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Today we will be going over how to earn shift codes on Borderlands 3. The Pandora’s Box DLC is free to download, and includes the first two games from the Borderlands series. The first Borderlands is a FPS with a storyline that spans across the whole series, while the second Borderlands is a first person shooter and features a new playable character, Lilith.

Borderlands 3 is in full swing and more Borderlands DLC is coming due to its popularity. This is a list of the current shift codes that are available, what they do, and how to redeem them. The codes for the new Shift Codes are below: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock: Shift Codes Unlock:

Borderlands has always been known for its amazing characters, interesting guns, and incredible universe. Borderlands 3 looked like it would continue this tradition. “Golden keys” are the new currency you earn in-game that can be redeemed for special in-game items, borderlands 2 gear, and more. The keys can be earned by completing missions, farming enemies, and completing challenges. I know, it’s a pretty great system. The problem is, we haven’t been told how to get them. The Borderlands 3 wiki currently doesn’t have any information on how to get them, so I thought I’d help. The first thing we need to do is open up our PWE (Playstation 3 Experience) menu is the source of this image.

Borderlands 3 was just published on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC by Gearbox Software. As a result, swarms of gamers are returning to the first-person shooter and role-playing game franchise. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short tutorial to show gamers how to get the most of the golden treasure.

The Golden Chest’s Location

Borderlands 2 introduced the golden chest for the first time. If the player possesses any golden keys, he or she may use them to unlock the golden chest and get access to some precious treasure. The chest may be opened many times and always contains uncommon and expensive items, making it a potentially profitable source of treasure for long-term gamers.

In the image above, you can see the golden chest, which isn’t really golden. Go to Sanctuary 3 to locate the chest. The chest is close to your spawn location.

Once you’ve found the chest, you may interact with it. New players who already possess the Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection will get 75 golden keys as a loyalty award when they touch the chest, which can be used to instantly unlock the loot spawning machine. If you want the flood of riches to keep flowing, you’ll have to scavenge for additional golden keys after you’ve run out.

Where Can I Get Golden Keys?

In Borderlands, golden keys are required to unlock the one golden chest. You will get a 75 golden key loyalty incentive if you already possess the Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection. While the game provides you with 75 keys to begin with, it’s simple to rapidly deplete your supply.

You can’t get golden keys by completing quests or scavenging throughout Pandora. You’ll have to redeem shift coupons online instead.

Where Can I Get Shift Codes?


Golden keys may be obtained by using shift codes, which are 25-digit sequences. Shift codes may be obtained in one of four methods. The first method is to join the Vault Insider Program by following the given link and creating a Shift account. This free service comes with a variety of benefits, including highly sought-after shift codes. The next step is to visit the Borderlands VIP webpage. You may then submit VIP points acquired from different shift codes.

Aside from that, there are two Twitter accounts that you should follow. The official Borderlands twitter account posts different shift codes on a regular basis. Finally, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford sometimes tweets shift codes.

Borderlands shift codes are, in the end, a smart method for Gearbox Software to keep Borderlands fans informed about any and all important news and updates. Taking advantage of this mechanism, on the other hand, may significantly increase your treasure hoard if done correctly.

It’s also worth noting that the stuff you get from the golden chest is restricted to being in your level range. As a result, if you want to get the greatest treasure, you need hold on to all of your shift keys before achieving full level.

Shift Codes and How to Redeem Them

To get the golden keys, you must first obtain your shift codes and then redeem them. Shift codes are time-sensitive and only work once each shift account. After you’ve got a working code, go to the “Extras” area of the game’s main menu and choose “SHiFT.” You’ll be able to redeem your codes from there.

Although the procedure may be laborious at times, the payoffs are substantial. A single shift code may often give up to five keys. This makes all of the effort worthwhile.

Everyone loves the Borderlands series, and it has been one of the most popular titles on PC in the past few years. With Borderlands 3 released, there has been a new golden currency called Shift Codes, which can be used to get legendary weapons from the game’s vending machines. Shift Codes are also used to acquire the legendary shield in Borderlands 2, and the first ever legendary weapon in Borderlands.. Read more about how to get golden keys borderlands 3 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more golden keys in Borderlands 3?

You can get golden keys by completing challenges in the game.

Can you get golden keys without shift codes?

No, you cannot get golden keys without shift codes.

How do you get the golden key for shift codes?

You can find the golden key in a treasure chest that is located in the games main menu.

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