertaining for all players by preventing unexpected clashes between users on the same server. Disabling PVP on your own Minecraft LAN Server has never been simpler with this comprehensive tutorial.


Many users may benefit from the option to disable PVP in Minecraft LAN Server. Players may manage who might be hostile to one other on the same local network by deactivating PVP. Disabling PVP also enables more interesting multi-player activities without the chance of getting murdered online.

PVP may be enabled or disabled with a few mouse clicks and a few instructions in the game’s console, depending on the kind of server. There are also various tools and modifications available to assist gamers further tailor their settings and changes:

  • Modifications
  • Tools
  • Console commands

Regardless of whatever approach you choose, deactivating PVP in Minecraft LAN Server is a fantastic feature that will improve your game experience.

The FAQs about How To Disable PVP in Minecraft

The How To Disable PVP in Minecraft FAQs address specific concerns concerning the process of deactivating Player versus Player, or PvP, in the game. Disabling PvP in Minecraft LAN Server may be useful in a variety of situations, including when you wish to play with friends without worrying about PvP.

To do this, edit your server.properties file and set pvp=false“. This prevents any player from assaulting another and stealing their stuff or health points. It is vital to remember that if you have previously created a world, all players must leave it before this disabling takes effect.

Furthermore, it is not suggested to deactivate PvP on servers with an active economy or trade, since this may create difficulties with the server’s balance.


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